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  1. FAO Bushy

    I have spoken to Bushy recently and he told me that all of the orders were up to date? I did point him in the directions of the forums and said there were unhappy people that hadnt had there stuff. He has over the last couple of weeks had some stock off me to fulfill some orders and left me with the impression that nothing was outstanding. I will try and speak to him again over the next few days because as you say even if he has had a server crash and lost mail he could at least drop by and check if everyone is happy. I know he is busy at his normal Job but again not really an excuse. I did get a mail from a member here asking if Clean and Shiny would give the same discount as ECC to members but I have not to date replied as I felt it was inappropriate before I spoke to Bushy about it. However, I have no issues with helping you guys out if you need something desperatly until Bushy sorts himself out.
  2. Apple Macs

    But you can add a mouse with a roll wheel I have I got a dual 1.8Ghz with 512Mb and the 23" Cinema screen.... you really need one with 1 GB of memory.... I am currently looking at pricing but you need to be careful and get the correct memory as each machine is diffrent and i mean G5 1.6 is diffrent to 1.8 and diffrent to 2.0gb!!! Anyway, i got a mac and a pc and the mac Rocks! loads better
  3. orbital polishers

    On this site, Bushy is your man for this, take a look at Random Orbital Polisher which is about halfway down the page. This wont burn the paintwork (or shouldnt) as it works in a random orbital way. Loads of classic car owners use the Meguiars one. Im sure Bushy will be able to advise you more on discounts etc Regards,
  4. TFT Dilemma

    Hampshire Cruiser - If you want me to look tomorrow I can do, I can get TFT by all major brands and most offer a 3 year collect and return warranty should you need it. Regards,
  5. Damn that Meguairs is reflective!!

    You can wash the drying towels up to 500 times I think.... Dont know what happens when you do them 501 though!!!
  6. Bushy need some advice

    Yes its the very same
  7. Calling Dr Bushy

    Scratch X would do the job for small scratches Regards,

    Sita, This link may be of interest to you in your quest for information on Rolling Roads. Maha Not only do they manufacture but they also come and calibrate regularly to maintain accuracy. I also believe this is the manufacturer that AmD's rolling road is made by. So I guess they it gets calibrated regularly. Regards,
  9. New orbital polisher available soon

    I have one of these buffers and it is very good, puts the polish on well and evenly. The shine that you get once you take it off is amazing, and yes it does remove swirl marks... There are diffrent pads that you can buy depending on what you want to do... Im sure Bushy can advise you guys! It doesnt make your fingers go numb either Is it worth £99? Yeh I would say so actually. Bushy, You should have said on Friday mate, you could have borrowed mine and tried it over the weekend!! Regards,

    The thing was it did not feel really crap and I had also been driving a plain old 1.6 car (not saying which one!) before I got the T Sport so the T sport did obviously feel quicker. One of the reasons for the remap was because it did not feel that quick! I will post the Torque graph later. The point I was making though is even if it had been remapped it would have felt quicker but it was only the fact that I went to someone with a rolling road that I found out it only had that bhp and therefore got the full potential. Regards,

    but dont the 225 S3 when chipped only got ot about 250 - 260? which is 25 - 35?

    Well today I have got the remap for my car from AMD... WOW! Is all I can say I have a big on my face.... I have attached the graph below and will explain quickly - I will say this before I start. I am so glad I DID NOT go to a chip/remap company who do not operate a rolling road. There are 3 lines on the graph as follows: The RED line is the first run to show what the car went in with and you are reading it correctly 88.2BHP!!!! It was immediately apparent that the car had a problem with it. This turned out to be a fauly MAS sensor and the guys changed it for a new one. The GREEN line is what the car then put out standard with the new MAS sensor. 158BHP thats more like it The BLUE line is after the remap 192.5BHP which I was more than happy with. The car is running standard unleaded with no Millers in it. So I am sure once I put Millers through and Optimax it will be good for a few more BHP. So all in all a happy chappie!! Regards,
  13. Wireless broadband on 2 PCs

    I have just bought this little lot: Buffalo Wireless Broadband Router & Cardbus Bundle (WBS-G54-CB) heres a link to the spec - Buffalo Link It was easy to set up, has a four port hub built in, so all I needed was a single card for my laptop which it came with and my desktop goes in via normal Cat 5 It also has encryption built in with alerts on the screen etc Router and Laptop Card - Not bad for £125 + VAT Regards,
  14. My mates Focus RS

    That Focus looks lovely!!!!!!! I wouldnt say no!