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    coming soon ;-)

    defo one of the best looking cars around at the moment!!!!

    yeah it is suppose to be pretty impressive to drive. When I took out a boxster for a test drive the salesman had just got back from a training weekend at a track with one. And its basically a Porsche MPV, IE the benefits of space but the performance and handling you'd expect from porkers! I must admit my initial reaction was not good, I did think it was pretty ugly, and thought they had made a bit of a mistake with styling. But the thought of a sports car with space, visabilty and that you can get all your mates in and some luguage is quite appealing! Think it will look quite nice in black, as its those big grills under the lights that make it look odd, and they wouldn't be so noticable in black I reckon! Range Rovers are sloppy on the road, if I was going to get a 4x4 I would get a BMW, but that doesn't have over 400bhp
  3. 325CI sports Vs 330CI sports.

    I used to think like that, but then when friends have spent loads of cash in the garage with second hand cars that have been ragged, it kind of put me off. But for something like a porker or Beemer that are pretty reliable, I would be happy to get a nearly new one!
  4. Broadband

    [ QUOTE ] got 512 blueyonder is 1meg worth the extra dosh? [/ QUOTE ] Not really, thinking of downgrading! Its very fast, but very few servers are quick enough for you to tell the difference. Certinly using peer 2 peer makes no odds what so ever, but there isnt a whole lot of difference surfing the web, pages load instantly, but they did with 512k! The only benefit is occationally when you do download things from a fast server that isn't overloaded with traffic you can get some pretty fast download speeds. But thats pretty rare so to conclude no not really worth the extra, unless you're loaded maybe!
  5. Broadband

    go for blue yonder I haven't had any problems, I got 1 meg line and its really very good! Tech support really good / very helpful, not that I have really had to use them!
  6. I dunno I went round my mates house a while ago when he was looking for a car, and caught him (virtually) test driving a scooby on his play station! He got one now As long as you don't start scooting around your place of work on your knees making car noises with it, otherwise I think there would be cause for concern!
  7. Golf R32 Vs Focus RS Video

    Defo, I would go for the Golf everytime!
  8. Golf mods.

    I quite like that bonnet!! Don't like the lowering and wheels etc
  9. Top gear magazine M3, S4, S60 test

    yeah that makes sense... Does depend what you want.. At the end of the day if I was at that stage where I had little scamps running around, the audi would be the car for me. Space, practicality and performance - perfect. Well that or an M5 (he he, just kidding )
  10. Tuscan R

    Sounds awesome mark! And also quite scary
  11. Boxster or Boxster 's'

    Would love an M3, but its basically the misses car, and think she is quite into the idea of having a soft top her last 2 cars have been upmarket hair dresser efforts (crappy z3, and slk). RE insurnace: Well to be fair I have only checked online sites, and I am not sure how competitive they are, I just wanted to get an idea. I am not sure that age has anything to do with it now, its all based on postcode, and NCB. I am in a 1 zone postcode, and have no ncb, which I think is whats causing it to be high. But have completley clean licence, no bans, no accidents and no claims. Could you PM me what insurance group you used? Cheers Nick
  12. The M5 in action - GT3 following

    Yeah I wouldn't drive stupidly as much as I like driving, I don't kid myself I havne't had that much experience, haven't had a car since I was 18 (now 25, and just starting to drive again)! I know its really dangerous there is loads of crash's, but would love to go and have ago! Do you use scoobynet? My friend uses that, recently bought a scoob, his user name is edcase I think! He is on about going with people from scoobynet, so might go along with him, if I havne't sorted out a car by then!!
  13. Top gear magazine M3, S4, S60 test

    Lets face it they are all great cars. Obviously the two germans stand up the tallest out of the three. Personally I prefer the M3, but thats based on the fact that that its coupe, and I prefer the looks. Really both the Audi and BMW perform very well and there isn't a whole lot in it!!!
  14. Boxster or Boxster 's'

    can you get classic car insurance?? I was under the impression that stopped after 1970? Dunno why I thought that! Yeah I don't like 911 covertables either. And generally not that happy about hard-top coversions, always going to get a slighty less stiff chassis and nearly always get Scuttle shake. Yeah don't get me wrong I would have the 's', I think basically I already know I want the 's', just trying to get people to reassure me, and make the decision to be indulgent! However I have never owned a powerful car before, so even the boxster will be quite quick for me, but I know it wont' take long for me to get bored with it! But the 330CI sport is better on price and insurance than both boxsters, not quite in the same league but it is tempting cause its a great engine, and chassis! It all comes down to cash really, if I had the spare cash this would be purely between the 's' and the M3, and I reckon the M3 would win
  15. Tuscan R

    Yeah I drove past one in my mums lil clio the other day, it was just coasting along the dual carrige way just out side Kingston (A3) probbaly in 4th gear and even in low revs, there was just an awesome low deep tone singing out of the back. Its one of those cars you try and let the driver know you are eyeing up their car so they speed off and give you a bit of a show. Certinly one of the most awesome sounds around... Still I do like the sound of a porker though!