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  1. oettinger A3....

    I wasn't a fan of the Audi A3, or even S3, until I saw this: Sportback 2.0T FSI (same as my GTI), 235 bhp (more available), quattro, DSG, 5-door, and superb styling . If this car had been available when I bought my GTI, I may very well have been driving an Audi now . It's also featured in the latest (second) issue of "Performance Tuner" magazine. Enjoy!
  2. Cosmetic mod....

    Thanks to biturbo for the pic taken at yesterday's Windsor meet . So, spot the mods [if you've got nothing better to do!] - 2 different mods and both purely cosmetic, dahlings . Detail pics will get posted when I've taken some.
  3. New Golf GTI Performance Edition: 0 to 161MPH

    Yeah, my Mk5 GTI's OEM speedo reads 100mph when I am doing 86mph via GPS (tested on both RoadAngel and PogoAlert). VW offered to replace the unit but wouldn't guarantee better than a 10% margin of error so I didn't take up their offer. The Mk7 GTI Concept at Worthersee. It'll go the same way as the Mk5 W12 GTI did - Just a design exercise to grab attention but very exciting. ^ Rumour is that the engine will be used in production - Mk7 Golf R?
  4. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    VW have at last acknowledged that there is a rust problem on wings. It is brought about by foam pads being fitted on the Mk5 diesel Golfs in order to help deaden sound. However, these pads absorb moisture which in turn promotes/encourages rust. The wings are common to petrol versions of The Golf. If anyone wants a Volkswagen PDF (it's an internal document I have got hold of) on the subject as backup, then email me 'redrobinmusic @ dsl . pipex . com' and I will email it to you. Most VW dealers are now up to speed with this problem. It's not a recall and it's not a warranty issue. Howver, if you car has already had paint applied aftermarket to the wings, it won't qualify for free repair. Age doesn't matter. This was mine....
  5. 'Women lack the mental skill for F1'

    What about Susie Wolff? Did anyone see the BBC2 docu about her F1 test with Williams last night? In DTM she was faster than David Coulthard.
  6. 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

    Webber has a 3 place grid drop penalty for Bahrain - He really did have the worst weekend possible in China. More action in only just a week.
  7. David Coulthard to retire from motor racing

    ....I don't wish to pay to watch Sky TV. The feckin' BBC TV licence is legal robbery in my opinion anyway. Apparently it's a criminal offence not to pay it - How do they justify that!?
  8. David Coulthard to retire from motor racing

    ....He's professional. He commentates far better now than when he started and does bring lots of insight as an ex F1 driver. However, he is very lacking in charisma. If he has never done/said anything 'bad' then that probably contributes to his lack of charisma. I don't dislike him but I just find him very dull. Even Kimi Raikkonen has more charisma (just!).
  9. Nissan Deltwing is "Attacked in Atlanta"

    ....Then perhaps I need to have another, closer, look at the vid. Was it a race or a trackday? If it was a race, then yes every driver is full-on going for every opportunity. But if a trackday, the Nissan driver should have anticipated other drivers more. Just my opinion. Anyway, like most Nissans, the Deltawing is fugly! EDIT: Having looked at the vid more closely I still think that the Nissan driver did not leave enough room for the Porsche and could easily have done so. :buttcheeks:
  10. David Coulthard to retire from motor racing

    Very odd chap is DC. He can obviously drive well enough but has never shown the talents needed to be a consistent winner. I've always been expecting him to come out as a gay - It wouldn't matter at all if he was gay but his very prim and proper manner screams gay. He has loosened up a bit as a F1 race commentator and his knowledge adds value to TV race commentary but his grid walk interviewing is wooden. What are we going to do without Jake Humphries? :notworthy:
  11. Nissan Deltwing is "Attacked in Atlanta"

    Look at that video again, guys - I reckon the Nissan driver is not entirely blameless. If he knew the circuit (and if he didn't know the circuit then he should have been taking it slower) he would know that the green Porsche driver was going to run out of road and face the concrete bridge support (bad circuit design to leave that unprotected anyway). The Porsche driver wasn't given any choice but to move right to avoid the bridge and there was plenty of room for the Nissan driver to move right to allow the Porsche space at that speed. Actually, I entirely blame the Nissan driver for forcing his way and running the Porsche out of track. It was avoidable. Regardless of whether the Nisan Deltawing is a clever design or not, its driver was seriously out of order.
  12. My new car!

