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  1. About to remap ECU..nervous newbie.

    It's a no-win situation for us Northern Irelanders... Although I was with Admiral last year (and Elephant this year) so I don't quite follow why you said: [ QUOTE ] And before anyone says it, nealry all the insurance companies you guys use including admiral do not operate in Northern (treasure) Ireland. [/ QUOTE ] I have a 330d and wanted to get a tuning box for an extra 30 hp and it would have taken my insurance from 750 up to in excess of 1200 quid (can't remember exact figures). It's pathetic. They want us to tell them about mods but they don't want to insure us when we have them! What's that all about? I could probably insure an M3 for less... I've heard other people on the mainland get away with 50 quid increases so what gives??? The daft bint at Elephant (who are also Admiral) had the cheek to tell me it was because it makes the car more desireable to thieves... Let me know if you've any luck! Must be renewal time soon..... I hope!
  2. Nero and XP SP2

    Since installing my SP2, it warns me when starting Nero that there are "compatibility issues" and to visit the Nero website (hmmm, don't think they'd upgrade a ripped Nero 6 though...). However, I've burnt a few VCD & SVCDS and some Nero image files and had no difficulties... yet....
  3. Distributed Computing Projects

    [ QUOTE ] I would, but my PC is busy running the United Devices cancer research program . I'm not being entirely altruistic however: I get 2GB free downloads from Easynews for every 15 days! [/ QUOTE ] 2? I've been running with easynews & United Devices for a couple of years and only ever got 1GB per 15 days... Although I had 14 machines in my last office running it so pretty much 1GB every day...
  4. You made a good choice there, let me know what you think of the difference in the headphones - a mate of mine bought the H140 and got them to throw in a pair of M500's and we both played about and to be honest... the iRiver's own headphones gave a better sound! He was as surprised as I was and never uses the M500s now as they didn't have as much top-end clarity as the bundled jobbies. I had heard somewhere that the iRivers were re-branded Sennheisers anyway. Bought mine from advancedmp3players as well...
  5. Apple launch new iPod

    [ QUOTE ] Yup - shame nobody wants to make car install packs for anything other than IPods though [/ QUOTE ] That's cos Apple won the marketing war... it was easy... they threw loads of money & branding at it, iRiver have a useless marketing department. It's hard to believe iRiver are the 2nd biggest mp3 player manufacturer in the world given how many people have heard of them in comparisson to the iPod... [ QUOTE ] Unless one exists for the IRiver? [/ QUOTE ] No, not to the best of my knowledge , I manage with a cassette adapter and a phone cradle to hold it somewhere useful.
  6. Apple launch new iPod

    Cor, that's really good, another 25 quid off, upping the battery power to 16 hours, adding an FM tuner, including support for WAV, WMA & OGG and it'll be almost as cool as the iRiver H-140 ... except of course, it's white
  7. BMW 320d

    DSC only became standard late in 2000, not sure what month, but my 330d was manufactured in March 2000 and it only has ASC... and is a bit (a lot!) of a handful on wet roundabouts in practically any gear... Although it may help if I actually put some new rear tyres on it.. but where's the fun in that
  8. urgent: best site to get good online 330d quote?

    Aren't BMW UK still offering 3 years free servicing with all diesels? Best take that into account when considering the import....
  9. There's a very simple option if you're not looking oodles of power and just want a better sound. The Sony Sound-On-Top system is very very good for not much dosh neither (around the 100 quid mark). It consists of a wiring loom you buy from Connects2 ( but there's not much info there, give 'em a call) plus a four channel Sony amp - will have to look out model details but it's fairly compact and will sit under the glove box without you even knowing it's there. HUGE improvement over the stock system. Try over at BMW Land where a few of us have done this mod and there's some threads there detailing the bits you need. Good luck!
  10. Front Projector Connections

    The TW100 is out of production (or so it says at projector central). That Optoma is 4:3 and not really a home cinema projector it also may be a bit noisy? I've just bought a Sony VPL-HS3 and it's pretty damn good for the money, it's got composite, S-video, component and VGA inputs (through a proprietary multi-pin connector). I was gonna go for DLP but was advised by many shops to stay away from them unless spending reasonably big money (3.5k+ for a SharpVision that was excellent). The LCD's produce better quality images in the low-med price range.
  11. New Ipod install woes

    *ahem* can I direct Sir towards the iRiver counter.... (and eBay for your current acquisitions.... )
  12. Slow Hotmail

    It's not just mails from btconnect accounts is it? Over the past few years, the only mails I've found consistently slow are from btconnect mail accounts... I've had to wait up to 3 weeks for one!!! Looking at the message header, it just got lost in the ether somewhere... and finally surfaced in my account some 20 days after it was sent! Beat that! But I've seen this happen from more than one btconnect user so it wasn't just a single gremlin...
  13. Ipod - which one?

    [ QUOTE ] I hope the sector becomes more competitive, as good a IPod is, I can't help thinking it could be so much better.. [/ QUOTE ] This really confuses me ! There are PLENTY of alternatives to the iPod, and plenty of reasons to buy them - from better audio, support of more file formats, recording, radio, proper line level outputs, cheaper, etc, etc... And not just the iRiver iHP series, there's the Rio Karma's, the Creative Zen Jukebox, the others mentioned here... they all have their plus points depending on what you want from your gadget. It just takes people to think about what they are buying and why rather than going with the most hyped (and best distributed) unit. iRiver are actually the 2nd largest mp3 player manufacturer in the world, just behind Apple and ahead of Creative Labs yet people still say "who?" when I mention them
  14. Strange mail...

    Problem solved... well kinda... Turns out MyDynamicIP, a shareware program for keeping DNS entries aligned with the wandering IP address my ISP gives me, was sending out mails. Not sure why, and as I'm not using it anymore I just stopped the service running at startup (til I work out if I need it!). Finally found it with TDIMon (From Sysinternals, cheers Chris!) and left the PC on for the day... it was definitely doing something that was making Outlook send out a mail although I can't see the text of it using that application. So, no virus, no trojan, just good ol' shareware probably telling the author I hadn't paid yet...
  15. Ipod - which one?

    Colin, all I can say is in yer mitts it feels extremely nice. Very well put together, good design, nothing flimsy about it at all and exceedingly light. Some people have criticised the "hold" slider but I can't see anything wrong with it and I'd be fussy like that.. [ QUOTE ] The T3 review of the iRiver was not very glowing.....3star vs the 5star of the iPod. I've only ever seen one jukebox beat the iPod in a review, i seem to remember it was made by creative....mivo or something. [/ QUOTE ] Hmm, haven't seen that one but here's the IGN review: IGN Review (They show the black one in the pics, I *think* that's a US version, the UK one (or at least my one!) is a brushed aluminium kinda finish). Comments at DooYou are very favourable And PC Mag quick summary and liked it... etc. etc. At the end of the day it's down to personal preference of course. The obvious choice just wasn't the right one for me as I wanted a lot more than just headphone playback of a restricted set of file types and wasn't interested in paying extra for the image factor. Anyways, each to their own. Buy what feels right