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  1. Electronic folding wing mirrors

    You can get this on the new A3 in Belgium...
  2. Sorry for the late reply on this post, I've been away for a while. I have here in front of me the catalogue of Audi Belgium, clearly listing an 1.8T tiptronic and a 1.9 Tdi tiptronic, both in the 100 and 130 hp flavours. However, the 1.8 is only available in the 'normal' auto variant.
  3. 574bhp per ton?

    What about the suzuki Hayabusa? 150.3Hp for 217 Kg makes 692.6Hp per tonne.
  4. Should undertaking be made legal?

    Undertaking is highly illegal in Belgium, although a lot of people do it. A few months ago here in Belgium there was a infamous accident where a guy undertook a woman in a car. She did not see him and crashed into him changing lanes, and was killed. He was convicted for involuntary manslaughter...
  5. A4 1900 TDI

    relax... A diesel can take it if it's only a little, and besides, the oil sensor will also detect if the oil pressure is too high and give you a fault code then. If there is really too much oil, it will however get past the cylinder ring and get burnt in your cylinder, which is not a good thing at all.
  6. Mercedes C320

    mate of mine has one in the avantgarde trim full option. I'm no mercedes fan but this is a cool car looks nice on the inside, many luxurious options (electric headrests, electric steering wheel adjustment, COMMAND system lets you program just about anything) and it goes very well but it's no sports car. I imagine it has a more "fast but luxurious" feel than yur 330ci, though I have never driven that one.
  7. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] worfke, you're belgian as well so that rules out the "being saddest" part cause the english members will always be ahead of us on that one come and get me oversea donkeys [/ QUOTE ] We'll just wait for the next World Cup We might not be the best in the world, but we're better than belgium [/ QUOTE ] So do you mean the world cup tennis? cycling?
  8. Audi misses the boat - again!

    Well, haven't audi already proven that this is not their first priority? i.e. By not fitting the 150hp TDI engine in the A3 while the VW golf had it?
  9. The perfick diesel

    The VW touareg V10 of course! full option please...
  10. S3 to the U.S.?

    on tdiclub.com you read a lot about americans wanting to import a TDI (that only get the golf tdi 90 hp) but it is next to impossible apparantly. The topic has been discussed to death there...
  11. S3 .. Has anyone fitted ....

    Another choice would be to buy a LHD S3 as the part would fit on that one
  12. How about earmuffs? sorry about that :-) You have to use the line out of your alpine unit, I have seen posts about caraudiodirect and others selling special looms for that...
  13. Interesting... But I think I can beat you here... My hobbie is R/C cars, so last week I found this audi A4 avant cover. Bought it, popped in at my dealers to purchase a can of denim blue paint. I also traveled 4 hobby stores to find rims that look exactly like my real rims. Obviously, I can't drive this car as I might damage it... So if I can't drive it why did I pay 200£ for an electronic speed controller and the most powerfull engine I could find? Because the audi must be the fastest of course, even if I will never drive it So what do you think, do I win?
  14. Blagging a test drive

    [ QUOTE ] yeah a lupo diesel [/ QUOTE ] May I kindly point out that for the Lupo the diesels are exactly as powerfull as the petrol models, thus a more enjoyable drive. Thank you for your attention, I will run back to the oil burners forum now