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  1. Spacesaver size with 18" monzas

    Not the case. The 16" too has a 125/70 tyre. Rolling rad is visibly smaller. Chris.
  2. Spacesaver size with 18" monzas

    Mike, what year is your car ? Two friends have 05 plates and both have 18" spares. What do the later cars have ? Chris.
  3. Depressing MKV value

    Assuming both cars are out of warranty or the import has VW extended warranty for the third year, tell me exactly what warrants the imported car being worth 5k less ?? Seems like typical trader talk (bull) trying to slag someone elses car in order to justify theirs. Funny thing is , when I was looking for my GTI two years ago, VW dealers were selling import cars for £500 less than the equivalent UK models. Chris.
  4. Hi all, could someone tell me the size of their spacesaver if they have 18" monzas fitted please ? My car just has the two cans of spray and I wanted to put a spare in there. Friend who works for the local dealer has got me a 16" spacesaver and reckons all the Sciroccos with 18s fitted come with 16" spares. Is this the case with the Golf too ? Any edition 30 owners comment ? Chris.
  5. @JC , I'm with you here. I see no problem asking opinions in the GTi section about tyres , etc. Same with insurance , warranties , etc. Why wouldn't I want to ask fellow owners where they get their tyres from ? On the subject, I have found if you're loyal to a local tyre garage then they can easily beat the likes of black circles and mytyres. Just put a pair of Conti Sport 3 on mine . £120 each all done. Chris.
  6. S3(07) for 19k

    How's he 'just' ordered an RS4 estate then ? Thought they stopped a while ago. Chris.
  7. Pics of my New Ed30

    Yeah, black is a nightmare. Mine could do with James again already. Where in the rhondda you from ? Got a couple of mates from up Ton and treorchy who're into their cars. Chris.
  8. Pics of my New Ed30

    Valley Boy, car looks great mate. Where you from then ? I'm in Merthyr. James detailed mine a few months ago too. Nice job and good guy.
  9. GTI International - June 21/22....

    I'll be there. Probably on Sunday.
  10. Extended Warranty

    With some maps it knocks the flash counter up each time its done. It also does this when the dealers do software updates. With any problem or warranty claim , dealers have to abide by "guided fault finding". VW are , for the most part, lead by the findings of their dealers ( who just want the work flowing ). Although if, when faulty parts are sent back to VW, they find that the part was not faulty or has been misused then they tend not to honour the claim and the dealer has to stump up and then charge the customer. As for looking on forums, imagine the court case (if it went that far). Your honour, we found a few threads on internet forums. I don't think VW or any other manufacturer would base any opinion on something posted on a forum such as this. There is no guarantee that any of this is true. Do you think that when designing the 2.0t engine VW didn't think people would try to tune it via the port ? I don't think they are so naive as to think otherwise. They probably realised how widespread this would be and how difficult it could be to identify and maybe over engineered their components to accommidate ? Partly warranty and longevity and maybe some scope for possible tuning ? Chris.
  11. Cooling fan after re map

    You sure its not just the fans on for the climate control and you've just not noticed it before ? Chris.
  12. Extended Warranty

    No, remap not declared. Why would I ? The dealer isn't going to bother investigating if its mapped or not. My experience is they just want to get the work through the workshop, be it warranty or service. Never had a problem. Do you know anyone or any instance where a warranty claim has been rejected because of a remap ? Chris.
  13. Extended Warranty

    I did this in January. I got the VW extended warranty direct from VW warranty for £439. Unlimited mileage and claims but it must be taken out while the car is still in the 2 yr manufacturers warranty period. Otherwise it classed as a car without a warranty and must have a multipoint check first. The cost will then rise to £680. Chris.
  14. Driver window problems

    Be careful what you do here. I had this about 6 mths ago and a mate at the local dealer got them to change the motors. Trouble is, VW have uprated the motors to overcome the problem of the bounce back, with the side effect of the motors now making a high pitched screaming. I played hell at the dealers and they swapped them for another set. Still the same. After complaining to VW and getting a second opinion from another dealer they are still the same. Mines a 2006 06 and we listened to one fresh off the transporter only to find they were noisier too. VWs response was to just live with it ! If I were you, I would just get them to lube the runners and check the regulators. Whatever you do, don't allow them to swap the motors. Its a nightmare. Chris.
  15. S3 DSG

    I think I'd probably bite the bullet and buy my first ever brand new car if they did this. Chris.