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  2. Hmmmmm

    Blyton Park nearly three years ago. Dreadful golfist hotel somewhere near S****horpe. Some reprobates may have had a midnight golf buggy race.
  3. Hmmmmm

    Just to update the above, I took the old battery to my mechanic, who stuck it on his charger and it appeared to take a charge so we left it on all day, his tester said it was ok and at the specs it should be, so I took it home, stuck it in the Subaru and crossed my fingers as I turned the key for the first time in god knows how long*. I needn't have bothered, it fired up on the first turn of the key and burbled away happily thereafter, forgotten how much I like that sound. It had to crack it's own brakes off as I moved it despite it being left parked in gear with the handbrake off all those years but it's out of the way and a skip has moved in to it's place so the building work can start in earnest, haven't washed the mould of yet though. *Rich, I was with you last time I drove it, can't even remember which track it was let alone how many years ago!
  4. Football results today

    I'm looking forward to their bid for Mbappe. If they even dare submit one, I'll laugh my socks off.
  5. F1 2017

    By the way he is fairly average as a professional driver IMHO.
  6. F1 2017

    "It is just a shame I keep having to answer questions".............What else does he think happens in interviews?
  7. F1 2017

    The sooner Renault replace him the sooner his dad can concentrate on supporting the race tracks he owns instead of his son's failing F1 career. He's a very good driver, but not quite good enough. He'd do better moving to endurance racing than fighting drivers with bigger backing for the back marker* seats. * Not McLaren.
  8. F1 2017

    Not so Jolly Jolyon Palmer.
  9. My Grand Tour

    Luckily, the Prague end is Tuesday to Friday. Thanks gents!
  10. Last week
  11. My Grand Tour

    The good thing about Prague is that it's big enough that you can avoid the pissed up British stag dos. Explore the little cobbled streets around the old town for great cafes and music bars.
  12. My Grand Tour

    If you're in Prague on a weekend the avoid Wenceslas Square after early evening as it's full of pissed brits on stag dos. It's awful. Prague is a great city, I've been there numerous times. If you're planning to visit the castle then take the tram up the hill, it looks a long way up but I found out the hard way that it's even longer than it looks. Don't bother eating at the Old Town Square (where the astronomical clock is) as the food isn't great and the prices are jacked up because of the location. One of my favourite places to eat is Pivovarsky Dum where the service isn't great but the food and beer are excellent. There's loads of choice of hotels, we've stayed in Hotel Noir a few times and would happily go back. We tend not to bother using the Prague metro too much, the city isn't all that big and it's a nice place to walk about.
  13. Football results today

    One for NNMM
  14. My Grand Tour

    In July, I am planning on a 'Grand Tour' of Europe. (of the brothels and whore houses of Europe..... maybe Mr Bangle can advise? - joke!!!!) I have am doing in a Portillo stylie, so doing it by train but without the natty trousers, jackets and no Bradshaws guide. I am Eurostaring to Nancy for a few days. Then onto Innsbruck for 3 nights with some Alp walking. Next is Vienna and finally onto Prague. In Prague, I need to book in some shooting practice as they have many a gun range there. Get my grubby mitts on an Uzi or Glock or Scorpion and a few others. . Just hope they don't swab me for GSR on the way back. Have booked a flight back from Prague on Whizair. I have a friend coming out to meet me in Prague as she wants to see the place too. Other than that, it will just be me. I might book a trip on the Danube from Vienna to Bratislava as a day boat trip. Does anyone have experience of any of these places? Am definitely looking forward to this!!!
  15. Really surprised this hasn't sold yet. Have you had many viewings? What sort of feedback have you been getting? I would imagine now that you've got the FBSW it should sell fairly soon
  16. Post a pic of your car

    Looks lower and sleeker in blue. I have seen them in white and they are not good.
  17. Post a pic of your car

    I ermmm like the colour
  18. Post a pic of your car

    Everyone make sure you are sitting down when you look at the sheer elegant beauty of the ......... 5 Series Gran Turismo, Ok I will try to not post anymore.
  19. Taxi!!!!

    Reminds me of a girl I once knew...
  20. Taxi!!!!

    That's excellent. I'm sure the functionality more than makes up for the fugly face.
  21. Taxi!!!!

    A new car factory, opened in the Midlands?! I salute them!
  22. Taxi!!!!

    New ones too! UK built new taxis And with more stringent emissions laws, the new taxis will hopefully be a big success. Quieter and also a better ride....
  23. Post a pic of your car

    It cleans up pretty well considering the welly it gets through the week. It'll be a while before it's this shiny again!
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  25. Post a pic of your car

    That colour is very "you".
  26. Post a pic of your car

  27. Post a pic of your car

    That shot doesn't show the stripe. Those alloys are very very nice.
  28. Post a pic of your car

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