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  1. In this order wenger mourinho Redknapp and is the real poll
  2. Carbonfibre Vented Bonnet...

    West Bay! That brings back memories
  3. White GTi's

    [ QUOTE ] coxster [/ QUOTE ]
  4. Cheapest import

    but.... ALL vw's are imports.
  5. Hotmail account hijacked by psycho!

    Get the court order, this guy has got serious mental issues. Look if he had gone " cad you've taken my girl SLAP SLAP PUNCH..." thats a primative testosterone charged male ego, having a knee jerk reaction. This is something very different he needs help.
  6. Is this really 9 years down the drain?...

    You are owed big time, so things can be made even in your mind. Ask her for a threesome with her best looking girl mate, tell her this will put your mind at rest and all is forgiven.
  7. Golf MKVI - More details in Auto Express

    yeh... tyrpical auto express, need to fill pages
  8. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] As white is not a colour that is the only reason red can make that claim [/ QUOTE ] white is actually composed of three primary colours... [/ QUOTE ] hmmmm that depends on whether the colour is from subtractive light or additive light
  9. [ QUOTE ] I can only suspect that the car probably sustained some sort of transport damage and has now been fixed. the real question is, do you really want a MY05 car with an 07 plate? [/ QUOTE ] My thoughts exactly, I mean if you know exactly (the truth) what happend to the car, you can make up your mind, and bargin them right down
  10. I would ask some questions, like why has it been sat about? This could be a car that was refused buy a german customer etc...!
  11. IMHO If the s3 had the dsg option then that would be the car. Whenever I have seen them they don’t stand out shouting. I think the ED30 would be a real fun car once chipped (same engine and turbo as the s3, different map). Front wheel drive can be a lot of fun, just change your driving style to accommodate it. I’m a Turbo fan, so larger aspirated engines aren’t my thing and that would rule out the R:. Each to there own!
  12. Cheapest import

    try or in hull, cheap imports large volume
  13. love these gti adverts

    Check out these links from (credit where credit is due) LeMan your going to love these the most.... linky
  14. Just typed "gti" into wikipidia and it came up ALL volkswagen gti definition link
  15. GTI encyclopedia definition

    "GTI Edition 30 To mark the GTI's 30th anniversary, Volkswagen produced a limited edition Golf GTI. Changes over the standard model include a tweaked engine, producing 30bhp more than found in the 2-litre FSI engine it shares with the standard GTI. Slight changes to the body work include modified spoilers and body colored bumpers, with a return for the golf ball shaped gear stick knob inside. The seats are also decked out in a distinctive leather and Interlagos fabric mix, with red stitching added to the leather-covered steering wheel. Finally, 18-inch 'Pescara' alloy wheels finish of the car's unique features, replacing the black rims seen in the concept model. 1,500 will be available in the UK, with the first models expected to hit the roads in January 2007" So whos are going to step forward to edit this, think they need to be put right on the emgine? Snoopy/redrobin where are you...
  16. Bulbs for Gti

    Osram silver stars. I think thats how they are spelt. also philips do a simular bulb
  17. I can rember reading some of those, during the long wait for my car.
  18. End of the world (flash)

    ammused me! LINKY
  19. ST vs GTi

    ok here you go a definition enjoy... BOY RACER
  20. Select Automotive

    Can recomend these chaps as being an honest lot click here
  21. So the 2006 mkv Gti has ecu software allowing 200ish bhp. This is compared, apparently, with the 2007 mkv Gti that has updated ecu software allowing 220ish bhp. It is being said “compression was dropped from 10.5 to 10.3, the GTI engine was updated in the late 2005 (November IIRC) affecting cars delivered in the early 2006.” The consensus is we all take our 2006 mkv Gti’s to the dealers with a mythical ecu problem, get the ecu re-loaded with the new 2007 software, and drive away 20 bhp the better. Is this true, should we be forming an orderly line at the dealers? link from uk-mkiv's
  22. Thats a pain, sorry to hear this. Only accept "like for like" all your extras. Free legal advice from your insurances lawyers should not affect your ncb.
  23. golf value?

    [ QUOTE ] Turns out you are right, I have a late 06 car, not an early 06, or indeed early 07. I read on here that the MY changes were 'new' when I ordered... bloody tyresmoke! Anyway its still an 06 car, so I've not lost or gained anything! [/ QUOTE ] Ahhh maybe you have lost something! Maybe 20bhp if we ever get to the bottom of the Gti my2007 urban myth. My best advice is to get to the Amd rolling road day with..... OliH - Revo SiBurt - AmD Stage 3 Stevie_d - Standard RedRobin - Standard + Milltek Hi-flow + CAI
  24. golf value?

    [ QUOTE ] yours is one of the last MY06 cars, my MY06 car with 06 VIN was supplied in Sept 05. [/ QUOTE ] x2
  25. golf value?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] MY06 orders started 29 April 2005 first MY06 cars started arriving at dealers about second week June 2005. [/ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't MY06 cars start in April 06... (not 05 as you've put). The reason I think this is correct is that I have one of the first MY06 cars with silver radio button, dark headline etc, which I collected on May 6th 2006. [/ QUOTE ] MY06 started order April 2005 MY07 started order April 2006 check your VIN to see what model year it is its the tenth diget either a 6 or 7. Yours sounds like it may be a MY07 as it has the silver radio buttons (not knobs but buttons), maybe also Green tinted glass instead of Blue? etc, yours sound like it maybe a very early MY07 as my local dealers did not get to see MY07s till start June this year. MY things is a bit confusing at times. [/ QUOTE ] x2