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  1. Like mentioned above, it's the battery in the alarm sounder. The sounder is in the rear of the car, in the OS cubby hole in the boot. It's a common fault.
  2. Random Misfire

    I don't know if the ignition system is similar to an RS4, but maybe have a look at the ignition amplifer units
  3. Am I crazy to consider an Alfa 147?

    Just make sure the service is upto date. Alfa changed the recommended time between cambelt changes. We have had a 147 and they have a good specification for the price. We bought an older model, but it did "fail" - but it was a great car
  4. annoying noise please help !

    I had something similar with a set of mintex pads I fitted on mine. Tried all sort to rectify the problem, but it only worked for a few miles. Threw them in the bin & put a set of audi pads on and that cured it
  5. a3 8p 2.0tdi LIMP mode?? :s

    Check for a boost leak.
  6. Access to sensitive data...

    I use whisper32, I don't know how secure it is though
  7. I've been banned......

    Thanks MrME, I'm glad I finally found out what happened on TTN I was never told of the reason why things just went off line and never even found the "temp forum", so I was in the dark about the reason things stopped. Hope things are improving for you
  8. ESP fault

    There may be a few behind the cover for the fusebox?
  9. Mr Shark!!! What have you been up to?

    What a great idea
  10. Test in a Metro 1st car - Mk1 Polo 1st Crash - Mk1 Polo into a ditch trying to take a corner too quick
  11. A6 Avant 2.7 Tdi for sale

    Nice choice
  12. A6 Avant 2.7 Tdi for sale

    What have you replaced it with craig?
  13. Problems with Heated Seats in TTS

    I think what the op is saying - is that the heating element it's self has moved into a position it is effecting the op's back. Have you sat in another car and seen if the seats have the same problem? I'd take the car back to Audi & ask them to investigate.
  14. Very Nice Alfa seem to be able to build some very good looking cars
  15. Fax machine advice needed!!!

    Thats one of the reasons we still have a fax machine - but It's not received a fax for the last 5 years