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  1. Just looking at replacing my car and for various reasons safety is on my agenda now more than ever, and I can't see in any of the Audi literature how many and what type of air bags the new moel TT has. VW Golf Mk5 onwards and Scirocco have driver , passenger , seat side plus curtains both sides. TT only seems to have driver passenger and seat side. Is that correct? Surely it can't be worse than lower models in the VAG family?
  2. Anyone on here an MOT tester?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, for the record, man at VOSA agrees, NOT a failure, so in discussion with garage now re recovery of my excess costs and time to prove.
  3. Anyone on here an MOT tester?

    I've had to pay for fitting new ones, no point in going back, point is, did I need them in the first place?
  4. Anyone on here an MOT tester?

    I was rather stuck, as the car was in for a service and MOT, and the previous MOT had expired. I wasn't worried about the marks (which I knew about) as it had passed the previous MOT with them. I was forced to have them change the disks and get a new ticket that day. I could take the disks to another MOT station but I'm not sure what sort of response they would give. Brembo have replied and said they think the mark was made by using a screwdriver to seperate the pads, but the marks feel too deep for that.
  5. Anyone on here an MOT tester?

    The fact there are 2 distinct , and seperate marks marks me agree with you somewhat. I've had a cracked disk many years ago from a binding caliper causing overheating, and you can clearly tell when it's a crack. I agree that it's best not to have bad brakes but, this to me is just a surface mark.
  6. Recently my car failed it's MOT on a supposed 'cracked brake disk'. perhaps someone could take a look at the pictures attached and advise if they like me agree that this doesn't look like a cracked disk to me, and shouldn't have failed it's MOT. The disks are good quality brembo items and I've asked them for a view aswell. Disks have done about 4000 miles only, pads, barely worn. Is this really a failure item these days? Or has the garage been on a work creation exercise? The disk is a vented item, and the mark is on the outer edge of the disk. The disk on the other side had a smaller similiar mark. Thanks for your thoughts,
  7. I just had my radiator replaced on a car just over 3 years old with 28K miles ( no damage, just started leaking) , build quality isn't what it should be on these. It's a shame as they are such good cars to drive.
  8. On a 2002 model 2.0 petrol GTI engine (8v) 115bhp , can you change the spark plugs without removing the air intake plastic piping above? What is the correct VW way to change these? or are their special tools to do this? Also how common is either a vacuum servo brake hose or cam position sensor failure? thanks
  9. First Test Drive....

    I'm really interested in this comment that VW will not let them discount. I'm not a legal expert but I think as they don't own the dealers they cannot legally enforce a sale price, it's up to the dealer how much they want to make on a car. They can determine a RRP, but not dictate to dealers how much they sell at. It's the equivalent of price fixing.
  10. OK thanks, has anyone adjusted this? or the on time?
  11. ECU problem

    The ECU is under the plastic cover between the engine and windscreen once you've opened the bonnet. To change it you will need to have it reprogrammed to match the imboliser and keys etc.
  12. HI, A numbr of people have told me it's possible to adjust the sensitivity of the autolights on a Mk5 Golf with VAG.COM but no one has been able to confirm what setting need to be changed? Do we have anyone on here that has sucessfully adjusted the sensitivity or the time they stay on once they come on? If so, what settings need to be changed please? thanks
  13. The GTI and the future VED increases

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Thanks for the links guys. So where would the R32 2003 go? Really confused right now. EDIT - sorry being thick here. Band F it would be. [/ QUOTE ] Actually at 286 it is Band G then Band M ! Like the "examples" of + 255 - "Land Rover Sport Auto 3.6 TDV8 (diesel), Porsche Cayenne 6-speed, BMW X5 series E70" seem to have forgotten the 2.0 litre A4, 335i, Citroen C8 2.0, Ford S-Max 2.3, Mazda 3 MPS, Peugeot 807 2.0, Skoda Superb 1.8, Astra 2.0i, etc... [/ QUOTE ] It's only cars after 2006. G Over 225 – for cars registered on or after 23/03/06 £400.00 £220.00 [/ QUOTE ] Your correct it WAS band F, but mew band will be M, so jumps to over £400 becuase the banding change is backdated to 2001. The backdating part is the worst part of the change I think, becuase people had made investment decisions in cars prio to the 2006 cut off, now, thats been changed to 2001.
  14. ask them about versions of the mirror software too, I had loads of issues until they updated the mirror sw about a year ago, been 100% since then
  15. Cost of Service

    not all services are the same, make sure you know what you are getting, a simple time distance oil change is cheapest, then long life, then long life with inspection ( often at 2 years old point), then brake fluid change is typically extra at 2 years. So basically you can't compare the above prices directly as they almost certainly got different types of service. My longlife service with 2 year inspection and brake fluid change was 270 all in. Probably not the cheapest but they did it when i wanted it , and gave me a hire car in that price, and followed my instructions not to wash etc.