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  2. Carwash Spots

    Saw the 911 and E-type again today. The Jag's got a fabric sunroof. Really spoils the smooth lines
  3. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Does that mean the Edd will now be free to take up from Aaron Kaufmann on Fast 'n' Loud?
  4. Family Holiday with Kids

    No, no. Never sharing a room with the kids is a good thing
  5. Family Holiday with Kids

    My wife maintains that it's not a holiday unless she doesn't have to think about food, making beds, making breakfast, tidying up, etc etc That basically means no villa's, no camping etc and only hotels. Add in never sharing a room with the kids and it means cheap breaks have gone out the window. In fact I think I need to change a few rules!!
  6. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery
  7. Crash & Burn - Tommy Byrne

    Watched on iPlayer - what a brilliant little documentary from the BBC. I would love to know what he got up to, particularly with women, booze and drugs but suspect they didn't cover that out of respect to him and his family. He must have been a right party animal to have not been given a drive at McLaren considering his test drive times! I'd rather have a night on the lash with Tommy than James Hunt
  8. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    That Car SOS with Fuzz and the other guy Tim Shaw
  9. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Fuzz - he's brilliant. Remember that mad house music outfit called Bentley's Rhythm Ace? He was their drummer.
  10. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Ant Anstead is great, but the best bits of Wheeler Dealers were the bits without Brewer, i.e. in the workshop with Ed. If they're cutting those down there's even less reason for me to watch it. It always winds me up when Brewer claims a profit on the car based on parts only, excluding labour. Gives an entirely false impression.
  11. recommended suspension parts

    If you're pairing springs and shocks, then use Eibach springs and Bilstein B8 shocks and add H&R anti-roll bars. If you want to spend more money, then go for Bilstein B14 coilovers.
  12. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Just googled who the new bloke it and I see it is the chap from the restoration series with Philip Glenister. I thought he was quite good on that.
  13. Subaru WRX STI vs Swiss Bobsled Run

    Mark Higgins decided to bring his rally car to a bobsled run in St Moritz, Switzerland
  14. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Awwww... I like him and always watch whats on offer if I come across the programme while channel surfing. I can also say Ive learnt a few things from his in depth knowledge he shares on the show. Wish him all the best.
  15. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Edd China Quits Wheeler Dealers After Disagreeing With Velocity On Show’s Direction, Will Be Replaced By Ant Anstead Edd China posted a video on Youtube, explaining that he left the show after Velocity Channel decided to reduce the coverage of the workshop sequences. Guess they're dumbing it down for the US market.
  17. Planning to upgrade the suspension because it's quite worn out by now. I am researching about shocks. what's the good choice between Koni, Eibach, and Bilstein shocks? Other than Koni costing more, can anyone tell me the difference? Looking to pair it with H&R Race Springs. Anyone who has knowledge on this matter?
  18. New RS5

    me too. not sure what to feel about the new RS5 though it has nice wheels
  19. Carwash Spots

    those cars look great
  20. Last week
  21. American Express and Etihad have been running a joint promotion for a while, which offers an up to 10% discount to American Expresscustomers for booking their tickets on Etihad Airways. This promotion has now been extended to last through June 2017. As per the promotion, Etihad is offering a discount up to 10% in First, Business and Economy classes, ex taxes when you pay with your Amexcard. The discount is available on all fare classes, however you need to look out for a yellow star before the fare to know you are buying a ticket with a discount.
  22. Wopps 918

    The Australian version of EVO is out (we used to be able to get the UK one, but no more) and yes, there is the Woppum batmobile posed next to a NSX in what looks like a hangar... I will get to read it later today.
  23. Crash & Burn - Tommy Byrne

    This might be a good watch. It's being shown on BBC4 on Monday 27th or is available now on iPlayer.
  24. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    You need to look at OLED, you'll never go back to anything else, makes plasma look awful, infinite contrast ratio, nothing does black like OLED, if I'm watching something in a pitch black room and the screen goes black, the TV literally dissapears, if you're watching a film with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen you can't see the bars in a dark room. Try that with a plasma or LED TV and you'll quickly notice that black is actually grey and the room is being lit up by what you thought was a black screen, the OLED emits no light whatsoever on a dark screen. Now that every single manufacturer has ditched 3D, I think they'll all be pushing OLED tech very soon.
  25. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I turfed out approx 200 vhs cassettes of films today from a wardrobe. I am massively looking forward to watching some of them, especially ones which i recorded on long play behind something else. Should look, erm... stunning.
  26. Family Holiday with Kids

    There's something great about being on holiday and not having to even think about what food you're going to eat and where you're going to get it from. We save that for the two weeks we go camping in the south of France in the summer
  27. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I wonder if it's also down to your eyes? My daughter constantly moans if I have the TV on SD when there's a HD equivalent available. Must admit I only really notice when it's porn sport.
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