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  1. Grand Theft Auto IV

    You might end up with a very dusty PS3 then Riz! The best thing to do is never turn the console off at the back until its powered down completely. Otherwise the HDD can still be working as you cut the power. As bazza says, back it all up and you should be fine anyway.
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'd had one go on GTA, then the next morning I turned on my PS3 and the game wouldnt load up. It said 'HDD drive corrupt, press O to format'. So I had to format it and have now lost my saves from all my games, which is a pain in the ass. Apparently if you switch the console off at the back, it can happen quite easily. Luckily I hadn't got far in GTA, but I had Spurs top of the league in pro evo with the season almost over.
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV

    I've got it for the PS3, will be on at about 11pm tonight.
  4. going down going down going down.....

    [ QUOTE ] Yeah - Well I got my usual bet on for next season. NUFC for the Prem. NUFC for FA Cup and NUFC for that other cup. [/ QUOTE ] Its called the Carling Cup. A very prestigious competition it is too.
  5. Stolen car story....

    Its made it onto the local news!
  6. Stolen car story....;pagenumber=1 Its long, but its definitely worth reading. I think half the world has read it by now.
  7. Come on you Spurs!!

    Great result! To beat Chelsea in the Final makes it all the sweeter, what a bunch of spoilt brats they are. If only we could keep King and Woodgate fit, they'd make an incredible partnership at the back. We never really looked like conceding until kitchen sink time. WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  8. The official Arsenal thread

    There have been far nastier tackles this season, Crouch and Hunt as examples. The fact they didnt result in causing injury was pure luck. Immediate red cards. I agree all Premiership players should be made to watch a replay of Eduardo's injury as its food for thought. But its impossible to impose extra long bans, as 'wreckless' is a matter of opinion.
  9. The official Arsenal thread

    [ QUOTE ] Yeah I was shocked that BBC showed it. I couldn't watch, I felt sick when I saw the game live, but even my gf who is not normally squeamish had to look away - that told me how bad it was. On reflection I am not fussed about the result yesterday, I am more concerned that one of our most promising players is out for at least this season and possibly his career. I wonder if the FA will introduce newer disciplinary rules as a result of this? Martin Taylor, yes it was accidental but he has caused a serious injury because of his action, will get the same ban as Aliaidere who slapped another player yesterday. Does not seem right to me. [/ QUOTE ] They're saying shin, fiblua and ankle are broken. Nasty. The injury was horrible, but I still think the only way to punish players is by the level of intent. And I honestly believe Taylor was going for the ball. He's just poo and slow. I dont think any extended ban is going to make him feel worse than he already does. I hope Eduardo manages to fully recover.
  10. Come on you Spurs!!

    Its gonna be tough, I dont honestly expect us to beat Chelsea if they're on top of their game, but you never know. It'll be close but they're the kings of nicking a winner. My head says 2-1 chelsea after extra time. My heart says 3-1 Spurs. COYS!!!!
  11. Call Of Duty

    It wouldnt let me on. It can be a right pain in the ass.
  12. Call Of Duty

    [ QUOTE ] With the whole invite thing its a bit of a pain. Obviously the games are set up for 12 players, so if you are invited, but the server populates the game before you say 'yes', then you get the server full message when you try to join. You can also see if you have been invited whilst playing a game, when you go into the menu screen to change class etc (start button), messages will apear there. The best way is for us to coordinate a time, one person invite everyone, and then go for a team deathmatch. What say to Wednesday night at 8pm?? [/ QUOTE ] Might be able to do that.
  13. The official Arsenal thread

    [ QUOTE ] Nah we were sh1t. Deserved to loose, maybe not by 4 goals but we were outplayed. Eboue is a twat and I would be glad if he never played again as he is a dirty petulant fouler. To be fair it was number 3 in my priority list this season for winning and I would far rather be out of this and the CL to win the premiership. But yes we were poo today. [/ QUOTE ] So the Carling Cup wasn't a priority, the FA Cup all of a suddden loses its importance too...I wonder how long it will be before you surrender the Champions League due to it being inconsequential. Then you'll be saying you lost the League cos you were so busy gearing up for the pre-season tournament in Amsterdam.
  14. Spurs

    What are you implying?!
  15. [ QUOTE ] Interesting stuff this, i have had my golf in the trader for 3 weeks at 15494 ono with very little interest, and i have just spoken to my dealer and he has valued it at between 14500-15000, is it worth the hassle of trying to sell it privately? [/ QUOTE ] Its not worth the hassle when you take into account ad costs and the obligatory haggle. Trade it and get the money in the bank.