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  1. Has anyone used these guys in Manchester? They seem to be GTI experts. If so what was your experience would you use them again? Did they look after your GTI? Thanks+++
  2. Aftermarket HID lights into a Mk5 GTI

    Just found on their site "In the UK, fitting an aftermarket HID kit is not technically road legal as you are replacing a halogen bulb with an HID bulb, because of this the HID bulb cannot be E marked, which is a requirement for it to be road legal. Therefore our HID kits are sold for off-road use only" from Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade Kits from HIDS 4U - H7, H4, H1
  3. Aftermarket HID lights into a Mk5 GTI

    Ok i'm confused:ffs: DFT says they are illegal?? Aftermarket HID (Xenon) headlamps So why are Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade Kits from HIDS 4U - H7, H4, H1 selling them?
  4. Has anyone done this and if so what kit did you use? Link anyone?
  5. How to protect Carbon fibre???

    Ok Cheers. Job done!
  6. How to protect Carbon fibre???

    I have a few pieces of carbon fibre that need to be protected including an exhaust can. What on earth can I use without it effecting the carbon fibre? I would like to use Collinite 476s but simply just not sure what is best. help:confused:
  7. coil pack recall???

    Anyone who works for VW out there? Who can help out? Mine is effected if the above is correct. Stands to reason that the one of the coil packs has already gone.
  8. coil pack recall???

    Having known 2 people who have had them fail on an MY06 I too would be interested in this... Edit - Just found this VW Ignition Coil Inspection & Replacement Program Anyone out there work for a dealer in the uk who can verify? When I put in my details i get notification due Jan-April 2010 although the site is US based.
  9. Can't decide on prep

    Fairy liquid - yikes!
  10. Oil what's in yours?

    I have bought some Mobil 1 5W30 ESP (on offer at Halfrauds 5L for £39.99) and will see how it goes. I am sure this was in the car when I first bought it and the top up bottle was definately this stuff.
  11. Anyone changed the spark plugs on a MK5??

    What make are those Mook?
  12. Anyone changed the spark plugs on a MK5??

    Oooops ok I somehow merged my thread in June with burbles post and had pictured Red carrying them Oh course Red doesn't carry them they are not modified
  13. Anyone changed the spark plugs on a MK5??

    Just a follow on from this.....did anyone find out where you can get the coil packs at a "cheaper" than stealer price didn't someone say Bosch? One of my coil packs went last year and I know Red says he carrys one with him. So I am thinking if one has gone and I am doing the plugs I might as well change the coil packs at the same time.
  14. Oil what's in yours?

    I have been using Castrol Edge 5w 30 but I am tempted by Mobil 1 5W 30 due to the reputation and the fact it comes in 5L bottles (4L is just not enough). Is there any specification I have to stick to for the MK5 GTI? I'm now not on longlife oil changes and I am more concerned about maximum protection.