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  2. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 7th Nov

    Great to see y'all! Really good meet despite the rain - awesome curry and superb value for money! Thank you to the two people who let me know they were unable to make it - I let the restaurant know at lunchtime which they appreciated. Next meet - Weds 5th Dec at usual MK pub - table already booked Another curry Weds 6th Feb in Buckingham if people are up for it?!
  3. Hi all, I tried a search but didnt find anything specific. My '07 S6 MMI screen (2G high) recently stopped working, all the radio, phone functions etc work fine, just the screen is blank. It started showing striped colours, now mostly is just blank. Before I take the dash out to fit a 2nd hand replacement, is there another possible cause? I assume I'll probably have to get the new screen coded to the car as well? thanks
  4. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Yeah, good luck with the pump timing!
  5. A few from the village car show

    And a proper Aston Martin too!!
  6. New pants please

    He rode off like that? Jesus!!!!
  7. Earlier
  8. I think the Yank custom car builders (Counts Customs, Gas Monkey etc) excel at that stuff when they totally rebuild/replace the chassis along adding new V8 running gear.
  9. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 7th Nov

    Table booked 7:30pm this Weds 7th Nov for 8 people Last time the place was rammed and the restaurant would not have been able to add extra seats to our table 'upon arrival'. If you wish to attend, please please please put your name down (or message me through the forum / text me if you have my number) and I will extend the table before the night! Please aim for the parking spot as highlighted in red on the map above from 6:45pm onwards
  10. New pants please

    He was fine. Not a stunter, just a kid with not a lot of money. He bought a disk but didn't have it fitted so rode off like that!
  11. New pants please

    Did he hurt himself? As riding into the bike place could hurt.... That bloke must have been trying to do a few stunts!
  12. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Budget is £5k. £2k on machining. £1500 parts £1500 labour Total so far after breakfast is £550, ARP headstuds and fasteners plus a new lighter flywheel with an Audi-pattern 60-2 tooth timing gear machined into it alongside the starter ring.
  13. Some of you may remember that I have a cookshop as I've done deals on here in the past. We've got two Global knife pad sets left in stock, one is with 3 knives and the pad and the other is 5 knives with the larger pad. These were part of the previous years Global promotional offer and they are the last two left so the boxes are very slightly tatty but never been opened. There won't be many retailers that have got any of these left on promotion. The 4pc includes: G2 - 21cm cooks knife GS3 - 13cm cook's knife GS38 - 9cm paring knife Global knife pad The RRP on this set was £499 with the promo being £249.99. I can do this for £199 plus £7.99 postage. The 6pc set includes: G2 - 21cm cook's knife G9 - 22cm bread knife GS5 - 14cm vegetable chopper GS11 - 15cm flexible utility knife GS38 - 9cm paring knife Global knife pad The RRP on this set was £849 withe the promo being £449.99. I can do this for £360 plus £7.99 postage. If anyone is interested in either of these then either ring the shop on 01386 853493 and talk to myself (Martin) or Tracey or if you prefer to order through our website where these are I believe cheaper than anyone else online but still more than what I'm offering here then place your order and I'll adjust it and send a confirmation of the reduced price (inc postage cost) before payment is taken unless you choose Paypal, in which case I'd have to refund the difference. We do also have other Global products available like the new chopping boards and if anyone really wants to push the boat out then we've got the very latest Wusthof Epicure 7pc set on an introductory promo which I can offer at £650 plus £7.99 postage instead of £1073.
  14. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 7th Nov

    1. Ian_C 2. James 3. Nik 4. Nige 5. Greg 6. John 7. Graham 8. Richard
  15. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 7th Nov

