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  1. MkV Golf GTi

    As seen in the Golf Gti forum, my Gti is now up for sale. 2005/55 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI MKV LASER BLUE on eBay, also, Volkswagen, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 16-Aug-08 13:41:20 BST) Cheers, Simon.
  2. Pricing my Gti

    No, it's still on Autotrader and now on Ebay too. 2005/55 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI MKV LASER BLUE on eBay, also, Volkswagen, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 16-Aug-08 13:41:20 BST) All (sensible) offers welcome! Cheers, Simon.
  3. Pricing my Gti

    Thanks for all the replies - no offence taken at all Garcon! I knew when I asked what I was letting myself in for. ucj - well done on getting such a good price! Think I will drop the price to under £13,500 and see if that doesn't stir up a bit more interest. Might also try the dealer for a decent p/ex price again. Was offered about £12,500 a couple of months ago so will see what they come up with. Cheers, Simon.
  4. Pricing my Gti

    Hi all, After almost 3 years of GTi ownership I have decided to move on (to a TT). So now I need to sell my GTi, and I would like your opinions on a suitable price for a private sale. Have got about 2 months to sell the Gti, and I know the market conditions aren't great at the moment (actually it's probably about the worst time to try to sell the car!). The spec is as follows: 05 55 Laser Blue, 30k miles, 17" alloys (1 lightly scratched), leather interior (unmarked), sunroof, 6 CD changer in armrest, xenons, rain/light sensors, electric mirrors/puddle lights. Full VW service history (2nd service at 28k), tyres all have 6mm tread, no damage to paintwork except a few stone chips, car has been well looked after etc. It's been on Autotrader at £14k and not getting any interest, so what's a realistic price to expect? Cheers, Simon.
  5. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Here's an M3 seen in Edinburgh recently. Check out those spoilers!
  6. 700bhp!!...What would the Government do?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] RR - it offends the "Unnecessary Pleasure Act 2008", Brown's first piece of legislation as PM. No citizen may enjoy themselves in a manner not officially sanctioned in the Act. If a citizen wishes to engage in spontaneous pleasure of a type not specified in Schedule 1 of the Act, they may do so provided that a request detailing the nature of the pleasure is submitted in triplicate not less than 14 days prior to the proposed spontaneous pleasure. Applications should be made to the Office of Displeasure, a new regulatory body being set up with an initial staff estimate of 25,000, a proposed budget of £2.4bn, and dedicated offices to be built in Glasgow. The £250k pa Chairperson of OFFOD announced "This bold and courageous move by the Government will put the United Kingdom at the forefront of international progress in pleasure regulation. Existing regional inequalities in pleasure that developed in the years up to 1997 can now at last be expected to disappear as we make it just as bloody awful to live in the Home Counties as it already is up here. Fecking Southern jessies, you've had it easy far too long." [/ QUOTE ] ....That's brilliant!! Did you make it up? I can immediately think of all sorts of 'Proposed Spontaneous Pleasures'! . The scary thing is that it's all moving in that direction and the structures are in place already. Orwell's '1984' ain't got nuthin on this lot! [/ QUOTE ] RR - for more of the same you should read Private Eye magazine, there's a column called "Prime Ministerial Decree" which is written in the same vein. Here's an example: PM Decree
  7. Scratched....

    Here's a quote from the local paper: "28 parked cars were allegedly scratched in three city streets. A total of £25,000 worth of damage is said to have been caused by the incident, which occurred at 12.30am on Monday morning. A 23 year old man has been arrested and charged in connection with the incident and was due to appear in court today." And to make my week even worse, I've just got home from watching my football team, Aberdeen, being thrashed 4-1 by Dundee Utd in the CIS Cup semi-final. Can I start this week again please?
  8. Scratched....

    Cheers for all the support guys - much appreciated!
  9. Scratched....

    Like many people, I don't like Monday mornings that much, but this morning was the worst. As I walked out to my car this morning, I found a note from the police left under my wipers, asking me to call them about the damage to the car. At first I couldn't see anything obvious, until I walked round to the passenger side, where I found this lovely scratch running all the way down the side. Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Had a quick look round at my neighbours cars to find that mine wasn't the only one to have been attacked. Only the "prestige" cars in the street were vandalised. Feck. It wasn't much fun knocking on my neighbour's door at 8.30 in the morning to tell him his car has been vandalised. Anyway, I went down the local police station to find that they had caught the person responsible, he has been charged and is due in court tomorrow. And apparently mine was just one of 27 cars he keyed. Yes, that's 27 scratched cars. Fecking ned! Have calmed down a bit now, but still feeling p1ssed off. The car is already booked in at the dealers (to get those rattles fixed), so will get them to have a quick look at it. Does anyone think that it can be repaired without a respray (excess is £250), or is a insurance claim the only way to go? All advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Rattles....

    I've had my Gti for a couple of years now, and thanks to a combination of not-as-good-as-they-want-you-to-believe VW interior build quality, the p1ss poor road surfaces in Edinburgh, and 26k miles on the clock I now have various bits of the interior coming loose. And I need your help in fixing them! In no particular order I have the following rattles: 1. Silver trim below glovebox - it stops rattling when pressed, so it's just not fitted properly. Is it just a case of hitting it very hard, or will this just break the clips holding it in (if it is clipped in)? 2. Dashboard air vent: what is the official fix for this? Felt? Tension bar? 3. Pax door: sounds like I've left some CD cases in the cubbyhole - think it just needs padding out. 4. Sunroof controls: getting a buzzing sound coming from them - is there a known fix for this? Thanks to this forum I have fixed the rattles from the rear (those damn seat catches!), and would appreciate your expert advice on the other rattles before I go back to the dealer. Thanks, Simon.
  11. Golf GTI or Focus ST-3?

    No, not me. Haven't seen any other Laser blue GTi's about though...
  12. Golf GTI or Focus ST-3?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I got a 7% from Western in Gorgie Rd Edinburgh and a handsome trade in on my Bora, it was the overall car and what it can do, fine for doing the motorway cruise and great for B road blasts, the car can do everything. I just found the ST to be cheap here and there, the indicator stalks really annoyed me for one! As soon as it arrives and is all meguired up, i'll get some pics online! This waiting game is the worst thing about new cars!!! [/ QUOTE ] Enjoy the car bucki3; IMO, you've made the right choice, but there again I'm very biased. Great colour choice too. There's one other white one that I've seen in Edinburgh (on 17"'s I think). I'm in a slate grey 5 door, so if I see a 57 plate white GTI, I'll wave/flash lights. Other local GTI owners that I am aware of include Aceplumbers (based over the water in Fife) who runs an ED30. [/ QUOTE ] And there's me lurking in a Laser Blue 3 dr. Good colour choice bucki3, nearly went for it myself but decided it wouldn't look too good under the flat, grey skies we often get up here.
  13. R8, this morning - Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

    I live round that way, and would love to say it's mine, but sadly it's not. Lucky
  14. I've been banned......

    [ QUOTE ] Come on guys, We all know that this is the Daddy really [/ QUOTE ] I've still got my ZX81, complete with the 16K upgrade, and it still works! Can't remember what games there are though. From that I upgraded to a CPC464, with the colour screen. I don't understand all these complaints about the tape deck - all my games loaded in 10 mins max! Fecking noisy though. And yes it still works too. Megadrive was better (if only for Ghouls n' Ghosts).
  15. Corrupted MS photos

    Forgot about the cable option. Have just tried it, and it worked OK - all the photos are there (all 755 of them - that's why I was worried about losing them!). Thanks, Simon.