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  1. Boot Space

    Thanks for that, back to the drawing board i guess, they wont fit !!!!!
  2. Boot Space

    Does anyone have the width of the boot for the Scirocco? also with DynaAudio where does the Amp and Subwoofer go? I need to be able to get a set of golf clubs in the boot and have heard the boot space is a bit tight.
  3. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Just spec'd one up to the same standard as mine which cost me £25k and the new one is over £29k !!!! that's a shocking increase even with the changes in exchange rates. You can get a similar spec'd ST for around £10k less than that which is quicker. Guess i'll be sticking with my trusty MK5 for another year then
  4. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    If all those stats are true then i guess i need to start saving. finally found the car to replace my MkV.
  5. Ordered today.....

    So much for the credit crunch, i thought they'd be coming out quicker than that.
  6. Performance

    Just read an group test from last year by Evo on the Scirocco where they timed it and said the 0-60 is actually 6.2 seconds which is .9 seconds faster that VW claim. Has anyone else found the the performace is better than quoted by VW? I was surprised to see that the quoted figures are slower than the Golf Gti when it has the new engine etc. Volkswagen Scirocco v BMW 123D v Mazda RX-8 v Volvo C30 T5 | Car Review Group Test | evo If this is acurate it should make the remaps interesting, could be a very quick little car.
  7. 2008 Spec.

    3 Years old, just taxed and MOT'd 2 weeks ago. Trying to make up my mind if i want to get a Scirocco or just keep it. I've spent a small fortune on it with the Alpine SatNav and have it just the way i want it. I might wait until the quick Scirocco comes out and go for that.
  8. 2008 Spec.

    I'll be selling mine soon but it's probably too old for what your looking for. I'm sure you'll find more coming up for sale in the new year.
  9. 2008 Spec.

    Shouldn't be too hard to find one in your part of the world. Thankfully up here in Scotland there aren't too many for sale at the moment which might help me sell mine for a better price.
  10. 2008 Spec.

    I've not got the MFSW but i have the auto lights, strange one
  11. 2008 Spec.

    You're correct on both parts i think. Are you looking at second hand or an new order? I think Xenons are on a long lead time at present.
  12. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I hope so, i read somewhere that VW's problem with the Golf was it took too long to build compared to they're rivals, the new model will be quicker to assemble which will help reduce costs for them. Not too worried as i have no reason to sell the MK5, still loving it and a few more toys added will keep me happy for another year or 2 yet.
  13. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I did the the same, changed the head unit, added a 4 channel amp and a sub. makes a big difference but i spent over £2000 to make it sound ok. I think a key reason the MK6 is coming along is to cut costs for VW, that not what we really want to hear as it doesn't bode well for the new car being a better one than the MK5. They can cut costs on the standards models, just don't screw up the MK6 Gti !!!!
  14. Morego 250 conversion

    I know what you mean on the weather up here, it hasn't been sunny for 2 days in a row since May!!!! You'll have fun with the remap, i've got the Bluefin remap which i take off every now and again just to see what the difference is. it's a totally different car with the remap. be interesting to see what difference the rest of your mods make, i'm looking at similar ones as well. Keep us updated on the other mods and Drivers
  15. Life after GTI? What next??!

    Lets hope they do a special edition of the Scirocco at say 250BHP, should make it a bit more interesting.