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  1. brembo

    There could be dust particles between the disk and pad. This would make a high pitch sound, just like worn out pads. Solution is to remove pads and make sure there are no dust particles or other debrie between disk and pad. Then reassemble. Porsche brakes (made by Brembo) have anti squeel shims. Could also be due to vibration in the brake system. Good luck!
  2. 996 - any advice !

    Point taken, but consider the cost of owning two other Ferraries in order to qualify for the purchasce of an Enzo. I think that cars in general are bad finacial investments. They are, however, a great investment if you consider the enjoyment factor. If you don't factor in the enjoyment buying any car for other than transportation from A to B would be crazy. Driving my p-car is more than just getting from A to B. Its is an event that the Porcshe helps make epic every time.
  3. 996 - any advice !

    Any car is a bad his is a bad investment. If you are looking for a great deal don't buy a car! On the other hand if the car you have been looking for - then by all means go for it. If you are really looking for something else - wait!
  4. 993 V 996

    I'll second Blue. It all comes down to personal preference. Go for a combination of what you're heart desires and your wallet can bear!
  5. Biggest Speaker in Rear Side of A3?

    Had mine out a while back. Put 6,5" and that was no problem. You'll have to build a frame and make it airtight. Can't remember the depth, but I don't think I had all that much more to go on with the 6,5". Anyway, good luck!
  6. 993 V 996

    With the 993 every drive will be an epic event. The 996 is a more civilized beast. Both are fast and great cars, but different character. If the difference for 0 - 60 time is a tenth or two of a second you'll hardly notice.

    First you'll need to remove the seat on the side you want to run the cable. Don't run power and signal cable on the same side! Remove seat base and back. The back comes loose at the hinge. The rear panel can be pulled straight off. Be carefull so you don't brake off the clips. Needs quite a bit of force though. Good luck!
  8. FK that Sportec 996 TT is fast

    Try this link! Pages are in German. Sportec
  9. Stay away from the K&N fileter and the likes. Not much in it and you have the MAF issue to contend with as well. Max 1 - 2 hp at the top end of the RPM scale - not worth the extra risk and cost. I'm not sure what yoy mean when you ask what speed are obtainable below 6,000 RPM. The gearing is not cahnged and the speed at any given RPM will be the same. The rate of RPM climb will be higher with a chip above 3,000 RPM. Below this it might feel a bit slugish. The different manufacturers have different profiles for the chips. This is important when it comes to drivability or seat of the pants feel. Personally I like the even pull to the red line, but some prefer the sledgehamer feeling in a narrow RPM band. Try some different ones and see which chip fits your needs and driving style. Good luck!
  10. 993 V 996

    Had the S3 before I got the 993 C4S. Two very different cars. Don't regret the change at all. If you have the opportunity just go for it.
  11. 993 V 996

    Check this site. Has loads of info on most models. Flat-6.
  12. A3/S3 Brake system

    Oz7 is right. All cross drilled rotors/discs will crcak if overheated. The cast ones have better crack resistance, but will also crack if overheated.
  13. Eek! squeaky rear brakes on S3

    Most probably due to dust/stone chips between brake pad and disk. Remove and clean = problem solved.
  14. Steeringwheel extension

    FVD also has some stuff you might find useful. FVD
  15. A3/S3 Brake system

    Alcon or AP make great discs (probably better than Brembo). They are not drilled, but slotted. One of the benefits of cross drilling is less weight, but if over heated they will crack. AP and Alcon are UK based so it should be possible to find an outlet.