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  1. Is this a feature?
  2. Milltek resonated or non-resonated?

    [Res is slightly quieter that stock Reason I want a Milltek is that i'd like to enhance the sound that VW's stock exhaust will give. The fact that the resonated may be quieter than the stock would surely defeat the purpose of choosing it in the first place? Would Milltek not be conscious of this themselves?
  3. Well Lads..All opinions much appreciated. At the moment siding with resonated..
  4. Where will my R be built?

    That really is shocking. I once brought my GTi to the dealer I bought it from for a routine service. Asked the man at the service desk to have two five minute jobs done for me on vagcom. He clenched his teeth and told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't have time to deal with that type of thing that day. I promptly swiped my keys back off him and never darkened their doors again. Dealers are so thick. Not only have they missed an order for a new .:R but also the few grand profit they would have made on selling on my GTi.. Complete
  5. Where will my R be built?

    Hi Burble, Did you ever get an explanation as to wat delayed it? Thats shocking..I would imagine your stealer shipped some serious grief over it..?
  6. Where will my R be built?

    Hello All. Where is the R built? My order is via VW in Cork, Southern Ireland? How long on average can it be from order to delivery?
  7. 2007 R32 - Alarm ?

    Have an R on order in Cork. Are VW Ireland seriously extracting the urine????
  8. Haldex PP - Mk5 golf.... what to expect?

    I presume a vw dealership couldn't do it? Is it possible to buy this part and get a tunning company in Ireland to fit?
  9. Haldex PP - Mk5 golf.... what to expect?

    Hi guys. Who supplies this pack? Does this give 60:40 distribution rather than 80:20?
  10. essential options?

    Congrats on the purchase Ken. Would be interesting to get a review from you when you've settled in with your R. When do you pick up? Guys, has anyone fitted a Milltek from new? Tempted but reckon I wouldn't appreciate the difference it would make compared to stock exhaust if it went on from start ..
  11. essential options?

    Hi Ken, I'm getting €26k off my dealer for my jan '06 GTi with 62,000kms on the clock. Told them that I wouldn't take the car unless it was registered before 31/6.. Can't wait for the car though
  12. essential options?

    Ok lads..This is my spec to be confirmed tomor with stealer and the order is then confirmed. -Manual -Pearl Blue -Recaros -Centre Armrest -Sat Nav Is the privacy glass worth the bucks? Is the telephone prep bluetooth? Do you have to have that awkward looking cradle by the stereo? Cheers
  13. essential options?

    May sound like a stupid question but is the alarm standard? I only ask because when i ordered my gti in 2005 it wasn't with VW Ireland... Presume the alarm also includes an immobiliser?
  14. essential options?

    Roll up lads..order being placed monday. All advice gratefully appreciated..