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  1. I'm ready for some bad news.......

    Matt, I'm after 5dr, white, 18" wheels. Thats about it!
  2. I'm ready for some bad news.......

    Good advice, thanks. Actually fits in quite nicely with what I was planning.
  3. I'm ready for some bad news.......

    Wonderful!! Just in time for the release of the MKVII. Might have to have a rethink.
  4. Thinking about ordering a MkVI GTI, 5 door DSG. I'm guessing sod all discount available and a wait of over 6 months???
  5. Alpine White- Correction Needed

    Have just set up my account on that forum! Got to be worth a try.
  6. Alpine White- Correction Needed

    Just bought a 3 series coupe, only done 6K, under a year old and in Alpine White. This is the first used car I have owned and the previous owner obviously didn't have the same standards as I do. The car has a fair bit of swirling and fine scratches. I have done a clay, hand polish and wax but I think this needs a machine polish; anyone recommend a detailer in the north notts/ lincs area?
  7. WeBuyAnyCar.Com

    Tried this 3 weeks ago and got a price of 20K now 17K, I know things are bad but loosing 1K a week, will be worthless by march!
  8. S3 s-tronic

    What colour have you gone for?
  9. S3 s-tronic

    I'm s-tronic all the way now, best of all worlds. I spend around 50% of my time just in d mode for commuting and the rest on the paddles when having fun. Plus with the 2.0T in the TT you get the amazing barp noise between gear changes!
  10. S3 s-tronic

    Was passed today by a facelift s3 sportback. Got to say it looked fantastic, the LED's really set it off!
  11. S3 s-tronic

    Anyone ordered one yet? I have to say I'm tempted to chop in my TT for one. What discount is available at the moment?
  12. Help- I've scuffed my leather!!!

    My bloody jeans have scuffed my leather seat today, its scratched the surface colour off, found a few bits. How do I restore? Anyone else done this?
  13. S3 or V6

    I've had both now, for me DSG all the way, the V6 has so much power in 1st and 2nd a smooth drive takes some practice in manual. If I'd have my time again I would go for v6 DSG. Saying that my old V6 is for sale at Lincoln audi, you won't get a better example, it was treated like a king in my care!
  14. S3 or V6

    Tax will be fine on the V6 too. 205 isn't that bad. If you bought new then that would be a different matter! £400
  15. White TT

    Thanks for the advice encee, I actually collected my TTC today, went for phantom black in the end, just didn't have the guts at the time, maybe next time though. Whatever the colour, the RS4's make it, I love mine!