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  2. SPOTY 2017

    Just seen this : Number of Brits who watched the last round of WSB on Eurosport this year: 33,000*Number of Brits who just voted for Johnny Rea in SPOTY: 80,567 To be fair I was one of those that watched all the rounds of WSBK and I still didn't vote for him.
  3. SPOTY 2017

    Results attached - a lot lower numbers than I expected and easy to see how with the motorbike world behind him that Jonathan Rea nearly won. I didn't vote for him and had a few people on a Trackday FB group jump on me. Yes he dominated again but for me the competition wasn't strong enough in WSBK and nor is it the highest level of the sport despite being a World Championship.
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  5. SPOTY 2017

    To him as much as anyone else, apparently. When a last minute campaign in a couple of bike mags swings second place for him, you have to wonder how many people bothered to vote overall. And you never see all the bookies being so ridiculously far off unless something weird's going on. SPOTY has only survived this long because the BBC loves talking about itself so much. I'm absolutely sure there are BBC execs who genuinely believe that sports people cherish a SPOTY award as highly as their professional championships and gold medals. Utterly delusional.
  6. SPOTY 2017

    The motorcycle chap being second ... that was a surprise!
  7. SPOTY 2017

    My trackside chaps
  8. SPOTY 2017

    Who won the award for most creative medical team?
  9. SPOTY 2017

    Also, the fact Jonnie Peacock almost certainly got so many votes entirely as a result of his endeavours on Strictly proves that democracy is vastly overrated in this age of morons.
  10. SPOTY 2017

    I've got a new acronym for this event. BBCSTASOTBBCEFOUWTCTROSVIPOTY BBC Sports That Are Still On The BBC Except For One Unexpected Wildcard That's Clearly The Result Of Some Voting Irregularities Personality Of The Year.
  11. SPOTY 2017

    Good to see Jonathan Rea getting so many votes.
  12. SPOTY 2017

    The Bradley Lowry segment was a tough watch.
  13. SPOTY 2017

    And then Mo will put on is usual final straight sprint, jump over the pair of them and claim the win. Presumably. I'm not watching it, by the way. I'd rather grate my scrotum.
  14. SPOTY 2017

    As I said on feckbook earlier... Froome will look like he’s settling for third then take a massive snort on his ski boot sized inhaler and come storming up the inside, only for Lewis Hamilton to crash into him in the final corner.
  15. SPOTY 2017

    Do you think Froome is in with a shout? Better the news is out now than after the results. With his doubtful salbutamol blood levels for his Asthma on the Spanish Tour... I am surprised how many sports people have Asthma.
  16. I think I might have finally trained YouTube?

    They knew you would give up before them. Don't suppose it will pull a trailer as easily as the Cayenne.....
  18. I think I might have finally trained YouTube?

    That's just the Evil Empire making sure you know who's boss.
  19. I think I might have finally trained YouTube?

    Bugger. Should have posted this in the LoJ where Google aren't watching. The ad for the Google wiretap is back
  20. Father Christmas.....the clutch has gone

    I wonder where he is now?
  21. Father Christmas.....the clutch has gone

    I was there 3 days ago. Not guilty of sabotaging Santa though.
  22. Yesterday
  23. After years of faithfully skipping boring adverts the instant the "Skip Ad" button appears, and more recently actually closing the window and giving up on the whole site as soon as I spot that unskippable ad for the Google wiretap-in-the-home device, they've now twigged. Every single video I've watched for the last few days has been prefixed with this ad. So I let it run to the end every time Want to buy an M5 again now, though
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  25. Golf

    Get out.
  26. Golf

    Par for the course
  27. Golf

    I fücking hate golfists.
  28. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    *sigh* I rarely ever touch my phone in the car. I use Siri for everything and it tells me stuff. Such as "You should know better than to read iPhone related threads from Waylander on TSN".
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