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  1. Audi 80 top rad hose leak

    Been driving my Audi 80 1.9tdi for a few weeks now and no adverse problems, over heating or anything. Drove it around today and it got upto operation temp within standard time etc then left the car parked for a few hours to come to a sizeable puddle of coolant and its coming from the top rad hose on the right of rad as you look at it. Took the expansion tank lid off to see how much I'd lost and it gushed, almost like it was flowing back from the rad or something and the leak stopped. A realise the system needs to be pressurised etc but if Ive lost a fair bit of coolant and the coolant bottle level doesnt seem to of dropped do I have a blockage somewhere or ? Thanks in advance
  2. Have a friend whose Sat Nav unit gave up recently on his E46, flip down screen jobby. The unit was replaced with a new one and he has the old unit, now its a bit complicated as in the fact that the complete housing and innards were replaced and not the screen. So all the inner workings were replaced but the screen was transfered to the new one. is this making sense so far? Part number is 65526987218 and is at the moment in various parts in a box, the reason why it was replaced was due to a CD getting stuck in it. Is it of interest to anyone for spares or repairs?
  3. iPhone OS4

    Phoned 02 yesterday and my new iPhone 4 arrived today so they must have some stock, but I seem to have brown and yellow blotches on the corner screen which when Googled seems to be fault thats cropped up alot. Its either glue still waiting to dry used in the manufacturing process or jizz.
  4. Laptop tale of woe - Set associations?

    Thanks for the advice so far chaps. In the end I had a fiddle and went into system restore from the boot screen and left it to do its thing and not only does my machine run quicker but the virus has gone also. I guess the virus was stopping the system restore from working.
  5. Had a virus on my lappy called Vista anti virus or internet security. Very real looking scan commences and finds lots of bad stuff and gets you to pay for it and robs you I'm guessing. Remove Vista Antivirus 2008 ( Vista Antivirus 2008 Removal Instructions ) | RemoveOnline.com Did a couple of things that were recommended on various websites and deleted some reg keys, which Ive done before with no problems. Now.....this time all my icons on my desktop wont run and comes up with a set association warning, tried setting associations to no avail. If you right click the icon and run as admin its runs fine. Tried system restore but the button doesn't want to work! Help, any ideas?
  6. Got me a 740 Sport!

    Got the phone working with a Vodafone sim and Its handsfree too so all legal. Just need to fix the sat nav screen and the passenger wing mirror which doesnt seem to do what its told.
  7. Got me a 740 Sport!

    I dont mind at all, it was 2k. No tax and a little bit of MOT. Insured it and taxed it today so am off out in it tonight to see how it goes. One thing that has hit me straight away is the steering wheel is really thin, like a bus steering wheel. Very odd. Just need to get the brick phone in it working and Im a happy man.
  8. Got me a 740 Sport!

    Saw this and couldn't resist. Orient Blue with Champagne Leather, TV, Nav, Telephone, Xenons, Comfort seats etc. 2 Owners, 99000 miles with Full history. It goes like a dream. Waiting for the insurance to arrive and Im off for a long drive. Had bigger cars before but this is lovely. Drives so well for its age.
  9. Some lovely bits of kit, Saw a GT the other day as well as the X1 and the way the rear lights light up is superb, almost like neon lighting.
  10. i'm going to hell.

    May I just say this is why I love TSN. The varied and interesting threads. Ive just caught up with this and looked through the one about thought provoking photos. Both very interesting in their own right. Love it. P.S now get a move on and post pics!
  11. Different mileage on collection

    Thanks for doing the calculation, I knew it was a carp suggestion. Ill get my coat.
  12. Different mileage on collection

    Is it possible that the speedo was reading kilometres rather than miles when you looked at it or vice versa so was showing different miles on both occasions. I know with S2K the button to swap the two is just on the odometer area? Im sure this is a wild stab in the dark and is probably wrong but its late and Im tired!
  13. Fantastic Pics

    New desktop material. Thanks very much. Awesome pics.
  14. Carpark from Hell / Ranting Berk

    Bloke needs to get a grip, like whats been said in previous posts its a car park ding. Get it removed and get on with it you gay lord.
  15. What Marque do you drive ?

    An old high mileage Saab 93 2.0 T Prior to that it was a E46 BMW, an A4 Avant and a Audi S3.