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  1. Steering Rack

    is there a factory recall for the steering rack ? also is this on sept 05 cars?
  2. GTI Spring Festival at SantaPod

    might make it....you never know..
  3. Digital vs Analogue Speed difference

    thanks le man.
  4. Digital vs Analogue Speed difference

    "FYI - you can change between kmh and mph by changing the sub channel (the smaller number on the readout) by IIRC twisting the other radio knob." where you have -19 on the left readout it has 1 next to it but smaller for mph or 0 for kmh. i used the fan dial to change this. it does go to 3+4 but dont know what these readouts are for
  5. Digital vs Analogue Speed difference

    mine is 10% out. the dial readout on the heater panel is spot on. will use that from now on.
  6. Oil change

    ive covered 9,000 miles now, done one track day and alot of the driving is quite fast ie pushing the car in all gears. i topped up twice with fresh oil when the max/min level was half way. the oil looks very dark (black almost) i know that the car has a variable service time that takes into account your driving style. im wondering if its wise to change my oil now considering the way i drive the car and that its been remapped. where's the cheapest place to buy the oil from if i want to change it myself? i was gobbed smacked at the price of 1 litre of longlife 2 oil. £14 for a litre.
  7. thanks all you guys... had a great day... my trackday cherry is well and truely eaten !! sorry robin for making you feel sick... my g friend is the same in my car... pincher. hope you enjoyed the lift, shame i never got a chance to go in anyone elses cars as a passenger. would have been good to see how they compare in grin factor. well cant wait for the next track day. new tryes, brakes and an oil change needed for me
  8. i spoke to one of the chaps at bedford autodrome and i told them my rear tyres were a little low. he said dont change them till after the trackday. theyll be fine.
  9. Essex Meet

    any of you guys going to the bedford autodrome day on the 13th march?
  10. What make of tyres do the GTI come fitted with?

    mine came with sport contact 2 (conti's) the tread pattern is the same across the tyre, but since ive been looking for new tyres ive noticed the new contact 2's have a split tread (different one side to the other....) why is this? still cant make up my mind what the best new tyres to get are.
  11. if you come off M11 1st junction for loughton,im right there (200-300 yrs) on the route to m25. so a meet will be pretty easy. just not sure what time to get there for?
  12. Daz, sign on is at 7:30 and breifing is at 8:30. do we have to be there at 7:30 or 8:30 then? shouldnt take too long to get there if we leave loughton at 6:30-7 am.
  13. daz, what time are you leaving? ill be getting on the m25 at waltham abbey. your better getting off the m11 at loughton if your coming from the north circular direction as its much quicker and shorter. wanna meet?
  14. Now she's run in - a DSG question

    your all right about the hesitations. i never really noticed this problem till i had it remapped. now i seem to get hesitations which the remap has ecentuated. it does really depend what your doing with the throttle. sometimes its a bit jerky in the downshif and sometimes the up shift and theres a definate hesitation especially when lifting off the throttle when turning into a side street and then re-applying the throttle.
  15. jon, im travelling from loughton in essex.