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  1. Mk IV R32 Milltek for Sale

    Pm sent
  2. Looking at buying this car and looking to find out a bit of history, I believe it came from Scotland. Shame I never saw it for sale instead of it going to a second hand car dealer.
  3. 66,000 miles. Excellent condition alround. Two new front tyres in last 1000 miles. Tax expires end of this month so I will put 6 months tax on. MOT until end of April. Very clean car. Excellent alloys. FSH, last serviced 21/02/2009. £5700 Derbyshire 07747563741 Volkswagen : Golf GT TDI 150 3dr Reflex Silver
  4. Wanted: Mk4 r32

    Thanks for the info on the car. I think I have found one now. It it doesn't go ahead I will come back to you.
  5. Wanted: Mk4 r32

    After a fairly specific spec. 3 door in silver or blue with full leather and factory sat nav if I can find it. Willing to pay up to £10K for the right car. Thanks
  6. R32 Bits for Sale

    I know its not listed, but as you mentioned mats, I wonder if you have or know where to get hold of a boot liner for an R32, the bit that covers the jack and foam. The one is mine is damaged.
  7. Buying a MK4 R32 again. Price help

    After selling mr R32 2 and a half years ago it is time to get one again. However I don't have much idea of what I should be paying. The only guide I have ever gone off when buying and selling in the past is Parkers guide. A lot of MK4's on 53 plate are up at crazy prices such as £11.5k and £12k I sold mine in march 2007 for £14.5k. Don't I wish I could buy it back now with the mileage on spec. Sold it at that price because people just didn't seem interested and i as getting some seriously low offers. It was mint condition 3 door in reflex silver, Sat nav, full leather, cruise, Jan 2004 car with 21 thousand miles on the clock. So in the end it went for less than parkers were quoting at the time which was about £15k Parkers currently says for a good condition one on a 2003 53 plate, 60,000 miles no options should be £8400. After all we are talking about a car that is over 6 years old. I have found one on a 53 plate, 54,000 miles, silver, looks good condition, Sat nav, leather, up for £10k. I have paid for a parkers quote adjusted for mileage and options which for this car comes out at £9,400, so the guy is not far away in his asking price I really don't want to pay more than the price parkers suggested as this is the only source I have to go on so don't know how owners can value cars at such different prices. Currently selling my car and have put the price at the price parkers suggests so if I can buy based on parkers it would be ideal. Can anyone who has bought or sold a MK4 recently offer any advice of what cars are actually swapping hands for? Thanks
  8. MK4 GTI. What is this hanging from under my car?

    Attached is the picture of the plug hanging down from the front left side.
  9. Just noticed this the other day. On the passenger side just in front of the wheel there is a wire hanging down with a little plug on. I was a bit concerned and obviously thought it should be plugged in somewhere. The size and shape of the plug are similar to that of what would be plugged in to a 12v fag lighter. I will try and post a pic later. Does anyone have any what this could be?
  10. MIV vs MKV Prices

    I din't think the MKV's retail went up that much from the MIV. I know the MKIV was 22,340 to start with and then went up to 22,590 I belive. Then the MKV came out I belive the base model came in at 23,722 or at least thats what the parkers guide says the retail was for a 05 one. After that the price seems to keep climbing slightly and the VW site now says 24,597. I don't like it how VW do this, by introducing a model and then quietly go about increasing the retail for no reason. Its not like they are increasing the spec.
  11. MIV vs MKV Prices

    I sold my MIV R32 a while ago to fund a bigger house purchase and I thought I could live without the R:. Since moving I have slowly been saving up and looking to buy another but this time the MK5 R32. I was a bit shocked when I saw prices, a lot being the same or above original list price. From what I read when I used to use this forum a lot MK5 prices wouldn't hold up as well as the MKIV prices or maybe they would be similar certainly not higher. I bought my MKIV R32 when it was 2 years old. It was mint condition with every optional extra so came to over 27K when new. I paid 17K which was about the going rate at the time. Now I am looking for the same but a MK5 about 2 years old, not bothered about an extras so would just go for basic spec but I can't find anything near the 17K mark, and I thought optional extras's didn't add much value at all to the second hand sale price. Well it certainly didn't for mine. Can anyone explain why the prices are so high considering the MK5 is a mass production model unlike the MKIV. If prices don't budge soon I will just have to go without. Cheers.
  12. MK4 R32 resale values and selling advice

    OK looks like the car may possibly be going tomorrow to the same people as I stated previously AMP Performance. They have now agreed to pay the original amount we agreed. I would like to hang on and get more money for it private but it could be a bit of a gamble if I still have it on my hands in 8 weeks time. So if any one does want a fully specced low mileage mint Mk4 let me know as it could be going tomorrow. Thats if these guys don't change their mind again.
  13. MK4 R32 resale values and selling advice

    Thanks for all the info guys. Turned out the chap from AMG Perfermance phoned me back and started trying to knock me down before he set off. Started offering me £14500. I would rather keep it for that amount and leave it in classifieds till it needs to go. He was so eager to come that evening and take it off my hands which worried me slightly. I would so much rather sell it to someone on TSN which is where I bought it from in the first place. njay I live about 20 minutes from derby city centre if thats any help to you. I have also just taxed it for 6 months.
  14. MK4 R32 resale values and selling advice

    Not found a website but this looks like a list of cars/bikes they have for sale on pistonheads.
  15. MK4 R32 resale values and selling advice

    I have had a call from a Wanted Ad on piston heads. Can anyone give me a bit of advice as soon as possible. Basically it sounds like are a small garage that buy specialist cars to sell on. They go by the name of amgperformance and the chap is offering to drive up to my house tonight and pay cash for the car. It is slightly less than I would want for it private. What I am wondering is has anyone had any dealings with them before and any company like this. Thing I am worried about is being paid in cash. I just want to make sure it is a safe legitmate sale. Cheers