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  1. Too high mileage?

    Im on 52000 miles now no issues new brakes front and back fitted last year and pads after originals had worn out
  2. Removing side skirt on Mark 4 R

    Hi Mate yes fine thanks been on here since september 2005 the car was 2 years old when i bought it Hard to believe its almost 8 years old coming up to 52000 miles I no longer use VW for servicing unless as a last resort, I generally got to APS as its with the journey. Still enjoying driving it one thing always at the back of my mind is petrol prices would be nice to get a mark 6 GTI in the next few years depending on the work situation.
  3. Removing side skirt on Mark 4 R

    ok mate thanks for that will have it removed when I get the car sprayed on that size as some paint work needs doing thanks
  4. Removing side skirt on Mark 4 R

    Hi all just some quick advice please? Is it easy to remove the side skirts on a mark 4 R I can see 2 bolts on the skirt (lower to the front wheel arch the screw fitting looks like a star shaped fitting) is this all that is needed to remove slide off etc? thanks VW R32 deep blue 3 door 52000 miles no mods !!
  5. Citroen Paxo last night !

    Hahahah thanks mate Im not interested in modding my car at all maybe a standard stage 1 at APS all depends on whether I change to a GTI mark 6 in a couple of years from now as they are easy car to tune !!! this Saxo was fast and blooming annoying to boot !!!
  6. Citroen Paxo last night !

    Hi All driving back from football last night I had a Citroen saxo right behind me couldnt shake it off for love money or anything !!! Can those cars be easily chipped to give outrageous Torque levels or is it nitrous ? I have no idea? Just felt a bit embarassed !!
  7. Hi mate thanks for the reply had the 4 wheel alignment corrected today. It was done in about 20 minutes and I even tried it outside the industrial park entrance by the shop before driving home 12 miles. So far all is good and im quite happy tested it out ona seriously good patch of road where i live and it now seems spot on just didnt want to make the journey to VW and go through 4 different people who usually are so detached in terms of what you want and ultimately what you are paying for ? ( im sure not all dealerships are like this ) . What annoys me a little as well I probably like other drivers who are very fussy try and find faults with the accuracy of the tracking but all in all im quite happy as I was planning a visit to APS to have the tracking corrected which would be a 100 mile all round trip but would be a worthhwile one . I always dread having tyres changed for new ones etc as for some reason the car always come out worse off and in terms of the steering being miles out? and on the winter coming as well whats the chances of the steering getting bashed and alignment getting knocked with the number of potholes road deterioration due as the weather turns to Winter.........we wait and see!!
  8. thanks tipex will take back tomorrow and get it sorted out
  9. Hi All had my front passenger tyre replaced as there was alot of wear on the inside edge, well expected as have done 16,000 miles on the pirellis, had the tyre replaced and the car steering was slightly out basicall around the 11.55pm position ( veering slightly to the left) I was told by APS that after about 200 or so miles this will balance itself so far no luck or change ( car doesnt have any lowering modifications and is as standard ). Had tracking done on Friday and driving back I noticed the steering is now slightly veering to the the right !!! The tracking is perfect and the car goes in a straight line but the steering wheel is out to the right a little ?? Last time this happened afer all checks for any damaged suspension tracking and geometry verifications the steering wheel was taken off and slightly moved a notch or two and all was well again, has anyone had any experiences of this when changing tyres etc ? Just dont want to go to VW dealerships sitting around getting passed from one person to another etc and then ripping me off with some burble jargon thanks all 50500 miles and counting
  10. Hi MAte thanks for the reply had two replies with two possibilities, the bulb ive replaced with is a 12volt 21watt bog standard replacement, ive been told by another person that the replacement bulb may be causing the problems with the central locking not working as there is a difference between a side light bulb and brake light bulb ?? another possibility is a fuse has gone as pointed out to me by Ed at APS Will remove the replacement bulb tomorrow and see if all works ok if not a fuse may be suspect wherever it is?
  11. Hi all manged to change my brake light bulb earlier today, but have now noticed the central locking system isnt working now? behind the covered area on the boot im not sure if something has been disconnected but ive noticed that the boot white light ( bottom right hand side) isnt coming on either , another think ive noticed was turning the car engine on with the boot lid open and no warning message has come up on screen to say "luggage comaprtment open"? tried disconnecting the battery as well still nothing can lock the car manually thats all i can do ? any ideas ?? thanks
  12. Brake light not working

    Hi all Apart from scraping the side trim on my car at the weekend leaving a lovely 15" scrape which is annoying me Ive noticed my drivers side brake light isnt working !!! , is there a part number for the bulb as I take its a LUCAS bulb or something similar wanted to check the layout of the bulbs in the boot compartment but its too dark now and possibly swap the faulty one with the working one to get an idea ? thanks all
  13. Goodyear F1 eagles

    Thanks for advice again Yes have read loads of threads on changing all tyres vs 2 at a time bu in the case of not knowing the history of a part worn tyre i checked the the one i bought today and took into account I will change all 4 in the next 6 months to Goodyears as a test that will keep me going for now ! thanks
  14. Goodyear F1 eagles

    H i all thanks for the advice had a fitting of a partially used pirelli ross zero tyre on my rear driver side today £75 ( planning to change to Goodyear F1 in the next few months when i get the funds) only difference with the tyre they put on there is a rim protector on the tyre the tread is identical to my other rear and happy with it for the time being as I dont do many long journeys fast cornering etc I was told ive got a good 4000 miles of tread on the tyres at present thanks
  15. Goodyear F1 eagles

    thanks mate just a quick one I asked a friend about just changing the one tyre as the rears are on 4 mm can I get away with changing the one tyre or is this not recommended ? thanks