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  1. Edition 30 DSG - Real World Fuel Economy?

    I used to run an Edition 30 DSG GTi from Essex to Heathrow every day for about 6 months - I used to get 35mpg - Twas a good car that ED30
  2. Blown Away..

    I have had 2 GTi DSGs and one ED30 GTi with and without the Revo add-on. The GTi is a very clever package with its small turbocharger very well packaged to deliver almost seamless power and torque with hardly any lag/jolt of power coming in. The ED30 is very similar but not quite as seamless, then when the grunt comes in it has a bit more urgency to it. The ED30 when Revo'd has a noticeable uplift in urgency when the turbo reaches its optimum zone and starts boosting. When it does boost there is quite a massive surge in power and torque and the car is transformed from something quite capable to something extremely capable. It is very quick, especially 80-120 leptons. All of the above, in my opinion, deliver a very smooth power delivery when compared to the old days of dustbin sized turbos and no power before boost.
  3. Blown Away..

    Revo - 1800 miles covered when I had it chipped. It now flies.
  4. Blown Away..

    Get it chipped and free the beast lurking within the ED30 Engine. 300BHP and not a sniff of a problem at all. Seriously quick and completely standard looking. Enjoy your ED30.
  5. Golf MkV ED30 GTI

    In my opinion the best feature of the Edition 30 is that it has the uprated engine from the S3. The ED30 GTi Golf when chipped becomes a very very fast hatch. I have owned 2 MKv GTis and one ED30. I prefer the look of the normal GTi to the ED 30. But the ED 30 with a chip and no other performance mods is a totally different animal.
  6. Front Seat dilemma

    Johnny - I must be missing the point here - The GTi has adjustable Lumbar which you can inflate and deflate and rise and lower as well - Are you saying that this is inadeqaute? or the seats are just crap in the posture department in general?
  7. Quaife ATB available for DSG...

    A lot gets spoken about LSD's and the lack of them in high-powered FWD cars. I am not sure it is such a good idea fitting one - but happy to be proved wrong... Yes, it will provide better traction as the 'slip' will be diverted to the stationary/non-slipping wheel - but in doing so, this will have an effect on the steering feel. The extent of the steering feel change is the unknown undesirable element I am questioning. At the moment the GTi just lights the fronts up and with TC on - it manages quite well in my opinion. With TC off - they just spin forever on a wet surface. In both instances though the steering is hardly affected. With a LSD - I can imagine the car violently grabbing under similar circumstances - it is this aspect that I think might be undesirable. For road use - I find, less throttle to control the slip is perfectly adequate. For the track - I would not have picked a MK V Gti in the first place. I look forward to hearing how people get on with a LSD in their GTi. Anyone driven a Focus RS? If not you should try the steering feel.
  8. I am running an ED30 with a Revo map and the car has some serious slugging ability now. No downsides whatsoever to report. MPG is very very good when doing the commute in heavy traffic - and when not the car pulls like a train. Enjoy your car.
  9. Carbonfibre Vented Bonnet...

    I have to say Red - The carbon bonnet does not look that good a fit. Each to there own and everything - but this particular mod of yours I find a bit puzzling - Your other mods you have made, the non-cosmetic ones, get the thumbs-up from me. At least you are enjoying your car to the maximum - and for that reason you get my respect.
  10. Handy advice - automatic mirror down

    I have got an 07 Model year ED30 and it works fine...
  11. ED 30 GTi - Wheel Choice

    The Edition 30 wheel is a fine wheel, it is just that the 18" Monza wheel is so nice and suits the GTi so well... the ED30 GTi I find is lacking something.
  12. MKV DSG remap question

    I have a Revo Upgrade on my Edition 30 and it is totally seamless and progressive. It makes the GTi Golf actually very powerful and quite fast. I think the BHP figures Revo supply for the ED30 is somewhere around 300BHP and around 400 NM of Torque. I am very very pleased.
  13. ED 30 GTi - Colour Coding

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I'm inclined to agree with you. Colour coding does not help the look IMO. [/ QUOTE ] .... I meant colour coding the dimply plastic doesn't look good. Mine are stock Mk5 R32 sides supplied for about 50 squid primed ready to paint. [/ QUOTE ] There are no right or wrongs on this.... It is all about personal preference. I prefer the contrast look of the NON-Colour Coded others Like RedRobin prefer the all over colour look. I wish my White ED30 GTi was NOT colour coded - but there you are...
  14. ED 30 GTi - Wheel Choice

    [ QUOTE ] 19" BBS CH i think would be ideal - and in keeping with the Ed30 style. [/ QUOTE ] This was my first choice wheel, but I was unable to find a set due to the problems at BBS.
  15. ED 30 GTi - Wheel Choice

    This is great guys - keep 'em coming. Thanks.