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  2. Post a pic of your car

    Parking at Goodwood today wasn't Evora friendly. Let's offroad by James Thorburn, on Flickr Let's offroad by James Thorburn, on Flickr Didn't help with the marshal directing us all towards the boggiest patch of grass possible, and then buggering off once a Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin, Citroen Berlingo and myself were all stranded! Tractor pulling by James Thorburn, on Flickr Tractor dragged us to a space with a gap in the fence to park up, and then a few kind passers by gave us a push start when we were leaving.
  3. Unable to SORN - Help needed

    obviously, just make sure you are using the latest v5 & the correct number as there are 2, it shows you which to use.
  4. Unable to SORN - Help needed

    No, I have done it several times on several cars over the last few years. Provided you have the V5 & the 12 (IIRC) digit number it should be simple.
  5. Last week
  6. Unable to SORN - Help needed

    I have had issues trying to SORN 2 of my vehicles over the last 4 months. Fines have been issued and I'll be invoicing the DVLA for my time. Has anyone else had issues with the website and automated phone system and the long numbers printed on their documentation? Thanks, Sneaky
  7. F1's 'Halo' cockpit is coming in 2017
  8. RS3 - Saloon!

    100% agree. I bought my Twbo for £4k - it’s insurance value starts with a 2 and a private sale would be mid/upper teens with a fair wind. I spent £11k on it last year alone, granted a large portion of that was because I wanted to do so. For me, the cars are a hobby and I enjoy the social element of ownership and involvement too. This has lead to some great friendships, some “money can’t buy” experiences and a lot of fun along the way. As the saying goes “you pay to play” - but it is nice to think that I could divest myself of the cars and have a reasonable percentage of my outlay back. The flip side is that a rising tide carries all boats and I regularly see poorly maintained 944 Turbos (as an example I’m very familiar with) being offered for double their actual worth. Personally, I hate the constant discussion about values (it’s certainly worse in the Porsche world) as it stops people enjoying the cars how they should be. I got asked recently if I would still be tracking the Twbo when it’s finished, my answer was “of course, it only cost me £4K”! I could add the usual caveats about “Don’t smoke, not a big drinker, save money, etc.” but the truth of the matter is that I enjoy spending time, and invariably money, on my hobby and will continue to do so as long as it is financially viable to do so.
  9. RS3 - Saloon!

    I’m amazed that you’re putting any miles on it at all.
  10. Post a pic of your car

    Sure that’s not the AA? Lotus cars are all the perfect size to carry off really bold colours - I love it.
  11. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Why would I want the slower one??? First cost accounted for - tiny screw in a front tyre and it had “just” gone through. Too close to the edge to patch, although they tried. The tread pattern for the Bridgestones has been updated so changed both fronts to a Kumho PS91 tyre. Rears are hovering between 4-5mm so will put the same on the rear after the Ring in May. A good friend has a tyre garage and several Porsches, I went for the Kumhos based upon the fact he runs them on his 996, really rates them and he charged me cost price too! The pair cost less than I expected to pay for one. After a trip out last night in heavy rain they are definitely an improvement over the 5 year old Bridgestones.
  12. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Told you to get a C4S...
  13. Post a pic of your car

    That's lovely. Oh lordy, I can feel the siren call of Lotus again....
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    People tell me my car must be going up in value given the few miles I put on it. I laugh. I’m not holding out any hope of that and in fact if it happened I’d have to consider selling it and I really don’t want to do that!
  15. RS3 - Saloon!

    Here's the thing, people look at the final price attained, then say "it was only £2,000 originally when he bought it 12 years ago, or whatever". Imagine that £2k car is now £30k. I wonder how much they've spent on it, each year (Ian mentioned it above) - the investment has running costs. Then, imagine what £2k well invested, with no running costs, in the right business or shares could be worth after 12 years. I still believe that, unless you're very, very shrewd and get huge pleasure from the ownership experience too, that when you factor in the annual costs - the return isn't anything like a lot of people think it looks like on face value.
  16. RS3 - Saloon!

    There are also stupidly good cars for average money if you look in the right places and get a bit lucky!
  17. RS3 - Saloon!

    Bloody hell!!!
  18. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Ah, but what about crispy crimes?
  19. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    As I’m now the oracle for buying the crappy unloved Porsche models that nobody likes (my neighbour has said it’s like I’m taking in 3-legged cats and my wife HATES the 944) - another neighbour has asked for my advice on an early Cayenne. Obviously, I told him to buy the 3.2 V6 that’s nobody wants.
  20. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    I think new rear tyres would be cheaper than Krispy Kremes!
  21. RS3 - Saloon!

    The problem is that there are some distinctly average cars are very stupid money. I saw a Nova the other day go past £50k - stupid money.
  22. Post a pic of your car

    I'm really pleased there are people left in the world who have a good eye for colour (y)
  23. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Donuts in a wet car park, I had a different image.
  24. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Picked it up, raining all afternoon so not much chance to do anything but a dry evening. Took my daughter out for donuts and took the scenic route home via a few landmarks and some tunnels. 14.2mpg - so it’s fair to say we had some fun.
  25. Post a pic of your car

    Took the Evora down to Cornwall to brighten up the place a bit. IMG_20180309_142034 by James Thorburn, on Flickr Wife and dog came along too. Evora selfies by James Thorburn, on Flickr
  26. Dunhill Sidecar Revolette Pen

    Wow six years on, that is a LONG lead time for a sale.
  27. Dunhill Sidecar Revolette Pen

    Hi, I realise this is a long shot - but is this pen still for sale by any chance?
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