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  2. New company car time

    If its a company car then the hybrids are going down very well in our place. BMW 330e or Merc 350 Hybrid thingy. One is getting over 100mpg a day on his commute and the lower tax level is saving him a fortune, plus when he gets into it, its already pre-warmed and de-misted for him, he likes that A LOT. Oh and both are far more rapid than their diesel counterparts. However take them on a long run and the diesels will beat them for economy ultimately, play with them and they will be mid 30s. Both come better equipped than the diesel equivalents as well.
  3. Scania lorries

    Mate of mine has just Taken delivery of a new MAN truck (owned by VAG) and it's fully loaded: heated leather seats & steering wheel..sat nav..air con..alloys..fridge..lane emergency than most cars.
  4. Tips on rejecting a faulty car?

    So far so good. response from head of dealership: we are going to submit all the information to MINI Customer Services and request that they support your request to reject the car
  5. New company car time

    Not looked inside a Merc yet, so have no idea what the handbrake is like. My Mazda is a switch on the centre console. And, no idea on the gearbox.
  6. New company car time

    I'll have a look at the Seat, thanks. Like the BMW's, but the styling is a bit boring, on some models, in my eyes.
  7. New company car time

    Good point, an estate would certainly come in handy sometimes.
  8. New company car time

    I take it the AMG line is just styling?
  9. Scania lorries

    There's a couple of delivery trucks I see and hear regularly around the town, large box trucks delivering parcels, they both sound like they have dump valves on them, very odd. (and no, it's not the brakes)
  10. Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car

    Pretty sure I found a couple just scanning the first few stories, I'm saving the book for when I'm on holiday and laying beside the pool, I'll be sure to notify you if I find them!
  11. New company car time

    You soon get used to the parking brake, being as most Merc's are auto anyway, you don't even use it so not a problem, it was Mercedes way of clearing the handbrake off the centre console before electronic parking brakes were a thing, Mrs T's Prius has a foot operated parking brake, you don't even think about it after a few weeks.
  12. New company car time

    You stopped? Wimp. I did 2 x 4 hour trips yesterday with no stops and I've done Brighton/Bournemouth without stopping many a time.
  13. New company car time

    Just had a 6hr drive up from Brighton with 1 "comfort break" and got out of the car with no aches or pains. Same as the drive down last night. Its a very comfortable car.
  14. What is it? Volvo?

    Isn't it just a car that belongs to the local safari zoo
  15. What is it? Volvo?

    Indeed there is, if you look at some of these supercar experience companies, one uses part of the facility at Tockwith.
  16. What is it? Volvo?

    We saw it near Tockwith - there's some sort of test track thing I think there
  17. What is it? Volvo?

    Garçon is spot on. Fast version looking at the wheels and brakes.
  18. What is it? Volvo?

    Definitely the S90 rear.
  19. What is it? Volvo?

    May be a more interesting S90 model ... T6 petrol and T8 (?) hybrid are set for the UK I think.
  20. What is it? Volvo?

    Yes they are available. Does look very S90 ish. Shame they are sticking to their 4 cylinders is all you need bollox.
  21. Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car

    Bloody hell. Well spotted! Two proof readers and an editor will be kicked in the nuts for that. I would be astounded if there are any other mistakes but let me know I hope you enjoy the book. I had great fun writing it.
  22. What is it? Volvo?

    infact i think its a volvo S90 - but why camo'd? they are available to the public, aren't they?
  23. What is it? Volvo?

    Seen this morning around York
  24. Scania lorries

    It's the most common mod and (most) Scania dealers provide it as an option. Standard exhaust on the tractor unit exits at ground level. That's what 500+ bhp of diesel grunt sounds like and it's awesome
  25. Scania lorries

    I have heard these a few times now. The big Scania lorries with the exhausts that go up and out over the lorry. I over took one as it was pulling a load somewhere, he was accelerating and the thing was bellowing like a Bison on full heat/charge. The sound was immense. Not sure if it was a trick exhaust or if they also have flaps that open under full throttle, but ... wow!!!!! You wouldn't want to be in a slow vehicle with that up your chuff!
  26. New company car time

    Interesting comment. I couldn't live with the Merc's interior or the stupid handbrake thing. Also, I hope they don't use the same wheezy sounding gearbox as they do on the A/B class offerings. My (new) rental sounded like an old man in a Daf-o-matic of yore!!! Also M8ckn 23K miles since November? Bloody hell!!!! So it's you causing all this pollution!!!!
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