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  1. Polo fuse blowing, won't run.

    Indeed, especially as I got the car for £200 because it was a non-runner...
  2. Polo fuse blowing, won't run.

    In case anyone was interested, turns out it was a coilpack, new one fitted and runs spot-on.
  3. Polo fuse blowing, won't run.

    I picked up a 2004, 1.2 Polo for my Son, got it cheap as it won't run. Anyway I checked the fuses and found no. 37 (15A) is blown, the handbook says this is 'ignition electrics' and a quick google tells me it is for the ignition transformer. I tried a new fuse but it blew as soon as the ignition is on, out of curiosity I tried a 20A and the car started up and ran for a few seconds until the fuse blew again. Any ideas/tips for testing the ignition transformer or anything else likely to be causing the problem? Would be nice if an easy fix because it's a nice car in good condition other than this problem. TIA
  4. 3.2 DSG Engine keeps stoping.

    Indeed, my A3 3.2 had them replaced last year during a service.
  5. Vomit smell

    Agreed, some years back one of my kids had a major chunder session on the back seat of my car. I took the seat out, scrubbed it with as many cleaning substances as I could find, deodorised it with everything comercially available, left the seat outside for a couple of weeks in the rain etc and it still smelt of puke, even years later when I traded it in. So, for anyone that has a silver BMW 323 that smells of vomit - sorry...
  6. New MOT Requirements coming into force..

    My car passed an MOT last week with no advisory, despite the HID levelling motors having recently packed up.
  7. A3 8P tyre dilemma

    I have these on my A3 and I have been very happy with them; good grip wet or dry, feel good and are lasting well.
  8. Towing another car - The law

    But he nicked him anyway? :confused: We've all heard the line (used by the law) that' ignorance of the law is no defence' then surely ignorance of the law from a Police officer is both incompetence and inexcusable. What next?, stopped for walking on the cracks in the pavement because it might be illegal...
  9. Never moan about UK car prices....

    CVH = Coarseness, Vibration, Harshness...
  10. Maybe other electrical interference problems? bad earth? otherwise I'd be suspecting the mechatronics are playing up. I understand it's fairly common on DSG boxes, bad news is that Audi don't repair, only replace and it's not cheap but I have heard that there are independant/specialists that can repair it for a more reasonable price. Good luck... Me too, but that's what they told me - twice...
  11. Shortly after I got my A3 (3.2 DSG) I had a similar problem; car started OK and then gradually stopped selecting gears until I was left with it in neutral and couldn't change anything. Switching off and re-starting (reboot?) fixed it. Audi said that they could find nothing wrong. Anyway it did it again a few months later and then I had a couple of occasions when all the warning lights would come on shortly after startup, everytime a 'reboot' would fix it, again Audi could find nothing wrong and of course it behaved whilst they were testing it. Shortly after that the battery died, since having a new battery (and another not long ago) it has been fine, check your battery?...
  12. Which would be quicker?

    Don't know which is quicker but the petrol will be sweeter to drive by a country mile...
  13. VED exemption petition

    I used to live in Italy, where Caravans are treated like a vehicle, i.e. they need to be registered (number plate) and taxed...
  14. I've already seen it - and my eyes hurt

    Or the X6?...
  15. Citroën

    After previously having 2 Renaults which were not great I was a bit concerned when my Wife wanted another French car; a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, got it a year ago to replace her Galaxy. Now a 1.6L diesel, large 7 seat car is never going to be a very inspiring drive (despite having a cruise control you can programme to 156mph :confused:) but it's not broken yet and the Galaxy had done so several times in the first year (cruise control broke, climate control broke, speaker wiring broke, battery died & seat fabric falling apart), the Wife likes it and it does almost 50mpg which leaves a bigger fuel budget for me. Summary - She's happy, I'm happy so the Citroen gets a from me...