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  2. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Well, I like FG. it's down to earth and straight to the point. None of the BS that some other motoring shows drag you through.
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  4. Untaxed car clamped

    When tax discs were abolished and car tax no longer carries over between keepers (2014 iirc?) the insurance stipulation has been removed when taxing a vehicle Insurance can take a while to show on the MID when you commence a new policy, which would potentially block someone taxing a vehicle they were viewing buying and driving away immediately, hence you can now tax a car that isn't showing as insured
  5. Untaxed car clamped

    That is disgraceful! Hopefully it was worth something to the ex-owner to make the pain stick with them!
  6. Untaxed car clamped

    They were reported 7 times since February to the police, as well as being given the address the car is overnight and through the day. Nothing was done. At least it’s off the road now.
  7. Untaxed car clamped

    I think that is shocking! On a lighter note, hopefully the car and its contents are worth some money as he has now lost it, after all he can't tax it until it is MOTd and he can't MOT it until he has paid the tax, chicken....egg.... TBH before that point I would more than likely have lost the struggle with my conscience & dobbed the owner in anyway, based on the principle that what if he hit someone? Unfortunately to now try to prove "driving without insurance" is probably pretty much impossible.
  8. Untaxed car clamped

    I contacted the DVLA, apparently they don’t inform the police...they are only concerned with the tax issues not the MOT or insurance.
  9. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Was it any good?
  10. Untaxed car clamped

    To enable the car to be taxed it will need to be MOTd & insured, so obviously that can't happen as he would need to tax it to take it for an MOT but can't do that. I would like to think when its full history comes/came to light, they would indeed inform the Rozzers.
  11. 1999 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 quattro

    On Autotrader. S4 alloys included at asking price.
  12. Untaxed car clamped

    I’m aware of a car that has been used daily despite no mot, tax or insurance since early 2017 Yesterday it was finally clamped by the dvla for the tax, but will this bring to light the mot and insurance issues? Will the owner need to prove all 3 are up to date to get the car unclamped? Will the dvla inform the police of the other issues?
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  14. New pants please

    The video is sped up which makes it look even more dramatic (look at the timestamp seconds).
  15. New pants please

    That is some serious air and hang time...
  16. New pants please

    Was chatting about this vid with a work mate earlier! Judging by how fast the camera car is approaching the roundabout and how late they leave their braking, and the fact the camera car doesn't stop and just drives away from the scene, looks like a bit of a race going on....
  17. New pants please

  18. 1999 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 quattro

    Any sensible offers before I put this on Autotrader? Perfect station car! If you are wanting the S4 alloys, I am happy to let them go with the car as long as the asking price is met.
  19. I've bought something orange!

    Duplicate removed
  20. I've bought something orange!

    A tiny taster of the pics I took and some countryside. I took quite a lot but it's impossible to capture it properly and not enough time to capture all you want!
  21. 1999 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 quattro

    I did wonder whether I'd need a fresh MOT when I advertised the A4 a fortnight ago to secure a sale, hence I put the B5 in for an inspection yesterday, and it passed its mot today with the only requirement being a new set of number plates. Mot expiry 6th September 2019. B5 Avus 17s with four matching Vredestein Ultrac Cento tyres (4 to 5mm) with late 2014 manufacture dates now available by negotiation separately (I thought I might need them temporarily for the B7, but this isn't the case) So if you want to work out a deal for the car and S4 wheels that would suit me perfectly
  22. I've bought something orange!

    Just got back today from a 2000 mile round trip around the North Coast 500. The bike was ideal. It was great having adjustable suspension for the massive variations in the roads and having the torque to help on the twisty hairpins and belting out of bends. Being a wuss I ordered the hill hold assist option which more than came into its own It didn't miss a beat whether it was mile munching or hooning. Had a whale of a time :D
  23. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Good who doesn't like a good car program.
  24. MK Meet - Weds 5th Sept

    Great to see you all! Only took a couple of snaps, sun was going down, and like last month some of our cars were parked singularly around the car park. Was good to get your thoughts for the MK Meet going forward - sticking with the same pub for 2019, continuing monthly through BST, next meet Weds 3rd October, and possibly a curry in Buckingham again for a change the month after, watch this space!
  25. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Starts tonight (Thursday 6th September) at 9pm on Discovery Quest - Freeview 114, FreeSat 167, Sky 144 or Virgin 217. No expense spared on the graphics
  26. MK Meet - Weds 5th Sept

    See you down there, table booked for 8 people, if you fancy coming along please please put your name down (before 6pm!)
  27. Venice....any inputs?

    It does. From memory, a lot of items on display, but you know you are in an old style grand hotel. I'm more of a modern style hotel person but I was quite impressed with it and the service was impeccable. I think they turned over the sheets twice a day while there. You don't get that in many hotels these days. I'd definitely go back there if I was to visit Venice again.
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