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  1. Started when we go tthe first bad frost but we've now had a few days above 0deg so they should have started working again. There is a tiny spurt when I first ask of them then nothing although I can hear the motor spinning. Rear and headlamp washers work fine. There was plenty of fluid in at a (I thought) a decent level of concentration. Any ideas anyone??
  2. For sale is my 2006MY Suzook. Still competitive, last two meetings has seen it on the podium 3 times including a win at anglesey on sunday. http://www.sbfpics.co.uk/out.php?t=13328_rab4006.jpg 2 keys, all numbers intact and V5 can be obtained (i never changed it to my name to avoid SORNing it every year) Bike is completely straight and runs perfectly producing 172horses. Full Micron system with titanium ultralite can and spare carbon stubby can with removeable baffle (Normal ultralite is normally 102db) Powercommander with custom map K+N filter (just cleaned) New clutch pack and springs Blue silicone coolant hoses New Performance Friction brake pads Monobloc calipers Ktec 25mm fork internal cartridges Ohlins damper Choice of carbon fibre or ally crescent fairing bracket Quick action throttle with new cables and a spare Choice of Pazzo stubby clutch lever or standard Harris clipons Quick release tank pins Carbon tank side panels Choice of superstock or solid superbike seat units Gilles rearsets Ohlins rear shock Harris quick release filler cap 520 chain conversion with spare sprockets Will come with spare standard 17" wheels and discs and a spare pair of discs too Will come with a set of very good condition Dunlop Ntec slicks (proper motorsport jobbies not the cheaper alternative) We are supported by Fuchs Silkolene so the oil and filter are changed after every meeting. Please PM me if you want mor einfo, pics or to come and see the bike, or ring/text to 078 1000 3545 Kev £4400 Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version Name: 1013514031_JTfE3-M.jpg Views: 1 Size: 105.9 KB ID: 37740
  3. Muralitharan

    and he took 160 odd wickets against the awesome Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (Warne took 16) and he's a chucker. Totally illegal action that the World cricket council sh1tout on calling as such. (Not to appear racist or biased, shane warne's ball that goes stright on is probably illegal too)
  4. A must have for BMW owners

    I think that was an hilarious all fools gag. Germanic wit.
  5. i took my a4 1.8t sline for a service and front brake pads replaced. Amongst the things they told me that needed doing were ARB bushes, rear tyres (2mm left and that would get me into trouble with the police apparently. Unfortunately they weren't aware of what i do for a living) one of the rear tyres had a bulge (no sign of the bulge when i replaced the tyre a month later) front discs were badly lipped- i asked why they needed changing as they were above min thickness and the lip was no where near enough to foul with the pad backing... i was met with blank looks. Not impressed at all, they presented me with an estimate of £1350 for work, a new set of pads self fitted and tyres of tinterweb later and she was tickety boo again.
  6. I have had a couple of shoulder injuries, dislocation and rotator cuff from falling off the race bike, takes an age to get right, talking months. Very easy to have set backs too, when you think its getting better it pops again. Very frustrating. good luck fella.
  7. thank you thank you thank you for the bbc radio app. That was tyhe one big thing I missed on the iphone, we have a radio in the office but the grown ups have to listen to the kids R2! Now i can have some proper radio again :-)
  8. as above, on ebay, less than 2 months old. Can supply a used SE w890i phone to go with it if required. bmw snap in phone cradle adapter w890i maybe mini on eBay (end time 29-Nov-09 21:27:51 GMT)
  9. Vosa + plod !

    like checking that stolen, and unroadworthy vehilces are taken off the road, sounds like good work to me. Especially if DSS are there looking for dole claimers who are working too.
  10. we get a lot of our works stuff done there, they seem to be hit and miss. My doris sent hers recently to blue bell wilmslow(BMW repairs workshop) and was very impressed
  11. Thoughts on this illegal number plate?

    first time you get pulled you can get a £60 'gift voucher' from plod, second time DVLA can have the reg plate withdrawn forever inb addition to the fine!
  12. 335i Touring

    doens't help you much but i just picked one up! I was after any 3 or 5 series touring with sat nav and 6 cyl motor and took me ages to find one that was decent. Mine has high miles (48k on a 07plate) but its a peach. My first bimmer and i'm dead chuffed with it. nav, DAB, freeview TV, leather, lec seats, storage packs, factory tow bar (i needed one coincidentally) bluetooth +more. Mines a manual too but would've taken an auto if one cropped up but the manual is ok. Really torquey motor means you can be really lazy and leave it in a high gear and it still pulls well.
  13. My car sold today so looking actively for a 3 or 5 series touring M Sport, preferably still with manufacturers warranty left. Must be black, blue, red, white or dark grey (No silver) and if a 3 series, must have prof nav. Also, must have a 6 cyl motor (not a 523 though). Would prefer a petrol although diesel considered, not fussed if man or slushbox. Anyone know of anything that fits?
  14. A4 DTM in Nogaro blue?

    they did it in the sprint blue which looks similar to noggy...
  15. Suggestions 9k budget for used car

    you could have my A4 190 S-line, 04 plate, lots of extras (PM me if you want a full list and some pics) full Audi history, no scuffs to alloys, 55k 1 previois owner, tidy well looked after motor, misano pearlescent red and still have cash left over from your budget at £8300 Only selling as I need an avant otherwise I'd be keeping it (i drove a B8 version and there is very little difference in the way they drive. The new one has the annoying speed sensitive steering but apart from that mine drives as new!)