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  1. X5

    couldnt agree more. Deffo looks like a bigger X3 especially the front end
  2. Autocheck Brake (red)warning

    Do the BRAKE WARNING lights on DIS activate for Front AND Rear pads?
  3. Retrofits

    woah that was quick. Cheers for that Muppetboy. Any ideas of who does Sat Nav retrofits and cost? What about MFSW and Front Arm rest
  4. Best 37" TV LCD or Plasma

    Engineer came to see my New 37" Panny Plasma and agreed that it was buzzing too loud. Agreed to get it replaced. Rang Dixons tonight and no more stock. Discontinued. Refund or reselect. What to do. I like the picture of the Panny but the buzzing has put me off. Whats the best LCD option? for the same price paid £900. 37 to 40" max size BTW
  5. tyres

    Most of my commute aprt form a mile either end is motorway. Its a 10 mile journey so 8 miles or so is accelration and 70 ish MPH. I can be averaging 19-22 MPG on the fast bit then it will increase to 24 on the urban until I park up
  6. If I can sell my SLine Ill take it from you Gizze
  7. tyres

    [ QUOTE ] double the BHP maybe but S4 has quattro instead of front wheel drive on the 1.8T, nearly 200 bhp through fronts only is bound to lead to rapid wear [/ QUOTE ] yeah like he said
  8. 335i coupe ... what a disappointment!

    The comments after the test drive seem a little disappointing. I was toying with a 335 coupe or an S4 / used RS4. after a ride in TDi's loaner there is only one car for my next one, unless the A5 is a belter
  9. Why does a B7 sit higher than a B6?

    touche...and for the last time Id run out of petrol
  10. NE Meet

    [ QUOTE ] Just having a giggle...... [/ QUOTE ]
  11. Why does a B7 sit higher than a B6?

    Ah but Milo Ive seen your driving and SE suspension would suit you sir
  12. NE Meet

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] *Deleted* I can't be arsed. [/ QUOTE ] Go on MrMe, go on! [/ QUOTE ] stop stirring things P_G
  13. Quattro

    Its the only thing I mss on the A4....that and a V8 of course
  14. Guess what arrived today?

    you not retrofitting Nav or BT?
  15. tyres

    Ive just changed from PZero Rossos to a new set of FAlkens 452s and I am very impressed. The grip is far superior in wet and dry to the Rossos and approx £45 per corner cheaper. Hopefully they will last longer - only 8k miles from the Rossos on the fronts
  16. Sourcing a Wii...

    Unbelievable machine. Ive just got a silver medal for golf target practice
  17. as the post erads. How do you insert a picture into the signature?
  18. Supermarket Car Parks

    [ QUOTE ] Lazy is the word. I park my car in the space that is located as far away as apossible. And guess what........... Some cock always parks next to me????? Why is that? [/ QUOTE ] Im the same mate, but as you say guaranteed some twat will park next to you and ding your door
  19. New CVT Gearbox Needed

    Hmm, Im interested in the warranty Direct bit as well
  20. New car for UBM... ?

    well if your giving it away Id have it
  21. New car for UBM... ?

    dont listen UBM...its not a soot chucker anyway
  22. Rear Blinds

    is there not a way of retrofitting the OEM avant ones. Ive got them on mine from new and they look the dogs nuts. Aftermarket ones IMO just look like an afterthought
  23. [ QUOTE ] Gorgeous, very nice indeed John - enjoy! Silver is still <u>the</u> colour IMO. [/ QUOTE ] not that your biased JC
  24. [ QUOTE ] These look similar to the RS4 alloys, will these fit a 'normal' A4? [/ QUOTE ] cast aluminium alloy wheels, 8Jx18, 7-arm design Tires 235/40 R18 95Y xl
  25. Re-mapped and ready to go

    [ QUOTE ] i also have a multitronic so would be interested to hear if it can be done [/ QUOTE ] Ive been told by various people NO dont get it done with Multitronic.