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  1. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Well after test driving an almost new 330D touring my wife and I were smitten, so we have bid the GTI a fond goodbye. We both adapted to it really quickly and both felt confident driving it. It feels as exploitable as the Golf, perhaps more so as I can balance to neutrality using a bit more throttle. Had to learn that, in order to press on you need to use the paddles, but once done I keep thinking "*expletive deleted* me! this car is good" No random rattles from the dash, amazing torque, good steering feel, grippy seats, loads of space. What's really surprising is how good iDrive is, it really works. Also have BMW connected drive, so I can send destinations from Google maps direct to the car. All for around the same price as a similarly speced MKIV. I'm afraid VW, the sums just didn't add up, for what is an facelift that has ruined the MKVs looks. The MKV is an utterly fabulous looking car. I never ceased to love the looks (even the lower models). The MKVI is dull and a bit slapdash. It's a rush job and a hold over until 2012 when the MKVII will come out. It could have been so much better. At the moment I'm also enjoying challenging other drivers expectations, by being really polite and courteous. I reversed to let someone join a traffic queue and gestured, with a smile on my face, for them to join in front of me, for example. I have also proven, contrary to popular belief, that there are indicators on a BMW. So if you see a Le Mans blue 330D with number plate beginning YA, where the driver doesn't cut you up, and let's you join traffic - it will be me, or if the driver is a red head, my wife. Best to All
  2. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    ^^^ To Quote myself:
  3. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    In my opinion the MKVI's styling is just a facelift not really a new model. It doesn't really gel as well as the original MKV styling. One of the reasons I bought the MKV was I loved it's chunky practical looks. The transitition makes me think more some of the Passat's midlife facelifts. Am I sensing a "not Thrilled" vibe on the boards about the MKVI?
  4. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Bit of both: There are certain things we're looking for: Not too big; medium quick; fuel efficient; reliable; well built; reasonable costs; practical (5 doors); good headlamps ideally xenons (we do a lot of our driving on dark country roads). Would like: Leather; good stereo with ipod or aux input; Good looks (which I know is down to the individual). Most important has to have the certain something that gives you confidence to drive it, which the MKV has. The MkVI has some downers for me: no Xenons is disappointing; I don't love the looks like I do the MKV(in fact I keep thinking of the Fiat Stylo when I see one); I'm concious of cost; the local dealers are pretty bad (and the one we bought from has failed) so we'll have to try find a new one. The BM I'm looking at has a load of kit (to the tune that speccing the MKVI would be more than it) has had it's initial hit of depreciation. If it drives well and has good steering feel then I'll be sold. If it doesn't, then it's not for us and the Golf is a likely candiate.
  5. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    My Wife prefers a manual gear box so I didn't spec it... It's another £1300 for DSG, which now taking it really close to the 2nd hand Bee emm. And some other person has taken the depreciation hit on it (which I estimate to be at least 10K). Saying that neither of us have driven a BMW, so we could hate it. Just have to see, VW may not have lost me yet.
  6. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Hmm Xenons have gone walkies in the trip over the channel. Also once I spec up without them (which actually is a bit of a deal breaker as I really like them on my car) I get to £26500 for a car with met paint, 18s, leather and dynaudio/ipod. I would estimate that if xenons suddenly appear (unlikely, but you never know... they'll be ~ £750) all of which adds up. Hmmm, unless decent discounts are in the offing I'm may thinking of alternatives (there a pair of highly specd 9 month old 330d tourings in the Stirling Bee M dealer for £28750 which are tempting me).
  7. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Hmm may not be sooo bad. I was at work earlier so didn't have time to mess about with comparisons. Comparing a UK 1.4 TSI GT against a German Highline 1.4 TSI of the same power output the German car is 23,450 euro which (according to XE.com) would work out as £21594. In the UK the equivalent is £18595. So the prices may not be quite so silly money after all. So prob'ly my spec above may be actually end being around 3K less...
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Grief! Just did a quick spec (rough guessing my German): A 5 door car with leather, Xenons, 18s, 510 with soundpack, metallic paint and the media USB thing comes to 32980 Euros. That £30300 at the current exchange rate. I seriously thinking that I'll be going for a 1 year old 2nd hand 335i touring with loads of bells and whistles for around about (if not less than) that.
  9. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Such as only being able to fit two Eastpak Rucky bags in the boot. I test drove one before deciding on the Golf but it's so unpractical it's crazy. I honestly struggle to think of anything that has all the qualities of the Golf (good handling, performance, roomy, build (apart from the dash rattles) & not too expensive to run) for the inital outlay.
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    In Car's feature this month the engineers were talking about how they had made the standard springs a little stiffer in MKVI than the MKV, so should the same feel should still be there, if not more so. Does anyone have an idea of when it's actually out? Here's hoping that the Xenon's don't go AWOL like on the standard Golfs, as I rather like them and it could almost be a deal breaker if they're not available.
  11. Just got a text from my Wife. She's been to Western Ft. Kinnard and replacement wheels will be ordered today under warranty. Which is nice as the 3 yr warranty runs out on Sunday. Odd question is it the new car or the corrosion warranty this is covered by... anyone know?
  12. It was Witherspoon's out at Sighthill. Who are only a Service Agent and don't do sales. They have usually been excellent. I'm going to see if I can get my wife to drop in to the Fort Kinnard Western, as every time I've gone near the Gorgie Road branch they have been totally useless. As in not having wiper blades in stock or when we were looking to buy arranging a test drive for a certain time and then when we turned up discovering there was no car and the salesmen I spoke to was on holiday. We actually bought from Central VW in Grangemouth on a recommendation and they were good (they have since gone bust).
  13. My VW service agent said you'll have to go to another dealer who had a bodyshop as they could make the call about the wheels as they didn't have the facilites... I'm not sure I'll be able to do that as I can't take any time off work to go to another dealer. Somewhat annoyed.
  14. Brilliant News. Thanks all. (any I must apologise for spelling, it's a bit shocking.)
  15. Hi all, Car's just about to go in for a Service which is just short of the 3 yr warranty running out. Doing a pre-service inspect -I've noticed that three of the wheels have white worm corrosion around the wheel nets. In fact the only wheel not have it is one that had to be replaced after my wife had dive off the road to avoid a truck which was on her side of the road. What sucess have people had with claiming this on the warranty for this? Sorry I don't have photos handy as I'm at work.