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  1. TVR Sagaris

    Hiya Sportie....what about a picture of your Saggy. Let's keep it a Midas Gold Sagaris forum whilst we have the chance! YP
  2. Are us yanks really missing out on anything?

    Evening Burriana... Too many posts mate... easier now to just do the YP!
  3. Are us yanks really missing out on anything?

    Good Post XFS!
  4. Fastest TVR in the world !!!!

    Yes, we are all waiting with baited breath to see the launch of Ash's Phoenix project. The car is not being done to road or track, only to drag. He keeps us updated on the PH Cerbera forum YP
  5. Wannabe TVR Owner

    [ QUOTE ] I realise you lot are probably up the TVR ladder a little bit more than me but I’ve gotta start somewhere I’m only 22 and coming from a Supra twin turbo. I’m going to get a Cerbera 4.0 or hopefully 4.2, I was wondering if there’s any helpful info you lot can share with me, is their a noticeable difference between the 2 engines and performance? Is there anything I should look out for when buying one privately? Comments greatly received. Cheers [/ QUOTE ] Hi, You are thinking of buying one of the fastest cars on the planet...... but it takes a lot of thought....so here goes.... I run a Sagaris having recently sold our 4.5 Cerbera. If you want the nitty gritty truth then it may be a bit harsh.....so tighten your seat belt. You give no idea of your financial circumstances ie whether you will be running the car on a budget. Cerberas are THE most expensive TVR to run. Some insurance companies won't touch you with a Cerb at your age unless you can convince them you have experience of driving sports cars. My first bit of advice is to ring an insurance company and find out the cost of insurance. My second bit would be to find out where your local TVR Car Club Meeting is...there will be one near you and go along and have a chat with them. Give the Regional Organiser a ring. They will be happy to speak with you and introduce you to other Cerb owners who, in turn, will be happy to tell you about the three Cerb options. To keep a Cerb on the road in the best condition (and believe me you don't want to have anything wrong with these missiles!!) most will upkeep them through a TVR dealer. Servicing for our 4.5 and general running costs were around £3000 a year (not including the liquid gold of course!). We rarely had anything go wrong with ours with pre emptive servicing. The 4 litre is the Speed 6 Option. Earlier Speed 6 engines could cause grief. However, some have been as right as ninepence. IMO they are not as fast as the 4.2 or 4.5 and you won't get the glorious sound of the V8 AJP engine which is something I do miss in the Sagaris which runs a Speed 6. The 4.5 is considered to be the fastest but there are 'tweaks' ...ine chips and induction kits available now to give the Cerb extra bhp !! We never did that in ours as it was fast enough to quite literally take your breath away. The one most important thing to remember when buying a Cerb is....Do NOT buy with the heart,.......buy with the head... It will be sooooo tempting to buy the first one you drive cos it will just blow you away.......but don't do it. Beware those that are low milage in pristine condition with several owners....not a good sign. Don't be too concerned about high milage if the car has only had a couple of owners. We sold ours at 55,000 with only two owners and she was a 'peach' of a Cerb. I could go on, but really, my best advice is to pop to a local TVRcc Meet, you will find details of your nearest at http://www.tvr-car-club.co.uk and get to chat about the cars with the owners. They will make you welcome. I am an RO for the Essex Region........ Good luck, if you find a 'good 'un' the grin will be a permanent feature, they are amazing TVRs...... Hope you find a beaut. YP
  6. Loretta's new toy

    Good to hear of another lady owner....... YP
  7. TVR Sagaris

    [quote How u like the Sagaris after life with the Cerbie? U sure do like the colour yellow! [/ QUOTE ] Thanks....... Well...apart from the looks and difference in sound....speed wise there is not too much difference...the power just comes in at a different time in the range. I knew it would be a track day that would sort out the difference. I love the Sagaris....it has far more room in it, far more spacious and the Speed 6 is easier to drive with no drive train shunt in lower revs, which makes traffic jams and town driving more comfortable. But my other half recently tracked the Sagaris and came away with no doubt that the Sagaris is just superb on track.....holds the corners and is far more stable than the Cerb. Probably doesn't exit the corners as quickly, but you can go in far quicker than the Cerb, braking much later knowing that the Sagaris will hold it and carry you out of the corner...... Shamed to say that I didn't have a go. Paid my money to track but we were at a 'modded' TVR Meet and there were some bloody quick machines about with some serious driving going on. It would have been my first track day....and I was too nervous about getting in anyone's way to be honest. Still...will do one before the year is out...... YP
  8. TVR Sagaris

