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  1. DSG shudder

    Hi, Swapped over from a manual to a DSG GTI a couple of months ago. All is well except when coming to a stop. Generally when the engine is cold or warming up and the car comes to a stop, the engine revs have a tendency to drop too low resulting in a slight but noticeable shudder as if the car is about to stall, before the revs pick up and it idles normally. (It hasn't actually stalled yet) The best way I can describe it, coming from a manual, is that its as if the clutch is not being disengaged soon enough. Has anybody else experienced this ? Cheers
  2. RNS510 UK Postcode function now available....

    Is there a version number associated with the new disc ? I just want to ensure that I get the most up-to-date version; car is scheduled to be built this month.
  3. New Volkswagen website

    It would be nice if the configurator had actually been tested and provided accurate info. For example, where are VW going to put all these highline computers in my new Golf ? (And they're supposed to be free anyway since I've ordered the SatNav)
  4. Mine was fixed by replacing the rear wiper motor, so its unlikely (but not impossible I guess) that a software update will help.
  5. New Volkswagen website

    Here's the outstanding problems that I've found (limited to Golf GTI because that's what I've been playing with) : Leather Seats - Doesn't say that the seats are heated, but I've been reliably informed that they are. DVD Sat Nav System - The £1450 pound option doesn't mention that the highline computer is included with this option in the description. The £1845 option does. However, both allow you to add the £50 highline computer option and include this additional £50 in the price. I see that some other problems (like the "free" armrest and GTI image have been recently fixed)
  6. Leather now standard

    The whole website is a bit of a mess at the moment to be honest. One minute the armrest is free, a few clicks later and it magically becomes £120. Website also suggests that the leather seats aren't heated - but I believe that to be incorrect too. It also leads you to believe that the highline computer only comes as standard with the more expensive satnav option. But the pricelist suggests it comes as standard with both !!! I would take it all with a pinch of salt at the moment.
  7. "Golf GTI still the hot-hatch king"

    Cheers for the tip, although a quick browse of their website suggests they only deal in the standard GTI. I'll give them a call and see what they could do for an ED30. There are certainly deals to be had on the ED30, DriveTheDeal for instance are offering around £1300 off the list price of a 5 door manual. However, a local dealer suggested that they were still limited edition so discounts were unlikely.
  8. "Golf GTI still the hot-hatch king"

    "Price (as tested: £23,845" That's a pretty good deal with DSG, SatNav, Xenons etc. !!! Incidently, I read in some other thread that the Edition 30 was no longer limited edition and that it wold continue to be sold for the forseeable future. Anybody know if that's true ? Might help me negotiate a bigger discount if it is.
  9. Flat battery!!!

    I had a problem with the glove box light not going out when the lid was closed, might be worth a quick check. (Switch was OK, it was the mount that was slightly warped and so the switch wasn't fully depressed)
  10. I can do you a metallic blue GTI on the M27 at 6.00pm but on the 31/07 if that's any good !
  11. Now into my 3rd year of GTI ownership and I would agree that build quality is really not what it should be. Lots of little irritating problems rather than anything major (touch wood). 1. Numerous rattles which have all been rectified pretty well by my local dealer, pretty much rattle free at the moment bar the odd creak from that poor quality plastic top dash vent. 2. Rear windscreen wiper with a mind of its own. Fixed by replacing the motor. 3. Door deals falling off. The first within a couple of weeks getting the car, the other about two weeks ago. Dealer reckons they're using the wrong breed of horses for their glue. (Apologies to any horse lovers around here) 4. Wind noise from front windows. Very poor for an over 20k car. Sounds like the window isn't properly shut. Kind of got used to it now. 5. Door lock on drivers door refuses to operate electronically at times. Have to manually use the key. Dealer may have fixed this as it hasn't happened recently. 6. Glove box light that didn't go out when the glovebox was shut. Fixed by replacing the glove box mount. Would I buy another. You bet I would !!
  12. First longlife service

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Mine is an 06 model (June 2005) and did have the software update performed. [/ QUOTE ] hmmn, that would be an AXX engine code, so I wonder if the other AXX members should have had it applied. [/ QUOTE ] Or maybe I shouldn't have had it applied !
  13. First longlife service

    Mine is an 06 model (June 2005) and did have the software update performed.
  14. When is my first service due?

    Hold down the trip reset button for a few seconds with seat belt connected/inserted/or whatever its is you do with a seat belt and with the air temp above 4 degrees celsius. Shows miles to next service for approx 5 secs and then the number of days.
  15. First longlife service

    Had my first longlife service at the end of last month together with brake fluid change - £195. I also had the "software upgrade recall" performed at the same time. I asked if I was likely to notice any difference. Allegedly the software update primarily fixes a problem with the radio where it can drain the battery even when switched off! Shame its not more exciting.