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  2. 15 years of MK

    1. Ian_C
  3. 15 years of MK

    Wednesday 3rd April, 6:30pm onwards at Ye Olde Swan, Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes, just off the A421. Ye Olde Swan has been our home for more than 2 years now: lovely outside garden area which we enjoyed over summer 2018, cosy 16th century core for the colder half of the year (no Disney windmills here!) plus most importantly really great food! Following another excellent return visit to the curry house in Buckingham in Feb, we revert to monthly meets at the regular MK pub from April as BST resumes, which also marks the 15th anniversary of the MK Meet, originally founded by Chris and Samantha on TSN. 6:30pm onwards, any enthusiast welcome, not just VAG and / or Porsche! Usual suspects please post your interest, potential MK meet newbies please post below so we can look out and welcome you. The meet is posted on RS246, Audi SRS, the S2 Forum and TSN. Table booked for 7:45pm, number required before the night, hence the roll call below.... Ye Olde Swan Newport Road Woughton on the Green Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK6 3BS 01908679489 The bit highlighted in red on the second map is the road through the pub - you can access from both ends. Congregate at the north end of the car park - the four spaces by the red arrow are the biggest for A8s + RS6s etc. Archive pic from the 10th anniversary meet (April 2014)
  4. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Oooh, won't be an estate though? If bothered...
  5. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Still working on it! Have been insanely busy and the Defender has been playing me around, it needs a little more work to get it running just-so. Am also veering towards an F10 M5 after my family all looked at me in utter horror at the prospect of me getting a Mercedes. Master P suggested he might not get in and that I was nothing like old enough...
  6. BMW M140i - Gone in 20 secsomds

    .....and this is where some of them end up.
  7. In which case, I'd have a '68 Lincoln with Audi style modern inerds please, but a big chuffing Yank V8 to keep the character.
  8. New pants please

    4wd cannot make up for stupidity. Like hanging on to the car as it slides down a hill... or thinking of getting out of the moving car and into the direction it which it is travelling.... A bit like curling... hit one, and it scoots off on it's own. Oh, and then trying to stop a 2 tonne lump of metal sliding down hill on snow, by hanging on to it? Really?
  9. New pants please

  10. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    And?????? Well? Did you do it????
  11. VW pickup truck concept

    Have you guys heard of the truck concept of Volkswagen? They called it Tanoak. According to the news, the partnership of VW with Ford gave it a go on the production of the pickup truck. Well for me, the design looks great but I hope they made a different design on the truck wheels. What do you guys about it?
  12. 420d xdrive mpg

    So 19 months in, 63,000 miles at an average of 54.5mpg, total servicing costs of £700.00 (for 3 services), still on the same brakes (30,000 miles left) on second set of tyres and still loving the car. My nephew, who is the M specialist at my local dealer, keeps trying to get me to change, but why should I. I think it has at least another 12 months to give me and I'm doing even more miles now, approx 1k per month.
  13. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Mmmmm interesting. If you just want a fast way to get in and out of work then the AMG or an M5 would be perfect. As for which one I guess that depends on the budget you want to push to. I've decided to keep my car for longer as I can't be bothered on spending more to get more or less the same this time. You could always look at the M3 V8 as an alternative or try and get a 4 door maybe?
  14. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Ooooh!!! A proper Thunder Wagon! Just 2 words for you sir... 'Do it!'. Many red ones about? Or should that be, any red ones about?
  15. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Try and see if you can afford the turbo'd 5.5l V8, and AWD - but I suspect the latter might still be in the depreciation curve above where you want to pay... Pre-2010/2011 6.2l V8 cars, like the C63's had potential head bolt failures - so if looking at one of those check the head bolts have been replaced (otherwise put a bucketload of money aside to do them). the 5.5l engine is legandary - so I'd say go for one. :-)
  16. Hi, it's me. Long time no post and all that. Sorry, been busy. Anyway, anyone remember a few years back when I asked if I was mad to think about getting a used Cayenne GTS? You know, the thread where I ended up getting a brand new one, after applying ridiculous levels of man maths? Well, the GTS has been absolutely lovely, but I've just had a rather tempting offer for it, coincidentally just after buying a rather special Defender. So my mind is saying that the Defender can take over the 4x4 and towing duties of the Cayenne and I can slot a nice road car in its place. But what to get? Now, I tested an E63 AMG some years ago, and liked everything about it apart from the price and a lingering suspicion that it would depreciate like a brick. So obviously the same logic now says to buy one that has depreciated. Early ones are £15k at independent dealers and from about £30k at main dealers. Anyone have an in-depth knowledge of the E-class AMG cars that they would liek to illuminate me with? Any particular model years/options etc to go for or avoid? And don't all just say "why not get a new one, the interior is much nicer". That's not happening. No. Definitely not. Not this time. I know, I know, this time is different. (£11k, V8, over 500hp ) Or any other suggestions? An M5 is tempting but I hear horror stories of used E60s, E39 seems to be classics now and priced accordingly, and F10s are a bit on the expensive side?
  17. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    Yeah that very true, it depends on buying a car with your heard or your head. Always nice to strike a happy medium I guess or go nearly new and let someone else take the hit on the early depreciation.
  18. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    It looks very much like an A5 in those photos. Having done a finance deal for a client this week that looked incredible value, it is hard to justify the price of the 8 GC. The deal was for a 540i XDrive M Sport with just about every option box ticked. I built it on the BMW site and it came to £68,600. The car was registered in December and had never left the showroom. They had it up for £42950 and he did a deal at £41k to include the £450 RFL. That is hell of a deal on a car that does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds.
  19. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 6th Feb

    Great to see those present, another superb curry. Warm welcome to Duncan driving one of the very last manual S4s, tried to take a pic but too dark! Thanks to the person who let me know in advance they couldn't make it - appreciated Next meet, Weds 3rd April at the usual MK pub, I will post this across the forums in plenty of time, the 15th anniversary of the Milton Keynes meet!
  20. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    Not far off now...
  21. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 6th Feb

    Any final additions, please post your name by the close of play tonight. The first MK Meet I went to was 15 years ago this evening - 5th Feb 2004!
  22. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    That does look good! What happened to the wing vents though?
  23. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 6th Feb

    1. Ian 2. James 3. Nik 4. Ross 5. Jo 6. Richard 7. Duncan
  24. Sorry head ruled heart on this one!!
  25. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    It has gone. My days of horizon chasing to a background of sweet revving V10 goodness are over. I doubt they will come back. . Still, 17 months of (expense) and smiles and V10 and Warp factoring and mmmm!!!! Downside was that it was drinking me out of house and home. A few thnings were showing up and would have to be addressed But, it had to be done. Instead, I am in (another) V6 diesel A8. I thought about the V8 TDi with it's torque wave, but will probably get that next time round. (how ever long or short that may be). Completely different animal. Needs a prod to get going - but goes well. Whereas the S8 only needed a feather resting on the throttle and up came 80+. Damn sharp response!
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