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  1. Central locking

    This post may be of use to you, taken from the 'VWVortex' forums:
  2. X1 RSR - Number Plate

    X1 RSR, taken from our RS4, ideal for an RS or 911RS? On certificate, ready to go, £1000 all in, call 07714259742
  3. Previous to me having this in my golf, my old man had it in his A8 with BOSE, it sounded fantastic. Had to have a convertor made, which i have and could sell you if this would be useful? it has ISO plugs on the end, and not phono's though.
  4. I have an X1, which is great value considering its huge list of features, the only annoying feature is having to load the DVD map disc into the unit every time you want to go somewhere. A pain in the ass if your listening to a CD. You can store an area of the map within the unit, say central birmingham, then you will not need to load the disc, if you and your destination are within this area. dadwhitey will not have this problem when he adds sat nav to his 6600, as the dvd will be in a seperate unit. I also have a US model of the 6600, and its excellent, much nicer IMO than the x1, both asthetically and quality of picture. If you can streach the funds, this may be an option, a pioneer avh6600, then add something like the avic-88dvd? i think. Adam
  5. Mk4 GT TDI 110 Intermittant Glow Plugs

    Great rustynuts, thanks very much. ill try to locate this 'dash' you speak of this evening.
  6. Mk4 GT TDI 110 Intermittant Glow Plugs

    Hey, thanks for the response, the light doesnt come on, the engine just turns over. If the ignition key is turned on and off several times, then the light comes on and we're away! Which is what made me initially suspect a relay problem. its a 110bhp does this help? Adam
  7. Morning, Does anyone know what relay the glow plugs use on my 1999 GT TDI? I am having an intermittant fault with them not coming on upon ignition, i suspect this may be at fault. Thanks in advance