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  1. Mk6 GTI - Review....

    Thanks for the seview Red. Still some time before we see the MkVI here - probably October. I have to say the black car in your photos looked uninspiring, yet the offical photos I have in the red and white look ....well OK. I'm afriad I'm going to fit into one of your "boxes". I'll upgrade from the current MkV because its time to upgrade - well in the next year. The car has just turned 4 the current lease was up (but have extended a year). What to get? Well I was holding out hope that the GTI (or R20) might do the job. Not so sure about the GTI now. R20 remains a possibility when it arrives in mid 2010. We have just bought a Tiguan 147 so I can look at 2 doors now (elderly mother and dogs can get put into the Tiguan) so I'm thinking BMW135, JCW Mini. Nothing much else appeals. I've been an Alfa tragic, had Audi's, not 'old' enough for a Merc, won't buy Japanese. The R20 is looking good at the moment.
  2. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Its a while since I've been on TS but with the new GTI due in the UK I thought it time to see what the opinions are over there. We won't see it here until very late in the year- October /Nov. I've decided not to race off and get a new Mk VI GTI - though I still might in the future. I was amongst the first here with the MkV and it is 4 years old next month but I've still only done 43,000km. So I've extended the lease for a futher year as nothing else really inspired me. From the photos I don't have the same strong feelings against the design as some on TS have expressed. It is what it is - a make over of the MkV. Anything truly new will probably have to wait until MkVII - when that 2011 or 12 or something? I am interested in the R20 or even more in the R what-ever-it will-be-called with the 5-pot TT engine should that come to be made. I looked around at what non VW product I could buy but aside from the BMW135i I wasn't enthused and I didn't want to spend Porsche type money. Though I have to say being in a position to consider a two door opens up the options a bit. We have just purchased a Tiguan 147 for Sara which arrives next week so the dogs and grandma can go in that from now on and the other (currently the GTI) can be the fun car.
  3. Keeps blowing bulbs?

    I have certainly gone through a lot of rear brake bulbs - maybe 6 or 8 in the three years I've had the car. Can't explain the circumstances though when the fail, only that they fail. I buy replacement blubs in packs of 4!
  4. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    If the Mk6 does go to around 240bhp and they are not doing the R32 as rumoured, does anyone think the GTI might go AWD? The bhp gain would offset the additional 150kgs in weight.
  5. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Don't know about the Monza's but Wheels magazine this month suggests the MkVI GTI will have a 200KW (what's that about 240bhp?) version of the 2.0TFSI. Sounds nice if we can get it to the ground!
  6. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    Wheels magazine here have just previewed the sirrocco and they referred to it has having a new 2.0T engine - a relative of the GTI's engine but upgraded. Still the same output numbers quoted and dimension but definitely a revised/new design.
  7. R36 Wagon - Ordered

    I'm waiting to be able to drive an R36 before making any decisions. The first independent review I've found is this one. VW Passat R36 CAR review | Road Testing Reviews | Car Magazine Online Its not a bad review but not an overwhelming posiitve one either. Not like the initial GTI reviews for instance.
  8. morego 270 or APR Remap

    I have had the APR package for over a year. No problems. It is all very linear and I think improves some of the hesitation that can occur from time to time with the DSG. Would recommend it.
  9. Dog in the R

    My Border Collie is a regular in my GTI. He's in the back with the parcel shelf removed. I had to buy the plactic insert for the hatch area as he was initially sick every trip we made. One time he was actaully sick before we even got into the car. He's better nowand well behaved- no slpbber on the back window.
  10. It's a cultural thing. I wouldn't be caught dead watching Neighbours or Home and Away (I had to stop for a minutes to think of the name). I don't know what it is - maybe its not a sufficient escape from reality for me. Afterall, Neighbours is produced about 10 or 12km from where I live in Melbourne. On the other hand when I'm in the UK I'll watch some of your soaps. I can't follow Corrie, but have looked at Emmerdale, and Holby City and that sort of thing. Even here I watch the Bill on a pretty regular basis, and lst face it, it is one step removed from soap. Still don't think the use of a GTI (even a slightly slower black one) does much for the image.
  11. That's it... the GTI has to go. I was thinking there were now too many around here. Can't take a trip and not see at least five. But with the car being on Neighbours, well that's too much. What was wrong with putting Elle (who ever she is) is a Mazda SP23 or a something like that? Why did they have to ruin GTI cred.
  12. What Next?

    Hi Red, I've been on and off the site a bit over the past few months - but not much in the way of posts. I've been flat out. I've just done 34,000km so what's that about 20,000 miles for so. Yes, I still love my GTI, no need to change but my typical turnover of cars is about 3 years. That date is fast approaching - June 2008 for the GTI. As I said in the last post there's nothing really that does it for me at the moment, though I am a bit interested in the Passat R36, so will at least have a test drive of that in Sep/Oct when they are launched here. Otherwise could be with the GTI for sometime yet - and that's no bad thing!
  13. What Next?

    I'm not quite ready for a change - late this year early next maybe. Have started to give it some thought though. First and foremost I need 4 doors (elderly mother)- so I'm sedan based. We only have the one car as we work from home so there is little room to compromise. Wife needs to be able to drive the same car, though she does so infrequently. To replace the GTI I would currently consider: BMW 330/335 - obviously a great car but everyone seems to have one, a BMW that is. Don't really want to be part of the mass of BMW drivers. There is also a limited to the $and at 105 plus options it is hitting the limit. Audi A4 - the new one. Looking I guess at a TFSI or 3.2ltr. The issue I have with Audi's having owned two of them is that they ride very roughly on our roads. C Class Merc - just won Car of the Year Here. A C320 maybe. I don't really see myself as a Merc driver. It still a car I think my dad should own. Japanese - I basically don't like Japanese cars- and wouldn't consider one. Call it snob value if you like. Alfa 159 - I love the look of the 159, but I've owned Alfa's in the past (enough said) and the car isn't that quick. The local Holdens and Fords are way too big for my needs. Which kind of leaves me wondering about the Passat R36. It's released here in October. The spec reads well, I think it looks pretty good, and it promises to be quick. The other option is to see what VW do with the MkVI GTI R32. Just as well I'm in no hurry.
  14. R36 Wagon - Ordered

    Considering doing the same...well almost, I'd go for the sedan. No real rush for me to be rid of the GTI. I still love it but the R36 is very, very tempting. I'm waiting to see it at the Melbourne Motor Show in a couple of weeks. Also need to see the final options list. What is it I'm exactly buying for my 65K? If it has all the bangs and whistles that I want then I'm probably going in that direction. Also, want to see the colour options. Like the blue but would look at other options too.
  15. Carbonfibre Vented Bonnet...

    Normally I would agree but they have made the differenct colour roof work on the Mini! Some of those colour combinations look pretty good I think. Personally I'd stick to the Red roof.