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  1. Audi Cabrio Meet Photos!!!

    by the way has anyone on here ever seen my old Red cabrio on the roads, maybe in the south west as i sold it to audi exeter, reg was V60 CAB
  2. Audi Cabrio Meet Photos!!!

    hi again! yeah 4 years ago, how time flies. i see ari is still spending too much time on here! that other hood down viseo wasnt very synchronised was it! i see the naff hats are still around as well in that meet photo, looks like ari has started a fashion!
  3. Audi Cabrio Meet Photos!!!

    hi everyone, long time no see! just reminising about my old cab and thought id bring this old thread up again, check out the synchronised roof folding here! steve
  4. spotted Ari today

    umm, didnt notice, all i noticed was the way he was looking at himself in the mirror!
  5. spotted Ari today

    Hi all, long time since ive been by here as i sold my cab over a year ago, but thought id say i spotted Ari in torquay today WITH THE ROOF UP!!! i didnt think it could have been him with the roof UP, but alas it was! anyway, hope you all still like the cabrio like i loved mine until i had to sell it due to a divorce i still miss it, and reminice everytime i see one...
  6. Rally-Europe

    found a site for sat nav cds here like you said not cheap, £89 a disk for my clarion system, ill be taking the lap top again i think!
  7. Rally-Europe

    [ QUOTE ] Steve, what's with the sponsor stuff on the car? I can imagine not everyone will be thrilled about stickers on their car... Are these stickers, magnets or what? Also I noticed the footnote on the hotels ("don't assume you are spending every night in a hotel"). Could you clarify that a bit without giving away too much? (I'm not too big on camping for one). Finally, it could be practical to list the countries a bit more precise. Not to spoil the surprise (mentioning mere countries would still be pretty vague), but it would make life easier for the ones with Navi. Each CD is about €145 - €255 (per country!), so buying them for entire Europe would be very costly, esp. if some aren't used. Nice idea tho... [/ QUOTE ] Stickers are really easy to remove, especially after just a week or so! Just use a hairdryer on them to warm them up then they just peel off. There will be 1 or 2 night drives, no-one will be camping out unless they really want to! I understand your point about the countries list, one reason is so that we dont have police waiting for us on each border, another reason is to make the whole thing as secretive as possible so that no-one knows where they will be from one day to the next. As for satnav cds, i took my laptop on the last even i did and the disk was £100 with the gps receiver included and that covered the whole of europe. Have you tried seeing if you can find pirate copies on the net like from kazza? Not that i would condone such activities myself though
  8. Rally-Europe

    Hi all only 8 weeks to go now, we are over half booked and the bookings have been coming in thick and fast the last month or so. If you want to be apart of a fantastic week involving loads of performance cars, great scenery and hotels, then come join us! Note to admin: we have been linking to tyresmoke for nearly a year now so please dont delete this post! thanks
  9. Rally across europe

    Hi all time is closing in on our Rally-Europe event. We still have around 20 spaces left, anyone interested in a mad week across some of europes finest roads and a day on a formula 1 track, then pop along to There are NO Audi's taking part yet!?
  10. I have a set of 4 ABT springs for an A4 Cabriolet going for sale. Had them on my car for about 10 months, but just sold the car and changed the springs back again. After about £50 for the set, i can deliver for £20 or you can collect They lower the car by about 1 1/2 inches and stiffen it up a bit too.
  11. any takers for my wheels?

    by the way, they are 235/40/18's and came off an Audi A4 Cabriolet, but should fit any A4 and probably A6 and other cars in the VW range
  12. Finally sold my car today, losing it early next week. Im selling off my Projektzwo P2 alloys if anyone is interested in making an offer? 2 Brand new Eagle F1's on 2 of the wheels and 2 part worn F1's on the other 2 very good condition, a bit or minor grazing around a couple of rim edges but hardly noticeable. Pic below email your offers to [email protected]
  13. I am trying to sell my A4 Cabrio and have a private plate i am looking to Sell as well as it wont add value to the car. it is V60 CAB it cost me £599 a year ago, any sensible offers considered.
  14. Multitronic controls on steering wheel

    i have them on my cab - 3 spoke stering wheel and use it all the time