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  2. New pants please

    As there is no 'visible' reason for the car infront of the caravan to stop so suddenly. The car driver could not see the lorry behind the caravan, so might well have thought it was just the caravan and some easy cash.... Ooops!
  3. New pants please

    Oh sh**t! Did I really write BREAK instead of BRAKE, it's old age you know and brain and fingers no longer work as they once did.
  4. He got a complete new set of P Zeroes and an engine and transmission service before pick up. The air suspension is a known failure point, but you are supposed to wait for it to fail before remediating...
  5. New pants please

    It certainly did, as it was hit by the lorry, that caused it to break........ Oh, sorry you meant brake......
  6. New pants please

    Didn't see that at first but yes, the car/caravan had to break suddenly as it looks as though the car in front had virtually stopped.
  7. New pants please

    There is a car in front of the tow car that all but stops - see how the caravan dips when the driver of that one slams on! The golf did well to avoid!
  8. New pants please

    Cash for crash!
  9. Hi All, Been a long time since I posted here... I ran a search on my topic and managed to find a few threads but I wanted to get some fresh advice/guidance on what I should do next. Car in Question: Audi A3, 2.0 TDi, DSG Sline. Mileage 132K The car overall runs like clockwork and bar the usual wear and tear its a dream to drive. coming home from London over the weekend was going as a brisk pace, took my foot off the loud pedal and went to hit the power again and I got nothing... like the Turbo had disappeared. dropped gears no pull or power and effectively in limp mode. Got home, turned the car off and restarted it and all power restored, car pulls fine and normal service resumed. since then (about 3 days) issue hasn't come back again Had the car in at a local independent who diagnosed the following: 000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation PO234 - 000 - Limited Exceeded (Overboost Condition) - Intermittent The garage advised that the Turbo is on its way out and that I should look at replacing it, could be weeks or timeline. replacing the Turbo is quite costly so I'm wondering how I can validate this short of getting a second opinion... are there any other options I could try? Replacing the Boost Pressure Sensor? Other? Cheers all for the feedback.
  10. New pants please

    Bloomin' 'eck. The car/caravan were going slow and I guess the truck had nowhere to go and seeing as he struck the caravan at some speed it's going to be his fault for not paying attention (driving without due care and attention).
  11. New pants please

    Clarkson would be proud! Smart Motorways
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  13. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    Excellent, time to get the deposit down for an 840d Gran Coupe then.
  14. Bidding for upgrades - any "knack" to it?

    Hhhmm good call. Decided to book the legroom Seat in the upper deck instead
  15. Bidding for upgrades - any "knack" to it?

    Just make one bid, I'd suggest the min plus £20-40. The bidding system will say you've made a poor bid however, it's not worth going crazy as you'll end up paying more than the ticket cost. If you never have flown in UC you're better off trying it during daylight hours to enjoy the service. On the redeye, you'll be paying an extra £700+ for an uncomfortable seatbed either wishing everyone else in the cabin would shut up so you can sleep or watching TV all night in a dark cabin wondering where all the cabin crew has disappeared to.
  16. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    Went to see it yesterday. FAR better in the flesh than it looks in photos.
  17. Never come across it before but just booked a Virgin Atlantic flight and I see an option to bid for an upgrade. Is it literally a case of start low and just keep going up until you get bored or do you only have 1 shot at it?
  18. Tyre pressure system fault - a1

    Do you have the VAG-Com set up? Or.. has she had any punctures and/or tyre changes?
  19. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    It is sad when things like that happen. Bought in good faith etc. If they were tyres, they'd have replaced them straight away, as you can see them with cracking along the edges. Shows how storage can ruin a car.
  20. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    Looks good! I'm going into to see a showroom coupe this week!
  21. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    @Booster your new motor looks like its shaping up nicely. Click the image to see the full set of spy photos.
  22. Hello Gang, Merry Christmas to you all! My daughter called to say a tyre monitoring system failure warning came up in the dash. It's gone off Now, what's the Tyresmoke advice pleasey?
  23. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    No the pulley is not engaging as I've had the cover off to check. Thanks for the pointer but I still haven't found the thing ! I think the illustrations are for a later model , Here are some shots taken when I had the bumper off - I wasn't looking for the G65 then though !
  24. The car got a gold star on mechanical inspection (he bought it in Sydney). It was 2 weeks after he drove it home to Canberra that it went "pffffftt..."
  25. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    And... Try these search links. A6 Allroad Pointer to where the sensor is... (maybe!!)
  26. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    Looks in fine nick though!!!
  27. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    Hi! Before you do that, can you hear/see the air conditioner pulley switch over when you ask it to use the air con? You can usually hear a click and the engine note changes as the load on it increases.
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