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  2. C63S Front bumper trim

    Hi Simon I've got no answer to your issue but could you tell me a bit more about your car please? Which 'S' version have you got - coupe, saloon, cab? A C63S has quickly moved up my list of cars to consider. I've had plently of V8's over the years but not of the Mercedes variety and I'm interested in your user experiences if poss please :-) Thanks Max
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  5. C63S Front bumper trim

    I suspect you will get a "duck, dodge and weave" response. Reaction to your cleaning agents perhaps?
  6. Hi, Noticed whilst washing, that the top part of the ‘aero’ trim on my front bumper has changed colour ever so slightly from gloss black to an almost purple colour, so much so that you can see (what I think are) the mouldings from the factory? (The rings) Is this a warranty issue - the car is just over 1 year old. Cheers. (Had posted in Merc forum but think it’s been a while since anyone visited)
  7. C63S Front bumper trim

    Hi, Recently noticed that the top part of the front trim is changing colour and can also see the mouldings through the plastic - is this a warranty issue?? It’s the same in both sides. Thanks.
  8. Newbie

    Generally get around 18mpg or so in the GTR, about the same as the gfs DB9 tbh... you can probably tell we don’t really do many miles a year! that is the point of the S4 I have a new job which means around 16k miles a year so I need something practical to put the miles on.
  9. Newbie

    5 posts in 9 years is probably our going rate these days. Lovely cars. How’s the fuel economy for the GTR? I guess you’re probably doing 3 weeks to the gallon at the moment..,
  10. Newbie

    That's some serious lurking Nice choice of cars You may find this place is a little quieter than it was in 2001
  11. Newbie

    Sort of! actually first registered here in 2001, and between then and now only posted 4 times! Well I've just bought myself a 2011 S4 daily driver so expect to see me lurking in the Audi section. Oh I do have a 600bhp R35 GTR as well... Simon
  12. MK Meet on Hiatus

    Hope you are all okay. Naturally the MK Meet is going to have to go on hiatus for a while. Whilst car gatherings and pub meets are definitely off the menu for a while, more free time does potentially mean more time tinkering with cars at home? For example started and drove the 205 today for the first time since August/September, need to put some miles under its 15" Speedlines ahead of the mot at Easter. No photos - incredibly dusty after six months in the garage! Feel free to post / reply / comment below, pictures or stories of those jobs you are finally getting around to doing......
  13. New pants please

    Brown Bread I take it....
  14. New pants please

    If you don't want to see the seemingly obvious outcome then don't watch beyond 50secs
  15. Boxing hopeful - Tyson Fury

    Well done Tyson. Must admit I didn’t see the finish happening that way. In order I had Tyson on points Wilder by Ko Wilder by points Tyson by ko. I fancied Fury for the win but honestly didn’t think he had the power or was prepared to get close enough to use it and risk being taken out himself. Just cant wait for that all UK showdown between two of the best heavyweights on the planet Fury v Haye oh wait......
  16. Boxing hopeful - Tyson Fury

    Well done Tyson! One of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. Pity nobody comes on here anymore. It would have been interesting to see some of the boxing experts (Google users) replies.
  17. Boxing hopeful - Tyson Fury

    Interesting thread looking back. 13 years on now. MrMe always was notorious for his incorrect sporting predictions.
  18. Picked the 335i Touring up today...

    I just found this thread searching google for something else. It's funny, I look back at all the cars I have owned and I do think the E91 335i was probably the best all round car I have owned. I just bought another 330i E91 sport recently as I was missing the more analogue feel of the older cars, it was great, but decided I would keep the F11 for now. But I don't think I appreciated how good that 335i Touring was at the time. Hope everyone is well on here?
  19. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 5th Feb

    Great to see those present Weds evening for what is an optional meet in the depth of winter when the weather's crap. Had very decent turn outs for the 'extra' curry meets in November and February we've had the last two or three years. These meets only continue because people put their names down and turn up. So much for the mild long range forecast - was 0 driving home! Next meet - Weds 1st April at the usual MK Pub.
  20. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 5th Feb

    Tomorrow night chaps! Please add your name to the list above asap if you wish to come along!
  21. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 5th Feb

    1. Ian_C 2. Chris 3. John 4. James 5. Nige 6. Nik 7. Richard Any more additions please add your name to the list, ideally if possible by Tuesday
  22. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 5th Feb

    1. Ian_C 2. Chris 3. John 4. James 5. Nige 6. Nik
  23. As suggested at the close of Decembers meet thread, following visits in February, August and November last year, we commence 2020s meets with a winter-warmer curry at Red Chilli Gold Buckingham Weds 5th Feb. When BST commences in April, monthly meets resume at the regular Milton Keynes pub. We probably won't be gawping at cars outside for too long, so the current informal plan is congregate from 6:45pm onward, table booked for 7:30pm. Long range forecast looks relatively mild. If everyone has arrived, we can always wander inside earlier. There is a large car park directly behind the curry house signed Cornwalls Meadow Car Park, next to a Waitrose, 300+ spaces, pay and display, but free after 5pm. Table provisionally booked, can be extended no problem, please add your name to the list below by say Tuesday (4th) if you are coming! I do need to give the restaurant an exact number Red Chilli Gold 9 High Street Buckingham MK18 1MT
  24. MK Meet - Weds 4th Dec

    Great to see y'all folks for the festive gathering. Good turn out and good food! Steak was brilliant! Our MK meet goes on hiatus now for a while, with regular monthly meets set to resume at our home pub from April, immediately after the clocks have reverted to BST. Look out for a potential Bucks curry meet in February - if there's enough interest I will post it on here a week or so before hand.
  25. MK Meet - Weds 4th Dec

    1. Ian_C 2. Chris 3. Greg_S 4. James 5. Richard 6. John 7. Nik See you down there tonight chaps!!
  26. MK Meet - Weds 4th Dec

    1. Ian_C 2. Chris 3. Greg_S 4. James 5. Richard 6. John
  27. Old member saying Hi!

    Hi - Ping me your details and I can forward to Ben.
  28. MK Meet - Weds 4th Dec

    1. Ian_C 2. Chris 3. Greg_S 4. James 5. Richard
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