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  2. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Has that demolished skip in the background got something to do with this car, or is that where the car should be?
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  4. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    I suspect that "rear spoiler" is actually one like you see on the roof of a lorry to deflect air over the trailer.
  5. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    That doesn't need any signs, just a sticker saying "Police Aware".
  6. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Harrison Signs
  7. Woking Grand Prix

    It would appear the McLaren story was intended to be an April 1st story but they're so far behind, it's just being released now...
  8. Woking Grand Prix

    Seems they're not the only ones
  9. Last week
  10. Carwash Spots

    Either a clown bike taxi or I wondered if it was a camera bike where the cameraman can site backwards etc.
  11. Carwash Spots

    I would imagine he was going to collect either Sideshow Bob or Krusty. Nice Stag.
  12. Carwash Spots

    I'll not be in the office for a couple of weeks so the final pics for a bit. A lovely stag and also a random passing motorbike with the weirdest pillion "pegs" I've ever seen!
  13. Hi guys Opie Oils have a pair of tickets to Knockhill Racing Circuit up for grabs, so if you and a guest fancy spending the day watching the Scottish Championship Car Racing this Sunday, then you may be in luck! To be in with a chance of winning these tickets, all you have to do is drop us a PM titled SMRC Reverse. In the message, please include your full name, the name of your guest, your address, telephone number and email address - this will make sure that we can get in touch with you as quickly as possible after the winner has been selected. - Please only apply if you are able to attend on Sunday 20th August, as it would be a shame for the tickets to go to waste - Should you be the lucky winner of these tickets, your guest and yourself will meet a member of the David Sleigh Race Team at the gates at 10:30AM on Sunday 20th August. They will then provide you with your passes and bring you accross to their race awning, skipping the waiting lines. Here, you can meet this awesome racing team, hang out for the day and have some lunch whilst watching one of the best events of the season. "Scottish Championship Car Racing organised by the SMRC, has a superb range of racing classes, a super-slick racing format with around 18 races to entertain you during an action-packed afternoon. Valuable Championship points will be up-for-grabs as the leading racers jostle for the top of the Championship standings, as we pass the half way mark in the season. Traditionally, this is when championship challenges are made and expect to see the best racers in each class battle hard at the front of the grid for those all-important race wins." You can find full details of the event HERE, and David Sleigh Racings page HERE. Please feel free to drop us a line too if you need any further information, we're in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:30 on 01209 202 944 or via email on As the event is for this weekend, get those messages in quick, the winner will be picked at random and contacted by Friday 18th at the latest. Best of luck guys! Cheers, Oilman
  14. Woking Grand Prix

    I know its beyond poor, it makes some of the Apprentice videos look polished and enjoyable.
  15. Woking Grand Prix

    McLaren PR team must really be struggling....
  16. Bizarre Story

    I believe so.
  17. Bizarre Story

    So, honest question... is Honey G not a parody, then? It's so difficult to tell these days.
  18. Bizarre Story

    Seriously!! "Come over here and I'll let you rub it" Ooooh... Best lyrics. Who buys this shite?! I'm not a rapper but I'm quite sure I could write better lyrics than this utter crap.
  19. Boxing thread

    To be fair this is true. I'm not a boxing fan so I only see the pressers that make it into mainstream coverage, invariably for all the wrong reasons.
  20. Boxing thread

    Most are relatively calm. You only see the ones that aren't. People only see the big headline fights whilst there are bouts taking place every week (that matter too). Take the fight between Lomachenko and Marriaga a week ago for the WBO world super featherweight title. A quite stunning performance from Lomachenko but few in the UK would see a great deal about it. The press conferences hardly drew a single glance in the UK outside of boxing fan forums but it was an absolutely incredible display and proves that not everything is scripted or high drama before the ring. This is why I loathe what FMJ and McGregor are being allowed to do. They're dragging the sport through the gutter.
  21. Festival Italia

    A few pics from today's event at Brands. The early 90's F1 cars sounded bonkers along the Brabham Straight - too fast for pics.
  22. World Athletics Championship 2017

    A medal in each of the relays Hero the Hedgehog was the star of the event
  23. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Very. I wonder if she'll do better at the longer distances as she matures as an athlete.
  24. Polo playa 2001 not starting

    Good point, and well put!
  25. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Gutsy run by Laura Muir in the 5,000 metres
  26. Polo playa 2001 not starting

    Either that or he's rolled the car, which would also explain why it won't start
  27. Polo playa 2001 not starting

    You "opened the petrol tank and the petrol just poured out"! Oi, lads, this geezer's over-filled his petrol tank!
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