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  1. Hi, can anyone advise if VWMFD2DVDEU0030 is the lates firmware for CD Versions or DVD Versions (As the filename suggests.?) Cheers, Martyn.
  2. Hi, I have taken pictures of my settings, can anyone advise what version I currently have and what the newest version is..? Cheers, Martyn.
  3. Hi, I have just bought a Golf R32 a couple of weeks ago. I am in Sydney, Australia, car is a 2006 MY08 I have an MFD2 CD Sat Nav Unit Installed and Parrot Bluetooth. 1. I am looking for the latest MFD2 CD Firmware version to install. 2. Parrot Bluetooth Says Parrot 5.10C when Pairing with my iphone. I understand that this is a firmware version number, but how do I find out which Parrot Model is physically installed so that I can check and update the the firmware on that, what location in the car would the Parrot unit normally be installed....? Appreciate anyones help and guidance on what I need to look for. Cheers, Martyn.
  4. My New R32..Couple of issues...?

    Thanks for the welcome TP, and your replies.. 1. I will take the rear boot trim off and see what is going on underneath. 2. This Harman Becker Automotive System Unit - How do I get the lid back on it properly..? 3. The cupholder I am referring to is the lower one - not the arm rest, but the one down by the handbrake lever..! It has a ribbed sliding cover that goes backwards to reveal the cupholder and bottle opener thing. 4. The previous owner had blue tooth put in by VW - I have the VW guide for it - Parrot Manufacturor. I also have a 6 CD changer unit in the armrest...I plan on taking this out and using a lead which I have bought to connect the aux input behind the RNS510 to an iPhone connector - and power. This means I can make and take calls using bluetooth, play my iphone stored music through the unit and charge the iphone, BUT will have no control from the steering wheel or display on the MFD. I understand there are things you can buy, Dension Gateway / Connect2 to get full functionality via the unit and the steering wheel and the display, has anyone installed any thing like this..?
  5. Hi, I took ownerhip of my R32 last week, this weekend was my first opportunity to take it out for a proper deive and have a real good look. I am so pleased with this purchase...however..there are a couple of things that I have noticed that I need to sort out. I will post some pics of the car as an introduction soon. 1. There is a resonating sound at low speed from the rear boot trim, right where the rear windscreen wiper is, I can also make it happen when the boot is open by flicking the trim, is it loose, or what, is this a common problem..? Do I need to remove the trim and fix something...? 2. There is a black box under the driver seat with some electronics in it, I am dammned if I can get the lid to go back on properly, I have had a look and can't see any plastic Tabs broken, but it won't go back on properly, just keeps falling off...I have long legs so my seat is nearly as far back as it will go for me to drive, so this box is exposed, I need to get this on properly. 3. The cupholder thing down between the driver and passenger seat, there is a sliding lid on it, it is stuck half open (or closed..!?) and I can't get it open or closed, how th heck do I get at this to fix it...? 4. I will be looking what version Firmware the RNS 510 / MFD2 is, I am also looking for iphone integration, I have blue tooth for calls, and Sat Nav and the bigger display MFD....and would like to control the phone / tunes with the steering wheel, and see the track info in the MFD. Thanks very much for anyones help, Cheers, Martyn.
  6. New R32 for Me - Upgrade or Upgrade 2..?

    Hi, I just bought today an R32....! It is a bit older than I would have liked but balancing finances against this purchase was very hard. It is a December 2006 MY07 Model - The Key factor, only 21000 KM's and a fastidius one owner from new. Black, Beige Trim, Sat Nav, Rear Parking Sensors, Sunroof, I think every option possible. Everything looks and feels like new, the engine sounds great. I have put my deposit down and I am hoping to pick it up this weekend. I am sure I will be on here a bit now...... I am excited and a bit nervous have I done the right thing..? Martyn.
  7. New R32 for Me - Upgrade or Upgrade 2..?

    Here in Aus, the 2008 R32 is 40-50K... you can follow this link to Price up this and other cars down under (Used Car Prices are really high for some reason...??!!) Car Valuation results: Volkswagen -
  8. New R32 for Me - Upgrade or Upgrade 2..?

    I will update my profile info, I should have said, I am in Australia... Martyn.
  9. Hi, I am looking to buy an R32 at the moment. I am a bit confused what these titles are when a car is advertised..? Say, I put in year of car into the web search, here are my options for 2008 2008 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R32 1K MY08 UPGRADE 2008 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R32 1K MY08 UPGRADE 2 2008 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R32 1K MY09 What does the 1K stand for..? What is the difference between an upgrade and an upgrade 2...? Anyone advise what I should look for or avoid for my search...? Cheers, Martyn.
  10. Okay, so I am looking for a used GTI with either Sat Nav already installed or one with Highline computer, which I now know how to spot, so I can fit it myself after. From looking around, I have another question, how can you tell if the car has had the Dynaudio option...? Is it different speakers and an amp somewhere...? When test driving the car, How do you tell if it has it, what do you look for....? I might as well go the whole hog and ask for any other advice on what to look for when buying my new car...? Would appreciate anyones advice...! Cheers, Martyn.
  11. Thanks Burble.. I understand to look for one with Highline Instrument cluster. I have seen an RNS510 MFD3 Vesion C with Maps on ebay, I am assuming this is what I want and will work in my 08 or 09 car...? Which manufacturor makes the OEM VW Sat Nav Units....? Presumably there are other manufacturors as well...? Are there any brands to avoid.....? Martyn.
  12. Hi, I have been looking for a while on the web now to see if I can answer my questions...and am getting myself confused - what is Highline and Midline I have seen..? I am looking right now for a 2008 or 2009 Golf GTI MK5, two options that I really want are Sunroof and SatNav. The other day, I test drove a newish GTI and it had the latest Sat nav (according to the salesman) and it was great - You could see on the instrument cluster in the middle in red between the speedo and rev clocks the direction you were going, and the Nav directions to take, am I right here.....? What else can you see / control from the steering wheel controls..? I am not sure....? There aren't many GTI's for sale at the moment with sat nav, so my question is, if I bought one without Sat Nav factory fitted, could I install the unit myself and have ALL the functionality as if it was factory fitted.......?? Would the diplay on the instrument cluster work in the way I want it to or not....? Cheers, Martyn.