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  2. Venice....any inputs?

    We are going in April. Flights and accommodation booked. Now I know there's lots of classic things to see and do.....but just wondering if anyone has anything else to add - sort of stuff not on the usual tourist hit list? Ta
  3. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    Excellent - no sh*t food for me then
  4. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    I do all my own ironing! But I think the last time I actually ironed anything was about a year ago. 'Non-iron' shirts ftw.
  5. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

  6. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    I'll eat a Big Mac the day anyone finds out that you do any ironing Garcon
  7. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Ross is to return to F1 as MD.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Interesting articles around them wanting to make it much more of an event, keep the traditional circuits, not chase the instant money (e.g. Russia etc), building it up, making it more exciting. A lot of the promises we've heard before so maybe the change will actually come to some good. To be honest I thought it was teetering on the edge of imploding so perhaps there's not much too much as risk. I dunno. Something has to change and with Bernie there it wasn't going to.
  10. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Well for all his pros and cons I'm sorry to see him go. He has been a steady hand on the tiller and F1 has grown even if its direction at times hasn't been as clear as it should. No idea what the new guys are going to want to do, bigger brasher and dumbed down F1 might be on the cars but I hope not. F1 used to be the pinnacle and today I'm not sure it holds itself in quite such high esteem. Maybe if nothing else they can bring a nice sound engine back if nothing else.
  11. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Liberty Media has announced its takeover of Formula One is complete & Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as chief executive by Chase Carey.
  12. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    Sometimes it is possible to detect irony on the internet.
  13. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Lots of F1 'fans' will be overjoyed that their diminutive nemesis has been deposed. They lack the sense and historical knowledge of the sport they're supposedly fans of to be careful what they wish for.
  14. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    i think my sides just split
  15. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    Hope it all turns out Rosie for you...
  16. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    funny how men recognise the name. women never do! thanks anyway
  17. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    F1 run by 'Mericans. It's fecked...
  18. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    /dodgy iPhone cut and paste time/ Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that he has been replaced as the big boss of Formula 1, signalling his exit from the series. The F1 door seems to have been closed on Ecclestone, after he revealed to Auto Motor und Sport that Liberty Media’s Chase Carey has taken over the role of F1 CEO. It brings an end to 40 years in charge for Ecclestone, although the door hasn’t been locked altogether, as he’s been given the role of honorary president. However, he doesn’t actually know what that means. It’s certainly huge news for F1 and signals the start of major changes as Liberty finalises its takeover of the series. Here’s what Ecclestone told AMUS: “I was deposed today. I am simply gone. It’s official. I am no longer the leader of the company. My position has been taken by Chase Carey. “My new position is one of those American terms. It’s something like an honorary president. I have this title now, even though I don’t know what it means.” “My days in the office will be getting quieter now. Maybe I will attend a Grand Prix sometime in the future. I still have many friends in Formula 1, and I still have enough money to afford to attend a race.” It’s now being reported by Autosport that former F1 boss Ross Brawn is set to be appointed in a sporting role, with ex-ESPN chief Sean Bratches tipped to join in a commercial role. Liberty hasn’t formally confirmed Ecclestone’s exit, although it’s expected to be officially announced on Tuesday.
  19. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    You would have thought a soon to return Coronation Street actress and girlfriend of Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair would have a better car than a Golf. It really depends on what the T&Cs of the warranty says and in particular what the exceptions are. It will be the micro switch on the door module as Tipex says. It's one of the many common faults on Golfs of that era.
  20. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    carpets are dry, its been in the garage, they tell me it needs a new central locking mechanism which is really expensive. according to the garage electrics are not covered in the 6 month warranty, if it was engine or gearbox they would fix it but not electrics. is this right? i'm waiting for a call back from trading standards
  21. Almost a new biker....

    Now you tell us!
  22. Almost a new biker....

    Bazza - if you haven't sorted this, drop me a PM. I have close ties to MCE and may well be able to get you hooked up.
  23. Last week
  24. Car wash pain

    MMMMMM Bacon!
  25. Couch commander

    Post apocalyptic. I see what you did there.
  26. Couch commander

    Yeah but it'll be more like a remake of The Road.
  27. Couch commander

    Liked that a lot. I'm sure May is planning something very similar for when her time is up.......
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