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  1. Goodbye and thanks for all your help

    Well it does help cos I know the owner and they sold me the S8 in the first place
  2. Dimmer switch for Landcruiser

    Hi, New to the Japanese section but used the Audi bit for a few years now. Just got myself a Landcruiser and discovered the instrument dimmer switch doesnt work, called Toyota and a new one is £95!!!!! Surely there are cheaper suppliers out there, but who? Any advice gratefully recieved Thanks
  3. Goodbye and thanks for all your help

    Hi, Just a note to say that after almost 3 years I chopped in my S8 at the weekend. Fancied a complete change and now have a Landcruiser Amazon which is more suitable for what I need right now. Just wanted to thank you guys for the help and advice given and should any of you be interested in a very tidy 1998 S8 then take a look at http://www.manorgaragebox.co.uk/ So, thanks again and who knows I may return. PS: I also have a TomTom external antenna that is surplus to requirements (Landcruiser does not have athermic glass like the S8) so if you interested drop me a line
  4. Annoying Problem fixed

    I fixed mine with 2 tie-wraps, thread through the original slots and around the panel - used black ones so you can hardly see them. Should be cheaper than the lock solution if not quite so elegant.
  5. S8 up for grabs

    Change of plans - couldnt see the old girl go and as it flew through the MOT with zero faults decided to keep it on and let the missus have the company car. Thanks to all for the enquiries.
  6. How do you rate the A8/S8 against the E500?

    Well the Audi is going to be more useable thanks to 4x4 and will handle more predictably. Guessing weight will be similar due to aluminium body. On top I always have a problem with E class as every taxi I ever use in Europe is an E class. Against Audi is probably the added complexity of 4x4 and aluminium materials which may make cost of ownership more. The E class has to be hard as nails because it is the taxi of choice.
  7. S8 up for grabs

    Would come with both 6 and 12 spokes - no use to me now. 6 for winter and 12 for summer with no salt about to upset the finish.
  8. S8 up for grabs

    You had to pick on the piccy before I tarted it up didnt ya Worth, well got offered £5k part-ex at the weekend which seemed average if not great.
  9. S8 up for grabs

    Well folks its been a blast but my faithful S8 is going up for sale as I have just been given a company car and it makes no sense having both. Pictures are in my gallery if you want a look, currently got 148,500 on the clock, LPG converted so does equivelent of about 30mpg, and will have a full MoT on it when I sell. Guess its make me a sensible offer time Any interest just let me know.
  10. Spark Plugs

    I had the Audi long life 4 electrode plugs and they did a great job, then swapped out to some cheaper standard plugs from Denso and experiance some running problems. Removed after 5k and they were showing serious signs of wear, flash marks up china etc. Replaced with some long life Iridium single electrode plugs from Denso (about £15 each - ouch) and they worked really well and are meant to be good for 100k
  11. Slow to start in the morning

    Correct - 1 coil per spark plug
  12. Slow to start in the morning

    Thanks for the responses guys - I am currently trialing a new hypothosis. My LPG garage said that in rare circumstances the LPG system can effect starting even though the car always starts on petrol! How? Well as the LPG system controls input gases but not output gases it can provide a slightly lean mix (air leak on a faulty gas injector). The ECU will detect this and alter the fuel trims but obviously the LPG system will not see this change as its independant. When you then start on petrol the fuel trim is a mile out and provides the wrong mix. My long term fuel trims were out which would support this theory but no other garage picked up on this instead focusing on the mis-fire. And these long term trims are set over 100 miles or more, so just turning the LPG system off at start up would not fix this. So I am now running on petrol only for a week and will then see how this effects the car. If this does identify the problem with the LPG system then I will have a set of 2nd hand coils for an S8 up for grabs - wont be able to return the new ones Meantime please keep the ideas coming - this has been a long term issue now. At least if it is the LPG system at fault it will restore some of my faith in the motor itself and I can hold off buying the Corolla.
  13. Slow to start in the morning

    Update on problem - So this is starting to get expensive now. Diagnostic checks have ruled out temp sensor, had 8 new coil packs fitted, more diagnostic checks....still no fix. Further diagnostics today otherwise I am going to cut my losses and ditch this - get me a toyota corolla
  14. Reset the Maintenance indication?

    Find a friendly independant VAG garage, get mine reset there for a £5 contribution to the biscuit fund - bargain
  15. Am I mad....

    Just on the window tinting - screentech of bristol did mine for £300 all in. Top service, top job, excellent finish.