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  1. got myself a replica bodykit for my RS2000 what do you all think ?
  2. Hello from New Boy

    just a few pics for you lot not very good ones i admit - the car is being rebuilt and is taking its time
  3. Hello from New Boy

  4. Hello from New Boy

    yes mate is a proper on but is going through a resto Managed to find a xxxpack thunder saloon kit from the old old touring cars from back in the day
  5. Security bolts/nuts

    Do you remember those multi point Socket set that was an all in one ( I think It was called and alligator or something???) It was a 3/8 socket ratchet thingymy - If you can find one of those - from a local pikey market if you have one then you can use those things well handy for when I lost mine ooops
  6. Hello from New Boy

    done and done - a very roundabout way of doing things Anyway - Hi again liked the look of the site so thought I'd take a peep
  7. Hello from New Boy

    some very fruity Hippy neighbours thats who lol
  8. Hello from New Boy

    Thanks for that - I have changed it accordingly I am a bit of a forum whore - the main forum I am part of is But with a welcome like that Daz tell me why I should want to become part of your community - I hope that the majority of your fellow forum chaps and chapesses dont share the contempt for new people as you do. Any way pleased to meet you all
  9. Hello from New Boy

    This is my motor