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  1. Hello to you all, After a massive shortlist of vehicles I would like to change to, I have chosen the A5. I have had a test drive and very happy with how the car drives etc.. However, I am not looking to buy a brand new A5 and again created a shortlist of ex demonstrators from the Audi UK website. I have had quite a few cars in my time which have always had a manual transmission and a petrol engine. I test drove an S-Tronic 3.0TDI which was quite impressive and with that I would now consider a change of gearbox and engine if need be. My current search is based on a facelifted Grey A5 3.0TDI Quattro S-Tronic but my preference is still with a manual and petrol. I cover on average around 25,000 miles per year which consists of mostly motorway driving so I suppose it makes sense to look at a diesel right? So a few questions I would like to ask are: 1. I do like a car that performs well so would a 2.0TDI with a remap be just as good as a stock 3.0TDI? (I do prefer the exhaust configuration on the 3.0 and there are more 2.0TDI's on the Audi UK site with the spec that I am looking for) 2, Will I see a return vs the petrol with UK diesel prices at a record high? 3. Is it time to ditch manuals and look at the S-tronic or is the manual still a good option in the A5? 4. I have read mix reviews on the B&O sound system and wondering whether to find a car without it. I have upgraded Alpine audio equipment which I can add to the standard A5 system which may be better than the B&O. Is that a good idea? 5. Are there any optional extras that you recommend should be on the car? Thank you in advance.. From a soon to be A5 driver!
  2. Interior Lights Flickering!

    Hello, I have had my Scirocco since November 2009 and had my aftermarket Alpine audio system installed a few days after purchase. I have noticed that the reading lights and footwell flicker when driving. Also, when the windows drop when opening and closing doors there is a quick dim on these lights too. We have disconnected the amps from battery but still notice the flickering. Lastly, if I push my audio system at high volume the dashboard lights dim with the beat of the music and will sometimes shut the car off with a the rev counter & speedometer going wild plus a warning on the dash dsplaying "brake fault return to workshop" or something like that. This problem never occured in my previous VW Golf GTI MK5!! Has anyone else experienced this flickering or can offer any advice? I have taken the car to VW and they said that it is normal for the lights to flicker as the Scirocco has some intelligent recharging system. Is that true?? Thanks
  3. Recommended Car Valet - Aylesbury, Oxford?

    Actually, I was thinking about doing it myself on a Sunday afternoon. Just need to research the best protection products to protect the paintwork against dirt, grime etc, some kind of product to keep my alloys clean and another to keep my exhaust pipes shiny!. Thanks
  4. Hi there, Does any know of a good professional valet company in the Aylesbury, Oxford or High Wycombe area?? I have a new car and want to add protection wax or similar product to protect paintwork, wheels etc Thanks..
  5. Best Paintwork/Leather protection for New Black Car

    Sorry, but after reading that linked post it doesnt answer my question. Anyone else have any suggestions?? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I know this question may have been posted before but I could not find anything (maybe I missed it!!) I am picking up a New Deep Black Metallic Scricco and was trying to find the best protection I can get for the paintwork against dirt, chips etc. Most of my driving will be motorway and with Winter getting close I would like something really good to keep it as clean as possible. I would also be looking for leather protection to protect against potential spillages etc. I have been offered the Autoglym package from my dealer but not sure whether to go with that as I know there are other products out there which may be better. I do not have the time to apply them myself and I would worry about applying incorrectly. Please advise, Thank you...
  7. Re: Would you buy this 330d M Sport??

    I agree, I'm gonna give it a miss!
  8. Hi, I am looking for a 330d and found this: BMW 330d M Diesel Sport for Sale - Pinetree Car Sales » Baglan » Port Talbot but then I found this after buying a BMW in the past from an independant dealer: Pine Tree Motor Cars Ltd Reviews, Car Dealerships, Port Talbot - Yahoo! Local UK The question is, does this car look to cheap for what it is and does the dealer sound dodgy?? Thanks
  9. Alloy advice please...

    Im just looking at the options of getting my crack alloy welded, buy 1 replica, buy 4 replicas or shell at for 4 genuines(which I dont want to do as I am thinking of selling soon)... Thinking of buying 4 as the others are quite scuffed. Maybe weld the damaged one and sell??
  10. Alloy advice please...

    Should I steer clear of replicas??
  11. Alloy advice please...

    Hi there, First and foremost I must say that my Golf GTI that I have had the pleasure of owning for almost 4 years has been nothing but superb!!! Hardly any problems whatsoever since I obtained it in August 2005 with 4000miles on the clock. It has served me well with mainly motorway driving and the mileage is now coming close to 112000miles.. (Anyone here got more miles than me??) Anyway, my reason for posting is that I had the tyre pressure light come on over the weekend and noticed that my front passenger side tyre needed some air. So I topped it up and the next day it had gone right down again!! I took it to my local tyre centre and they noticed that I had a crack in the wheel and this is where the air is escaping. Now the problem I have is that I am going to sell my beloved GTI very soon and didnt want to shell out £800 (as quoted by the tyre guy) for 4 new alloys. So, is it possible to get just one Monza 2 18' diamond cut or do I have to buy the full set?? Also, should I look at replicas or not? Lastly, the 4 that I have already are quite scuffed/kerbed and replacing with one brand new one would look pretty naff!! Your advice would be appreciated...
  12. Hi, I am having the same problem. Got a service booked in this Saturday and will raise the issue. How many miles do you have on the clock and age??
  13. Ok, I suppose I can get that done when I do the tyre change. Thanks
  14. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone here knew what my problem could be. I have an 05 Golf GTI and since last month I have noticed vibration from the steering wheel when I accelerate from 65mph and above. There isnt any vibration when cruising at motorway speeds, only when I put my foot down. Any ideas?? I also know that my front tyres are due for a change and dont think this could be the reason why. Lastly, while i'm on the subject of a tyres. I am replacing my Yokohama Advants and was wondering are they good tyres and if anyone knows of a good supplier in the Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire area?? Thanks alot!!