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  1. Sport vs. S-line suspensions

    If your budget can stretch to it get an S3, it rides more smoothly than the S-Line IMO. I had an S-Line TDi Q and it almost put me off the A3 altogether. My S3 is smoother and better handling then the other halfs Mk5 GTi too.
  2. Blimey my S3 is returning proper MPG

    On a 400 mile motorway run I saw the average creep up to 32ish, once........
  3. Leather now standard

    Its a nice perk, we get to choose from a selection of Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda products. Colours and options are restricted and certain options are mandatory, (Arm-Rest, Metallic & RCD500) on GTi for example. The ED30 was on our list for a while, but unfortunately I didn't need to order a car at the time :-(
  4. Leather now standard

    [ QUOTE ] dmg11eng - not happy with the S3?? I'm thinking of going to an S3 from a GTI. Interested to know your thoughts. [/ QUOTE ] nutkins - I'm overjoyed with the S3 to be honest, everything is great apart from the steering feel. My other half has a GTi currently and the feedback it gives you as to what the front end is doing is far superior in comparison. The performance is astonishing as is the quality of the ride. It is much smoother than S-Line A3's and a little less fidgety than the GTi, making mway cruising effortless. However, I'm in the fortunate position to have a new Company Car every 6 months and the GTi is perfect for April to October, no requirement for 4wd over the summer. It also costs me less a month which is a bonus. I've ordered a Shadow Blue 3dr DSG, arm-rest, RCD500, Cruise, Tints, 18's and parking sensors. ChrisGTI - Thumbs up, if they'd let me order white it would be my 1st choice, unfortunately I have to have a metallic colour to assist resale.......
  5. Leather now standard

    ChrisGTI, I notice your going from one GTi to another. What spec have you gone for this time?? This GTi will be my third, really looking forwards to it.
  6. Leather now standard

    Anybody know when will GTi's with Leather & Colour coded Grills start appearing in the dealers?? I have a car due mid April, just wondering if it will have these features??
  7. Mk2 S3 Handling

    Hi all. I've had my S3 for a couple of months now. Just getting used to the handling. I'm experiencing quite a lot of understeer, especially when wet, before ESP cuts in. My car has Bridgestone Potenza tyres, which may be a contributory factor. Is anybody else experiencing such characteristics?? Also has anybody experienced lift-off oversteer, if having to come off the power quickly through a corner??
  8. Mk5 R32 MPG

    I'm in the position of being able to order a new R32 DSG as my next company car. Just wondering what the economy is like?? Does it do more than 30mpg on an 80mph motorway cruise??
  9. New S3 MPG

    Hi I'm in the position of being able to order a new S3 as my next company car. Just wondering what the economy is like?? Does it do more than 30mpg on an 80mph motorway cruise??
  10. New S3 Ride Quality

    Prob sepc as follows: Spirit Blue, GSM, Symphony, BOSE, Armrest, No Smoking Pack, Piano Inlays, Cruise, Flat Bottom Multi-Function Steering Wheel, L & R sens Anything I've missed.....??
  11. New S3 Ride Quality

    You've just hit the nail on the head for me. "it and is far less crashy than the 2.0 TFSI S-line I had for a few weeks" I had an A3 TDi Quattro S-Line and vowed never to have a crashy ride like that again......Around town it was just uncomfortable and passangers complained ALL the time. Seems I may be making an order after all..... Now onto the options...........
  12. New S3 Ride Quality

    Hi all, Being in the position to order a new S3 to run as my next company car I have some questions about the new S3 ride quality. Questions are as follows, how does the new S3 compare to the current S-Line ride quality?? I ran an A3 S-line, followed by a Golf GTi and found the S-Line to be much harsher. Also Is the new S3 more compliant than the S-Line during normal cruising?? Many thanks P.S. My mk2 TT rides more smoothly and handles better than either, but I fully appreciate it is a different car
  13. Mk2 TT Chorus radio removal

    Does anybody have any tips how to get the Chorus II head unit out of my Mk2 TT?? I have tried the radio keys I used for the Symphony in my A3, but have has no luck.......
  14. Defecting to the TT Forum

    [ QUOTE ] It would be great for someone to drive a 2.0T FSI engine'd TT and GTI back-to-back on the same roads. The TT will surely feel sportier regardless of the reality. Suspension? [/ QUOTE ] RedRobin Suspension - Smoother than the GTi on all surfaces, with less body roll, however the effect of the roll is increased by the much lower driving position of the TT. Am unsure if the TT has Aluminium suspension components, thus less unsprung weight, whatever that does.......... 4-Seater, I disagree, 2 Seats + 2 Shelves (for shopping luggage) is how I'd term it. I would say for an all rounder the GTI is extremely hard to match, it has the space and the pace. However I have the luxury of being able to chop and change twice a year, so thought I may as well try a TT and see what its like. As for my next car, here's some clues, its a VW, has the 2.0TFSi engine, and a very large sunroof........
  15. Defecting to the TT Forum

    RedRobin In response to your statement on common 2.0T FSI performance is an interesting one. I have some initial comments for you to ponder on. May I say these are merely my personal subjective opinions and observations, I am by no means 'dising' the GTi as I ran 2 of them and loved every mile. Here goes:- The TT initially feels marginally quicker than the GTi, this to me is to be expected due to lighter weight. However considering the way my car (600 miles old) accelerates on partial throttle is amazing, I am almost convinced there is a slightly different ECU tune in the TT. Also I have noticed that either the gearing is slightly shorter of the spedo reads quite differently. In 6th, TT gives 78mph @ 3000rpm, my GTi was 82mph @ 3000rpm. Maybe somebody in the know about the hardware components in each model could give an opinion as to which they think is it?? I have friends with 2.0TFSi engines in GTi's VRs's & A3's, although I have yet had the opportunity to establish if the quicker feeling of the TT stands true in reality. the only comparison I have had was with a Civic Type R, which I successfully passed, although I'm not so sure they were using the 'full rev range' as I had expected them to be very equally matched, as they were to my GTi. On a slightly different note:- Brakes The brakes seem much more progressive in my opinion, sometimes in the GTi, the amount of pressure applied on the pedal, I felt, didn't always translate into the expected level of deceleration being achieved. In the TT the brakes are very good and modular during full pedal travel, I have occasionally had the hazard lights come on thinking I was in emergency braking mode, when I was simply acclimatising to the car from the golf. Economy The economy on all driving types is better, even during running in phase, again down to weight I think, also aerodynamics may have a small influence due to frontal area being smaller. Noise The exhaust and induction acoustics are almost tuned to perfection in a standard car. I'm sure some people would pay an aftermarket company for such an exhaust note on vehicles from different manufacturers. I would be happy to share the TT experience with any others in the Staffordshire/Cheshire areas.