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  2. Football results today

    He was being interviewed by Italian tv on his doorstep when he had finished he beckoned us up. Had a chat and sad we were so grateful and what he achieved was amazing. Told him about my bets and he loved that! Asked if I had treated the wife (who took the photo) and I said of course. He told me to look after her! Great bloke! Fred has made me print the photo and put it in his school bag!
  3. Football results today

    I caught snippets from the Sky interview. You met the players today. Was it emotional? It was normal. Do you feel like you've been stabbed in the back? Goodbye..... I note Kaspar refused to answer if he'd been to see owners about Claudio
  4. Cost £80 Purchased in error - muppet builder insisted I get this one but when it came to install realised he needed the horizontal one. The drain is completely brand new and unused still in the original retain packaging with all the accompanying fixtures and fittings - only thing being the box has been opened. say £65 posted? Details here:
  5. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I've lost my first stone since Xmas. Mac mode: I've only lost 6.4kg and it took me 10 weeks.
  6. Football results today

    Wow. That's a fabulous thing to do and to get the opportunity to meet him in person is quite something.
  7. Football results today

    Nice gesture, just took a snap shot of his awards, staggering what he receieved last year
  8. Football results today

    Nice one Booster
  9. Football results today

    Had to take the boy to say goodbye to him and drop off a sorry you are leaving card. A true gent.
  10. Memory card wont respond

    I'm bumping this thread for everyone - I spent a while trawling to find it as I knew Andy had given me excellent advice about recovering from an SD card and I had to revisit for a mate
  11. M135i

    Indeed. . Build status 5055 today.
  12. BTCC 2017

    This season BTCC BMW looks awesome
  13. Last week
  14. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Sweeping statements by Ministers don't help.
  15. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Yup. But hardly ever at home. There's a Park and Ride just 5 mins round the corner from us. Used to drive there on a Wednesday with the dog and plug the car into a quick charger and walk the dog back. Then go back after dinner with the dog and pick it back up. At the weekend we'd either go into town or the Metro Centre and charge up and park for free there. Newcastle had an amazing charging infrastructure 2-3 years ago but now there are too many plug in hybrids so the charge bays are more often than not busy. When the Mrs had her weekly meetings at the practice in town she'd park over the road from the surgery and charge up there too. We very rarely charged it up at home - I can sell you a Rolec Type 2 charging box cheaply though!
  16. Why is diesel now so evil?

    The thing is charging a car overnight is reasonably environmentally friendly especially when power is created and not used overnight for example. Plus most of the modern electric cars created today are designed to me far more recyclable that many other cars, in fact the EU mandates it these days. As for the diesel debate, does nobody else notice that horrid stick in your throat feeling when you are walking along a busy road these days. A modern diesel is pretty good but everything pre-EU5/6 is dire by comparison. I suspect the government are going to offer people driving old diesels and incentive to upgrade to a more modern car, but I agree the new car tax rules are pathetic at best.
  17. Why is diesel now so evil?

    But that's bollox though, isn't it - surely you had to charge it up?
  18. Football results today the real statement is a tear jerker
  19. Why is diesel now so evil?

    We had a Leaf for 2 years. It cost nothing to run or park and was surprisingly sprightly. It was not environmentally friendly in any way and will be sat in a Landfill somewhere within the next 5 years.
  20. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Well maybe a little bit. But really just the uninformed, self-righteous ecowarriors. We all know "I drive a Prius" is basically Californian for "Look at me, I'm a better person than you, I'm saving the planet!" No you're not. Drivetribe - What car would you give your worst enemy?
  21. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Oh do feck off. Of course you do
  22. Why is diesel now so evil?

    I should add, I don't necessarily mean to criticise everyone who buys one. They make sense for certain tyes of use. And they are, in one way or another, a stepping stone to the future of motoring. Just don't kid yourself that you're being a mighty ecowarrior.
  23. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Electric cars being "green" is such a load of shit. The flying of components all around the world, the massive amount of energy required to manufacture them and moving the energy used to power them further up the chain is kack. That said, I quite fancy some kind of electro-mobile for buzzing around locally, dropping kids at school etc - because they only cost 1p a mile or something
  24. Football results today

    With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight... Last summer, Ranieri should have ignored the received wisdom of fans and pundits. He should have cashed in on the sale of Vardy and Mahrez when he had the chance and trusted in his ability to build a new team to enjoy the Champions League and consolidate in the Premiership. If he'd done that, which admittedly would have seemed brave to some and stupid to most at the time, he'd still be manager and Leicester would be comfortably in mid-table. And Vardy would have been no better this season at Arsenal than he's been at Leicester.
  25. Football results today

    He managed Leicester to the Premier League title. The Premier League title. I repeat, the Premier League title. The players have been appalling. His signings might not have been brilliant but Leicester have a net transfer spend of under £20 million this season. He wasn't exactly given a huge amount of money to support their defence of the title or Premier League status. Crystal Palace had a net spend of £32 million. He shouldn't have been sacked. He should have at least been given another 4-5 matches. The comparison to Pearson is there for all to see. He did nothing but cause the club endless disciplinary issues. He may have built the backbone of the squad but do people really think he'd have taken them to the title? Nope. Lineker sums it well perfectly for me. The timing is incredible. What's more, as a club they have gone from being everyone's second team to being the most hated team on the planet right now. Well, apart from the club that can't be named, obviously.
  26. Why is diesel now so evil?

    They already are evil to anyone who actually understands anything about them, rather than the gullible morons who've fallen for the publicity.
  27. Football results today

    His starting 11 selections of late have been wrong. As soon as I saw who was starting against Swansea I knew we would lose. He then comes out and says that he has been too loyal to last year's stars and needs to start with other players and plays the same ones again for the next two matches. His signings have been woeful. What he achieved can never be done again by Leicester and I feel terrible for the bloke but it is clear that things aren't working at the moment. Some of that has to be down to the players' attitudes. My personal view is that he should have been moved to an upstairs role. Maybe director of football or something and then a terrier of a manger that barks at players (Roy Keane?) brought in to give them a kick up the arse. Whatever happens, Monday night against Liverpool is going to be interesting. I can see his name being sung throughout the match and maybe even fans turning their backs to the pitch as the players come out....
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