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  1. GTI for sale

    Hi all. I have put my beloved tornado red gti up for sale in the classifieds if anybody is interested. The link is
  2. For Sale - MKV Golf GTI

    I've also advertised on Pistonheads and have uploaded some photos. The link is: Volkswagen : Golf GTI Mk V
  3. Hi all I am selling my beloved MKV GTI. The details are : Tornado Red 3 door 17" Alloys Full Leather Xenons iPod Dension Kit Highline Computer Centre Arm Rest All the usual GTI spec She has a full VW service history and I've had the cambelt and water pump replaced last summer by a VW specialist. The car has done 41500 miles and I have had her since brand new in July 2005 she is an 05 reg car. She is in excellent condition and has been well looked after never been through a car wash always hand cleaned. I will be very sad to see her go but we are expecting a baby and moving to one car only. I am looking for around £10750. Photos to follow once I get home in the daylight to take! Please PM me if you want any more details I am based in Birmingham.
  4. GTI key badge

    Quite like that badge. Where did you get them from and how much are they if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I called my dealer today and they said to drop the car in and they would have a look at it. Just under an hour later and they had replaced the wiper motor and it's good as new - well, better because it works properly! Excellent service from (hope it's ok to name) Ventura Park, Tamworth.
  6. I've had the wagging tail probem since day one but ignored it, didn't see it as a problem really until last Thursday when it would not stop wagging. No matter what I did it would not stop so have had to take the fuse out until I can visit VW.
  7. I had worms on my boot handle and also on my wheels. They were all replaced under warranty and now I have one of the old type boot handle (not the flat one). It looks so much better although the spring is much tighter now and nearly takes your hand off!
  8. More Corrosion

    Hi Guys, I have had my boot handle replaced and now have one of the older style raised design, much better in my opinion. I've also had all of the centre caps replaced too due to milky worms but already 12mths on front has started to show new worms.
  9. Xenon level adjustment

    I've had this problem many times before. I have to say I found the dealer was pretty useless at adjusting it. One time they were so low I couldn't see at night and another they were so high that nobody else could see! They are really easy to adjust, there is an allen key bolt on the top of the light marked U and D. Turn in the direction you want to raise or lower. Hope this helps
  10. Car Parks

    Thanks Andy, i'll pm you to remind you. At least with it being so dark I don't get reminded too often of the damage.
  11. Car Parks

    Why is that however much care and attention you give to your car someone else has to spoil it? I noticed yesterday that some inconsiderate person has managed to dent my driver's side door, scratching paint off the colour coded door strip and managed to scratch the door too. I was absolutely gutted to say the least, and as always there was no note on the car with details of the culprit. I've read of others misfortunes online with car parks and I always park miles away from other cars but to no avail. Especially at this time of year be careful where you park, 2nd time that this has happened now. Anyone know of any good dent removers in sutton coldfield?
  12. Wheel damaged by dealer

    I have days when I think the car is cursed. I managed to mark my leather on the door yesterday whilst moving a piece of wood. Was Gutted! Been out for a good blast earlier though and all is forgotten! Still a great car, the marks just give the car it's own identity!
  13. GTi Emblems on Alloys

    I had the same happen on mine. I thought it had happened when they replaced my steering rack, but it now seems fairly common. Mine were all replaced under warranty.
  14. I got my GTi from Ventura park in Tamworth. Matt was really helpful and kept me informed during the build and how many weeks I had to wait. Service dept. have been mostly good, some problems with car but faults were rectified eventually.
  15. I have shiny exhausts at last!!

    Makes me chuckle how obsessed we all are with our cars! I have now got to re polish so that the insides of my pipes are shiny too!