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  1. LITTLE F**K**S

    Thanx for the help....and sympathy guys!
  2. LITTLE F**K**S

    I don't know how or where, but some little prick stole the chrome gti badge from the front of my car!Unbeknown to the idiot v.w. have actually safety fastened the mk5 badges beacause of idiots like him. Therefore to remove the badge, you have to pop the hood, unscrew the grill and unlatch the badge from behind (apparently). Whoever it was decided it would be easier just to snap it off..ofcourse making it of no use to him or me! There are fools out there, so make sure you choose where you park her carefully!VW are also cheap... they are charging me around £80 to get it replaced!...THIS WORLD!!
  3. New Pics With Tints.

    Looks amazing!..just wandering if you could pm me too!?...We have similar tints..think mine are 35% all round though!
  4. Anyone regretting spraying rear bumper?

    It definitely depends on what colour your G.T.I is..and if you go the whole 9 yards too!For example i think the colour coded rear valance on a black G.T.I looks awesome...but not so much on a red one. Also...Red's modified rear end looks awesome (better than just colour coding it)!
  5. OK! I knew the G.T.I. was good..BUT THIS!!!

    Made me laugh! Y'all have me all wrong!I'm not saying the G.T.Iis direct competition for a flippin DB9!..All im congratulating my lovely car the fact that it didn't go down without a fight!..wher most other hatchbacks wouldhave thrown in the towel!Granted he might not have been trying..but i like to think that he was surprised..i was!
  6. OK! I knew the G.T.I. was good..BUT THIS!!!

    Dont get me wrong...the Aston is a bloody quick car and it did have us!But it was the fact that we could keep up after being fed dust! Noel Edmunds was drivng!
  7. OK...was cruising up to bath via the M5 last week from exeter!...when i noticed a lovely Aston Martin DB9 which had been trailing me since the centre of town. The road opened up and by god this Aston moved!...As it zooomed past a friend and i noticed that lo and behold little Noel Edmunds was perched (with pillows no doubt) at the steering wheel of this lovelely aston! Exited..i put the pedal to the metal too whislt shouting "DB9 vs VW G.T.I. Deal or No Deal?!!" fourth gear, my dear baby replied with a glorious miltek growl and was up Noel's chuff in the blink of an eye!DEAL!!...We saw him look in his rear view thinking "what the!?!?!?"...Now both cruising about 110- 120 mph..Noel put his foot down further, i anticipated this and was already foot flat! GOD was he surprised... I've never taken her to her limit, but at 140 mph she was only at 5,000 revs...eventually Mr.Edmunds exited the M5 at bristol ( probably to film the show)and gave me a flash of apreciation I can't wait to get her chipped.. It's true what they say...THIS CAR DEMANDS RESPECT!
  8. Love my GTI...

    [ QUOTE ] .... Mine really is totally vibration free and rock solid and no glue/adhesive is used. PM me if needed. [/ QUOTE ] HAHA!Red!(long time no speak)! I read your post without reading what it might be in reference to and began to get a tad worried! Are bits starting to fall off in your old age??i thought!haha I think black would definitely look best, also i still havnt had any niggles with my baby yet (fingers crossed)..the only thing i am dissatified with is the sound system!I can't seem to get the right balance between bass and treble..the result is cracked sound anywhere above half the volume limit! I thought i had a few vibrating parts after i had my tints fitted...but they seem to have stopped!maybe it was my sunglasses in the overhead compartment!
  9. 17's Look Weedy on a GTi

    You probably look weedy in a G.T.I..but no one else is complainig!
  10. 237 Bhp GTI

    The way i see it..too much power will kill what the GTI has ressurected for..and that's its handling!!Something so amazing could eeeeasily be spoilt....i love mine the way it is thank you Mr.VW power upgrade man!
  11. New Wheels!!

    You are so right..the 17" monzas do not do the gti justice....they are a waste...good job changing though!i like your new wheels!
  12. Auto wipers...

    When you flick the stalk up once from the off position..there should be only one sway of the wipers..letting you know that the setting has been activated
  13. GTI vs VXR

    Great Review...almost made me want to drive one!
  14. Age of GTI owners

    im 19
  15. Factory Sucker marks on windscreen?

    I noticed these earlier on in the week!..apparently they arent sucker marks at all....some source told me that they are extremely thin wiring receptors lazered into the windscreen..apparently they are what allows the car to know if and how hard it is raining and not the black receptor on the other side of the rear view mirror...!?!?!?!?!