    1. Ian_C 2. James 3. Nik 4. Nige 5. Greg 6. John
  16. Following an excellent curry back in February at Red Chilli Gold on Buckingham High Street (as recommended by Nik Richard + John who are all local), those who attended have been calling for a return visit. After messaging a few of the regulars, there is a request to meet up this month Weds 7th November ahead of the already-booked December Christmas meet at the regular MK venue. We probably won't be gawping at cars outside for too long, so the current informal plan is congregate from 6:45pm onward, table to be booked for 7:30pm. If the weather is freezing and people have all arrived, we can always wander inside earlier. There is a large car park directly behind the curry house signed Cornwalls Meadow Car Park, next to a Waitrose. The car park is 300+ spaces, pay and display, but free after 5pm. Keep an eye on Googlemaps - I believe the High street is being dug up, meaning you may have to arrive from the north east if the road is shut In order for us to book the table, please post in here by say 12 noon Monday (5th) if you are coming! Red Chilli Gold 9 High Street Buckingham MK18 1MT
  17. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi Actually there isn't a problem removing the remainder of the bolt because it is an integral part of the tensioner roller and I managed to find a used one on Ebay at £15. See photos above. The rear view shows the other end of the broken bolt which is fixed in position, probably pressed in. No my main problem apart from having to remove the whole front of the car for access is how to reset the pump timing in sync with the engine. Thankfully though,there is no problem with the main timing belt.
  18. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    What's the damage going to be for all that?
  19. New pants please

    The guy who rode in to a bike place whilst I was there today did not fill his pants. He didn't give a crap and didn't appreciate he could have ended up under a lorry etc Everyone else there though did! How the feck do you wear out a brake disk on a little moped?!?!
  20. Extra Training

    That's an out of date video. They no longer recommend "off-siding" to increase vision.
  21. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Ah, well done. How do you plan on removing the rest of the centre bolt?
  22. 2006 987 Boxster 2.7

    Just had the Boxster MOT-ed and had all the service advisory notices attended to. Replacement aircon condensers, new brake pipes and exhaust clamps, etc. Another reasonably significant bill but at least now I know that it wants for nothing. Just need to give it a good hoover out and a clean . . . ready for its new owner!
  23. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    June came and went. The head is still attached to the car although I’ve removed a lot of other bits Done very little with it due to time/work/illness and a brilliant 911. What I do know is that cylinder 4 is badly scored, perhaps from a broken piston ring. Car is going to my Indys in a couple of weeks (on a flatbed) and they’ll drop and strip the engine. Block will go to Serdi for them to bore out the cylinders and press in dry liners and the head will go to Rob Walker engineering for a complete overhaul.
  24. Extra Training

    Old I know, but worth opening the debate about training the advantages of a higher level of training as winter draws closer:
  25. Hi guys Car was perfect before going for a water pump and timing belt change, however after long story but I will cut to the chase, after the cars fine when cold and hot but when lukewarm power is okay but if I stop at traffic lights or anywhere the rev's are bouncing and stuttering when I request power it's there alright. The car is 57 plate 170 BRD Q Audi a4 B7 Attached is a readout of some blocks - from what I've read elsewhere the Injection start and Injection duration are out?? these should be around 1) Engine speed Manual gearbox 860...940 rpm Automatic gearbox 790...870 rpm 2) Specified commencement of injection -4 °CA(bef.TDC)...2.5 °CA(Aft.TDC) A OK 3) Specified duration of injection 5...7 °CA: OK 4) Synchronisation angle -3...+3 °CA Had an MOT a couple weeks ago and it was noted that some smoke was coming out of the exhaust on the advisory, I've not had this one before but could also be a factor. Can someone assist with what could be going on here. Thanks
  26. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi Thanks for the advice but I did mean to report that I have found the problem a couple of days ago. The injection pump tensioner centre bolt has broken off and I found it under the belt which is disengaged thus giving no drive to the pump. I realise that i will have to remove the front end to replace it and I am planning to start shortly. Any advice you could offer such as how to rotate the engine (it is an auto) to line up the timing marks (if I can find them ) Also, for some strange reason I can't find an on line supplier for a new tensioner though there are many offering items for the main timing belt none seem to be offering the pump belt. The main stealers have quoted £96 for the tensioner pulley. The centre bolt, they say, is not available seperately. Thanks again
  27. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi, I don't think the engine mountings will affect the car starting. They are usually designed to counter vibration. Even utterly knackered ones shouldn't stop an engine from starting. The 01376 issue is a more important one, but did you only use VAG-Com on the engine? Were there any other codes reported? When you turn the key (not to fire it up) do you hear the fuel pump prime? Has the car had ANY history of petrol in the tank instead of diesel?
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