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  1. 8L A3 Idle Problem!!

    I have a 1997 1.6 a3 and its got a problem, and i can't pin point whats causing it. The problem is, that when the car is idling if i touch the accelerator sometimes the idle goes erratic, and sometimes drops so low the car will stall. I've had the throttle cleaned out, and also a full diagnostics check and showed no faults. I thought it maybe could be the mass air sensor, but surely would have came up with a fault code. any help much appreciated, to help me solve this problem. cheers
  2. Revo Technik Select Device

    I will now post to UK destinations for free.
  3. I have for sale a Revo Technik Select SPS device which is only 2 months old in fantastic working condition. I have converted my car back to stock for part exchanging and therefore this is no longer needed. The unit cost £171.35 when new and I am open to offers. Due to the value of the item I will be sending the device via Royal Mail Special Delivery for £7.00 to UK destinations. Sending to EU destinations will cost £12.00 via Royal Mail Airsure. I can accept PayPal payment which is the best method to pay and any questions welcome.
  4. Going to part ex S3 for 335d

    Finally had enough with Audi as a brand and the problems I have had with my 2003 S3 and decided on a complete change and started looking at a used 335D M sport which seem reasonably priced from a dealership. I have been out for a passenger ride and my first impression is that its in a different league to the S3, the torque is unbelievable. And having read peoples reviewed of a DMS remapped version, I am very keen and excited about finding the right one. Not knowing much about BMW customer service, how do they look upon remaps on approved used cars? I am keen to keep the warranty valid and the remap is going to be noticeable on a test drive. Do DMS sell a switchable mapping box for flexibility over standard and performance maps like Revo do for VAG cars? Going to be trekking out again tomorrow to visit some other dealerships and hopefully get a test drive in one.
  5. Going to part ex S3 for 335d

    Made my mind up and going for an SE model. I think the SE wheels look better than the M sport alloys and there really isn't much between them in general. Unfortunately the short listed dealerships I spoke to do not accept remapping, but I'm sure a tuning box will get over this. I am now very excited and just making sure I don't rush into anything. I hope to make a deal very soon and let the fun begin.
  6. Going to part ex S3 for 335d

    Thanks for all the posts. I didn't get a chance to drive out today, but instead spent sometime using the BMW website searching used approved cars in my surrounding area. My nearest is Borehamwood which is an SE model, how much do these differ to the M sport?
  7. I have an 8L S3 BAM with 53k miles and the ESP light intermittently stays on and then goes off again, sometimes can be controlled using the ESP button and sometimes it cannot. The fault is as follows: 01435 - Brake Pressure Sensor (G201) - Implausible Signal - Intermittent Can anyone shed some light on the problem? I have read that the brake pressure sensor is part of the ABS unit on the S3 and costs are very excessive £1000+ !! Any help appreciated
  8. New S3 Owner with Graphs - Wheres my BOOST

    Audiss3, like you I have spent quite a bit of money so far in trying to correct the problem, a new MAF, Forge DV, new latest green top coolant sensor and lots of rolling road tests at different room temperatures and many trips to various Audi dealerships, but still I cannot beat it. My last attempt will be a pressure test in the hope that its an easy fix. If I am unsuccessful I think that a part exchange is on the cards which is a real shame because I really love driving my S3 but I want the most from it. Will be testing mine over the next 2 weeks and will post my findings.
  9. New S3 Owner with Graphs - Wheres my BOOST

    Did you get the pressure test quote for £45 from Audi? I have the exact same problems as you, I am also running a revo map and the boost on a rolling road is very similar to yours. I am using a Forge diverter valve with the OEM hoses which have been checked over with no concern. I have run VagCom with no fault codes on the engine which is very frustrating because like you I want the full performance of the remap. I am going to be pressure testing my pipework but need to work out how I am going to do this. I don't want to be pressurising pipework that doesn't hold boost i.e air intake which will possibly lead to further problems. Please make sure you return to this post if you are successful in finding the problem.
  10. New S3 Owner with Graphs - Wheres my BOOST

    Is it possible to make a DIY pressure test kit to try and locate the boost leak? I would like to do this myself and as I am experiencing the same problems and it's frustrating after having paid for a remap. I remember reading someone doing the same, but cannot find the post!!
  11. Revo Technik SPS 3 v1.0 for sale

    open to offers
  12. I have a genuine Revo Technik SPS 3 version 1.0 control for sale which I believe is compatible with all or most Revo remapped cars. The device is pretty old now, but in excellant condition and great fun. Version 1.0 has separate settings for low and high boost settings, where as version 2.0 has the combined boost setting. I am looking for £50 for the control and it can be collected from where I live in North Essex. Cheers, Wayne
  13. Genuine Ross Tech for sale