    This could be a classic thread! :notworthy:
  13. Japanese Grand Prix

    I thought Webber's comment about Grosjean was very witty: "Perhaps we should have one start for Grosjean and one for the rest of us" (or words to that effect) Grosjean did look genuinely very sorry indeed after the race. Seb Vettel was on form both on and off the track. He has a great sense of humour and started writing on Jake's shirt. He's a great guy and although I'm a Ferrari fan rather than Red Bull, Seb would be a very worthy world champion again. I was particularly glad that Felipe Massa got a podium after so long and that he opened up to how badly he had felt about it for so long. Also, it has been even more difficult for him mentally having such a talented teammate as Alonso. Did anyone see the Lee McK interview with Lewis in Saturday's Quali prog? - Lewis Hamilton And a great and popular podium for Kobayashi
  14. Highways Agency hitting motorists with big bills....

    ....Makes having an incident on the Nordschleife look cheap! Technically that's a 'public road' but........ under private management.
  15. Schumacher retires

    ....He's rather like you, Chris! I often disliked you in your previous regular TsN life and *********** days (or whatevever it was called), but you are a changed man this time around I agree with what you have posted about Schumi.
  16. Speed cameras on the M1 and M42

    I hate driving on the M42 as my PogoAlert quite rightly alerts me to the presence of speed cameras (although I can see the gantries anyway) and so bleeps and warns every few hundred yards. Plus those drivers who speed up and brake before each gantry instead of just maintaining a steady speed. So instead of driving up the M5 onto the M42 across to the east, I drive A34 > A43 > M1 to reach Nottingham just to avoid the M42 gantries. On the section of M1 I use there are very few gantry cameras.
  17. BMW Test Driver Killed

    Very nasty looking crash. I hope his death was instantaneous.
  18. Speed Camera Lottery

    ....I agree. I just don't have a lot of faith in the UK authorities adopting such an idea. But I would love to be proved wrong.
  19. Speed Camera Lottery

    I wouldn't describe it as "fun" but it's a great idea and is very positive . People tend to be much keener when there is a financial incentive. I expect that the UK authorities will argue that they shouldn't have to give away money as a reward for doing what they should be doing anyway.
  20. RIP: Prof Sid Watkins

    Seb Vettel did a good thing to dedicate his Singapore GP win today to 'The Prof'. I stood up in front of the TV for the one minute's silence during the BBC1 coverage - It was the least I could do.
  21. New F1 Safety Car: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

    Thanks, Andy! DC delivered a nice review. It's a very nice car and sounds absolutely glorious :notworthy: I always listen out for that low exhaust music when the Safety Car is out on F1 races. For Mika's vid I took your advice and pumped up the bass on my studio mixer and also switched the Mackie 400w stage monitor into the mix! Mika smiles so much more than Kimi doesn't he! I also, as always, enjoyed the smiling babes. It's only Rock-n-Roll but I like it!
  22. Jake off to BT Vision in 2013

    Has Claudia Winkleman ever even gone to a race? Even as a spectator? How about that brunette ex racing driver who often co-hosts at Goodwood FoS? She is a genuine enthusiast who probably knows a thing or two about cars and racing. I can't remember her name.......
  23. Jake off to BT Vision in 2013

    Hopefully that was before he started his relationship with his current absolutely gorgeous (in my opinion) and delightful Japanese girlfriend Jessica Mishibata.
  24. Jake off to BT Vision in 2013

    Are we then led to think that she drinks from the furry cup?
  25. Jake off to BT Vision in 2013

    ....So she qualifies for the TsN MILF thread then. I think Kimi is holding down a hard-on in that pic I posted. But seriously, do we know who might step into Jake's shoes yet? Or is it really the end of all BBC coverage of F1 after this season finishes?