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  1. My new commuter/tourer

    Can't beat a nice V4, why that engine configuration isn't more widely adopted is beyond me.
  2. Numb hands after riding

    I used to get this when holding on too tightly, wiggling your fingers around when riding also helped stop it.
  3. My GTI with new plates

    Looks great, are they dubmeister plates?
  4. Wow!

    As has been said, its good to see one being used properly. From what I have read in magazines, they aren't supposed to be a bike that is easy to ride unless you are flat out.
  5. Theory passed... DAS booked!

    Thanks Mort, It really will be a shame to see it go.
  6. Theory passed... DAS booked!

  7. Theory passed... DAS booked!

    Nice one, all the best for the test, might be worth reading an up to date highway code. p.s, got a stunning 10,000 mile RVF400 NC35 for sale if your looking for a bike http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v512/Lee_367/Bikes/NC35/P1000420.jpg
  8. Wow!

    Underground workshop - sounds like something out of batman, the desmo's are pretty special, hopefullly a few of them will actually see some use.
  9. R6 - owned or still own

    Just a breif one for you, I have an 07 one. In short its an awesome track weapon. Needs a fair bit of suspension work to make them usable on the road and even then its hard to get the best out of it. It needs riding like a two stroke i.e above 10k rpm and is very prone to tank slappers when pressing on. It goes pretty well though! To be honest, they were built for the track and thats where they excel, on the road I found the RVF400 much more enjoyable. CBR600's seem a more road biased choice, but I'd try and get a test ride on one to see how you feel with it.
  10. Amazing bike collection

    Some very nice machinery in there.
  11. Second hand bikes are like hens teeth

    Now the winter is out of the way prices only really go up until dropping again september / october time. Is this a first bike?
  12. When a burnout goes wrong

  13. Fantasy football, but with bikes!

    Cheers, anyone entered this years? Is it too late to set up another league?
  14. New Autoglym Paste Wax

    Got myself a tub of this at ultimate-dubs today, just had a quick try doing the tank on the bike with it. Initial impressions are great, goes on easily and comes off easily too leaving a nice deep shine. I haven't tried any other 'high-end' waxes before though so can't compare it to any of them. Seems pretty good to me.