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  1. Any suggestions, anybody?
  2. I have been wondering about upgrading the RNS-D (with Bose) on my 2001 S8 with an aftermarket double din unit - Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood or whatever - with DAB and bluetooth. A local car audio fitter today told me that these aftermarket units were incompatible with the Bose system and that the only way of doing it was to install separate DAB and bluetooth modules, the fitting cost of which alone would be several hundred pounds, and to continue using the existing RNS-D system. Is this really right? The car's rather long in the tooth and I'm reluctant to spend what would be a significant proportion of its value. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  3. Battery matters

    I think I have changed the battery twice since I got the car in 2005, but haven't done anything as drastic as cutting the boot panels. I don't remember having a problem with the nuts, but rather with lifting it in and out within a confined space: you need strong fingers. It seemed to keep getting stuck, or else dropped into the slot with a battery lead stuck behind it so that I had to take it out again. I eventually managed it with trial and error. Perhaps there is some knack, but I didn't find out what it was!
  4. Battery matters

    I have replaced the battery on my 2001 S8 D2 (which I imagine has the same battery set up as the 2002 model) and didn't have to reprogramme anything except to put the code in the Navigation+ system after I connected the new one. One thing I do remember is that getting the battery in and out was quite awkward, and required a certain amount of perseverance.
  5. Key jammed - Audi S8 2002 model

    This may be completely unrelated, but a while back I had an intermittent problem with my 2001 S8 where I couldn't put the gear lever into reverse. It turned out to be caused by water having got into the the big black plastic box containing the various control units (just forward of the windscreen on the passenger) side and caused one of the connectors to corrode and disintegrate. I wonder if one of the units in there controls the mechanism which stops the key being removed and whether you might have a similar problem. Apologies if this is a red herring.
  6. Disabling Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    In case it's of interest to anyone else, I tried the suggestion from the other forums and it worked. I.e.: "Address 17 - Instruments Adaptation Channel 61 Default: 3843 Subtract 512 to remove TPMS = 3331" The value for my car under channel 61 was 768, not 3843, so I subtracted 512 and reset it to 256, and Bob's your uncle, the TPMS is disabled and the yellow warning has gone!
  7. The battery on one of the wheel sensors on my 2001 S8 (D2) ran down a while back and so I switched off the system via the DIS menu as it's not worth buying a replacement. Now the control unit has packed up too, and I have a permanent yellow warning displayed in the DIS which I can't get rid of using the menu. I have found some posts on other forums re other models which suggest that the TPMS can be disabled using VCDS (Vag-Com), but I haven't managed to find anything specific to this model . Can anyone offer any help on this please?
  8. Thanks very much, both, for your good advice. I'll sit tight and see if I really need them.
  9. I have a 2001 Facelift S8. With a prospective move to the North, I have been toying with the idea of acquiring a second set of wheels and winter tyres. I'd appreciate any guidance on sizes and types of wheel/tyre. I had been assuming that I could just get a second set of wheels the same as or similar to the existing 18 inch ones (the current tyres are 245/45 R18 96Y). But the owner's manual says that the only approved winter tyre size is 225/55 R17, which presumably means that I would have to get 17 inch wheels. This seems surprising as I would have thought that it would be normal just to change the tyres without buying new wheels. Can anyone shed any light on what size wheels to get? I'd also appreciate any comments on whether winter tyres are actually worthwhile. Thanks Jim
  10. S8 Wheels

    I used to have a black Impreza which came with standard gold wheels, but my wife made me change them for silver ones!
  11. Intermittent Headlight Level Warning

    I had this sort of problem a couple of years ago on my 2001 S8. I cured it fairly easily by replacing a level sensor (part no. 4B0907503A) which if I recall rightly was somewhere around the top of the passenger side wheel arch. In 2010 the part cost just around £70.
  12. Boot latch problem with 2001 D2 S8

    The problem was the micro-switch in the boot lock mechanism. I replaced the part for about £35 and now all is fine.
  13. Boot latch problem with 2001 D2 S8

    Thanks, I have tried that, but it hasn't solved it.
  14. Since a recent journey when I perhaps slightly over-packed the boot, the "boot open" warning stays on all the time even though the boot is firmly shut. Also the alarm does not seem to set when I lock the car using the remote (the indicator lights don't flash and the red lights on the doors don't blink). I gather from the manual that that happens if the boot is not shut. In addition none of the lights inside the boot come on when I open the boot (which seems contrary). Can anyone suggest what the problem is? I'd be grateful for any help.
  15. Thanks for all of the comments. I was instinctively hesitant, but thought that I had read something on here in the past about someone recharging the battery via the lighter socket when they couldn't get into the boot becasue the battery was flat, and so thought that maybe it was OK.