    The Sagaris does have very aggressive styling, but, believe me...there is NOTHING gay about the Cerbera. She is one of the quickest cars on the planet....truly awesome performance...and the noise........ Pure V8 rumble with straight through sports exhaust...... We really miss her sound...the Speed 6 just doesn't have the roar of the V8. Everyone used to want to be behind us in the Dartford Tunnel when we had the Cerb.......we once went through with 6 TVRs 2 x 2 behind each other....absolutely deafening..... All good fun....... YP
  9. TVR Sagaris

    Hi Bazza...... Yes......the Peril has been done. The vibration of the main bonnet at high speeds was causing a screw to work loose and fall off. It was a simple loctite fix which TVR backed up with a secondary bolt assembly as soon as the problem came to light. They acted extremely quickly. TVR bonnets have a tendency to vibrate and there are two on the Sagaris. Ironically, the main bonnet is fine but the service bonnet in the middle flaps like a good 'un, as Jeremy Clarkson pointed out, but I'm assured it's safe....
  10. Some nice Sagaris pic's.

    [ QUOTE ] Id go for the Orange with the Black wheels or the Yellow with black whhels... or maybe, nooooo I cant decide, ill take one of each please. [/ QUOTE ] Excellent choice............... But you can't have the Yellow with Black wheels.......cos I bought her And....to sink your boat a bit more.. ..my mate bought the orange one............. As you liked them so much, here is a recent pic of them together when we managed a sagari 'get together' in the White Stilletto County Other colours there include a Rose Red, a Spectre Flair Silver and ...if you look really closely a Reflex Charcoal. Was a good day ...the Sagari literally stopped traffic...... YP
  11. TVR Sagaris

    [ QUOTE ] Hi,new to the forum here,not in the TVR league,make do with a legendary 205 GTI. Extremely jealous of all Sagaris owners. It's motor's like these that keep me going. The majority of crap churned out in the car industry is so borin and uninspiring!! I am a TVR nut and believe the experience of owning one of these machines is the ultimate for thrills and adrenaline this side of a full on track car. OK, so they have reliability and build quality issues but a BM M3 or Porkster GT3 etc will not have the sense of occasion of a TVR. I salute all Trev owners:u have bigger balls!! Ever since been driven in a TVR Griffith 500 I have been counting the days until I own my first TVR! [/ QUOTE ] The run in time is 1000 then a service for a tweak and adjust. It was a dealer demo car ...so it was run in I got her. We had a 4.5 Cerb and had a Typhon on order for 3 years which wasn't going to see the light of day in 2005/or even 2006. Knew the dealer well and saw the Sagaris as soon as it was delivered.He was very particular about who test drove it knowing we were going to have her. But run in was done...we paid our money and woooooo hooooooo off we went. Would say a couple of things to the quote above. I would guess I'm a wee bit older than you....took 20 years of slog to get our first TVR. I wasn't in the TVR league for years either.....never thought I'd own one.... They are a huge andrenilin rush.......amazing bits of machinery and you are right about the sense of occasion.....I have had people hanging out of car windows on the M25 to try and get pictures of the car. It held up traffic in my local town when a bloke crossing the road stopped to stare at it and held up all the oncoming traffic. Reliability......our Cerb was a peach.....no problems apart from general repair stuff.....I only hope the Sagaris is as good. The new Russian owner looks to be taking huge steps forward to banish the quality issues.....this Sagaris is great and so far no bits have 'dropped off' as Clarkson would have it If you really love TVRs...why not join the TVR Car Club.... There are loads of people in the Club that don't own them but love the marque and the monthly mag alone is worth the sub fee. As for the 'u have bigger balls'...well I think I fall down on that one The colour is Halcyon Midas Gold.......only two Sagaris have been made in this colour....and there will be no more!!!! Managed to get a picture of the Cerb and the Sagaris together before we sold the Cerb....... YP
  12. TVR Sagaris

    Thanks for the welcome..... The car is just bloody fantastic. It inspires you to drive 30 miles for a pint of milk even knowing the local corner shop sells it. Stuff TVR reliability....these cars are cheap when you consider the pound to thrill rate.......and they are thrilling to drive...that's for sure. Can't wait to get it on a track. YP
  13. TVR Sagaris

    [ QUOTE ] I don't think it`d be useable on everyday roads [/ QUOTE ] Hi....new to the forum I use mine on everyday day roads..............no problem