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  2. Hi Guys When I use the rear washer on A4 B6 Avant I get a wet patch on the headlining on the right hand side just be the tailgate opening. I have removed the head lining which goes across from left to right but cant see the washer pipe. I have also removed the right hand side black plastic hinge cover hoping to see the washer pipe, but even after removing the rubber flexible cover all there is what looks like a bunch of wires wrapped with tape. Is the washer pipe in that bunch do you know? Plus do you know the rout of the washer pipe? I assume it travels from the wiper motor around the tailgate through the right hand side tailgate hinge into the roof of the car somewhere and then I don't know. I presume the washer pipe is leaking/split/joint come apart somewhere just past the tailgate hinge but I can't physically see where the pipe is or where it goes. This is where I need your help please. Any suggestions gratefully received. Robin
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  4. Football results today

    How sad.
  5. Football results today

    Coupons busted by Man Utd this week
  6. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Looks OK! Not so sure about the Knight Rider rear lights!!! Maybe a bit too far. Does the A8 have them? Just have to figure out the new naming convention!
  7. Last week
  8. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Mmm, wonder what the RS version will look like
  9. TaxTheRich - Rallycross

  10. F30 issues

    I’m rattle free!! (So far) On the test drive to check the recall work, the rattle appeared. They stripped out the glove box and diagnosed it as a faulty damper used on the glove box lid. Replaced and rebuilt. Feels like a new car, I enjoyed the drive home
  11. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    Sold! The Merscabies has a new owner! Sounds like he's going to be doing a fair bit of work to bring it a bit further up to scratch, particularly to the interior, which is, not to put too fine a point on it, fücked. It's going to a (wealthy going by the cars they turned up in) family of classic enthusiasts. I didn't tell him about the Merscabies name, or the oven, or that it features in a book...!
  12. F30 issues

    It was diagnosed a few months ago as the glovebox so a new one was fitted. 30 seconds after picking it up, the rattle was back. Now it’s back it to be sorted and they can’t locate it so after 3 days I’m getting it back along with the rattle
  13. F30 issues

    I had one of those rattles in the previous car. After a while it felt like it was coming from the centre of my skull.
  14. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Rest of the car
  15. F30 issues

    Must be my driving bmw rang me yesterday saying they need the car until Saturday to fit an an oxygen sensor that has failed, and they’ve done a software update as a recall. Thsts all well and good, but they can’t find the rattle it went in for that’s driven me insane for 11 months
  16. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Nando is staying put.
  17. F30 issues

    No issues with tracking on my F31. Although i am on my third steering rack.
  18. F30 issues

    You need the dealer to do a KDS alignment. I'm pretty sure that this is the same thing as a Hunter four wheel alignment.
  19. F30 issues

    You are doing well, erm not. Hopefully its a bad run. But genuinely not had any issues on any of mine.
  20. F30 issues

    While it’s been in they’ve told me there’s a software update and potential egr issue to be resolved too
  21. F30 issues

    Never had an alignment / strange wear issues on my BMW no had any of them back for any warranty work either to be honest. Although my wife has had hers in today to get some faded front trip replaced under warranty, but as it was an early release / demo model I suspect that was just a batch problem.
  22. F30 issues

    The alignment has never been done at the dealer as it’s £100+ there!! It’s always been done at an independent tyre place who have the same set up as BMW, I’ve used them for 25 years and have no worries about their honesty.
  23. F30 issues

    No such alignment issues with mine, but it's xDrive so different suspension/geometry set up. I'd be tempted to get the alignment checked at a different place, ideally a specialist rather than a BMW dealer.
  24. F30 issues

    Since getting my 3 series in November, I’ve had issues with the wheel alignment. Im on my 4th set of front tyres as they’re being heavily scrubbed on the outer edge. They need changing with 4/5mm in the middle but the edges being totally bald. Im having 4 wheel tracking done with each tyre change but it’s making no difference. Most of my miles are A road and motorway, so speed bumps and pot holes aren’t any more of an issue than they would be to anyone else My car is in BMW at the minute for the second time for a rattle that’s been there since the day I collected it, but they can’t find. It’s already had a new glove box but the rattle returned within a mile . It’s a constant plastic on plastic noise Had anyone else with a 3 series had tracking problems?
  25. TaxTheRich - Rallycross

    ha! Awesome!
  26. Carwash Spots

    A few recent different cars. Sorry for the blurred double E-type shot Pics should be like the first two now due to new phone The Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster was just driving past
  27. Football results today

    "Now is the winter of our discontent" sad a Leicester fan Booster, so who is your money on as the Bard's replacement?
  28. Returning a lease car early

    Yes, it is.
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