    This lead has now been sold.
  14. I have for sale a genuine Ross Tech (Vagcom) diagnostic lead, which is in outstanding condition and fully working. Ross Tech HEX+CAN USB interface Revision B, Dual K & CAN I no longer require this lead due to getting rid of my S3 and looking for £120.00 or best offers. The lead can be collected where I live in North Essex, please send me a PM. Cheers, Wayne
  15. Revo Technik SPS 3 v1.0 for sale

    To update, I can post at my cost to UK mainland only.
  16. Genuine Ross Tech for sale could send yours back and buy mine
  17. S3 - Feels Slow

    I have a 8L S3 BAM currently on 51k and I keep thinking something isn't right with the power. The revs seem to increase as they should driving enthusiastically, but the power doesn't seem to be as punchy and can be noticed on the odometer. I have had it rolling road tested and it produced 221bhp as it should, there are no fault codes present, the clutch seems to be working fine, the MAF is working and boost levels are fine. I have tested the power in various outside temperatures between 10 to 15 degrees. I am comparing to a friends TT 225ps also BAM and it does seem to have more punch, with the odometer readings being far better than mine. My car is still under an all component warranty only having purchased used from Audi last summer, but I'm not quite sure how they can diagnose what it could be seeing the readings seem to be correct. Could it be something mechanical? What else can I check? I have full used of Vag Com if this helps. Thank you.
  18. Hello, I have an 1997 Audi A3 1.6 engine code AEH, and its developed a strange problem which i shall try and explain. Not all the time but at junctions, when i go to pull away with clutch on biting point i add a little gas, the engine goes to stall, so i quickly dip the clutch to prevent it from doing so. The responsiveness of the accelerator is poor. I have carried out the following procedures as listed. 1) Cleaned throttle body, reset with Vag-Com, idles between 800-900 rpm which i've been told is fine. 2) Tried a fuel injection cleaner. 3) A vag-com check and no fault codes. Whilst i was cleaning my throttle body i saw a tiny electronic element with a wire in the inlet manifold and not sure what this is, and maybe could be something to do with my problem. Please can anyone shine some light, Thanks
  19. Clutch gone

    This happened to me going down a hill in my old A3. I managed to pull over and look over the pedal and it turned out that the pedal itself had broken. On a hydraulic clutch, the pedal has a metal welded flap which pushes on the operating pin, and the welding on mine had broke and therefore the pin came straight through. I brought a new clutch pedal and also the white pin plastic guide which snapped in the process and had it fitted by a audi specialist. Might be worth checking.
  20. S3 - Feels Slow

    okay, I have tried logging boost using engine block 115. Reading through various ways of testing they say the 3rd and 4th column should read "requested" and "actual" for the boost readings. However, both columns on my screen read "absolute" pressure, with the 3rd column reading 1010mbar and the 4th reading 1020 at idle. Is this right for idle? I then tried logging with no joy, I think I didn't hit the stop button in time and its only recorded at 3440 rpm. The readings at this rpm in column 3 is 1010mbar and column 4 is 1280mbar. I am very confused why the requested value is so low and why it isn't changing. Are the results indicating something wrong? I am running standard mapping with a forge DV. Any help much appreciated.
  21. S3 - Feels Slow

    Thanks for the replies. I agree that passenger rides do seem faster. I will go out today and log some boost values and return to this post. I don't imagine its the clutch slipping, the biting point is spot on and I've not smelt any burning since I have had it, but I won't rule this out.
  22. S3 tyre query

    I'm looking to change my tyres on my 8L S3 which currently uses 225/40/18 tyres. Is it possible to use 235/35/18 width tyres or are there knock on effects to handling and safety?
  23. 8L S3 Xenon Fault Code

    I recently tried to adjust my Xenon headlights on my 8L S3 and when switched to basic settings using VagCom it appears to be adjusted. However, when I check the fault codes it brings up a error in the adjustment and that it couldn't be carried out. Any ideas what is wrong and is it expensive??
  24. 8L S3 - added wrong oil

    I have an 8L S3 BAM engine with 50k miles and the oil level was a little low. I think I have made a huge mistake by adding 0.5 litres of Shell Helix Super 15W/40 Mineral Oil. Please can anyone tell me what sort of damage this can do? Think I will have to change the oil and fill up with the correct Audi longlife a.s.a.p thanks in advance.
  25. 8L S3 - added wrong oil

    Thank you for the reply post. I have been thinking and going to have the oil and filter changed at the weekend by Audi. Does anyone recommend an engine oil flush....just a little concerned with the issues it can create against the benefits.