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  1. Age and car

    43 Mercedes ML420 VW Golf 2.0 TDi 4 Motion ( Both Silver, Both diesel, Both 4x4's )
  2. Finance Quote - HP question

    07 plate in Silver Only 2 in the country with full AMG kit
  3. Finance Quote - HP question

    Thanks guys. Seems like a good deal so far. Car is ML420 CDi Sport with full AMG body kit, 1 year old, almost every extra inc nav, sunroof, rear DVD's etc and only 8k miles. I only do a small mileage so can justify. There does seem to be some deals out there for as you say less desirable non-mainstream cars. The £35k outlay on my current ML in 2003 has been refunded by my car allowance over the last 5 years so this will more of the same.
  4. Finance Quote - HP question

    I have been very tempted by an ML 420 for sale and am considering my options. Please could someone tell me if this is a good deal for an HP agreement. Car : £34990 Dep : £8000 To Finance : £26990 48 months : £663.50 per month No residual Thanks
  5. Your next car - Are you going to downsize etc.

    Going to go bigger. Have changed my driving habits, work from home, kids walk to school and Tesco deliver the shopping. Car gets used for business meetings which I can expense and also for kids football at the weekend so I do less than 6k miles per annum now. All that means I can indulge in some of the very cheap metal about. Will probably go ML or GL 4 litre diesel. Even thinkng about a Boxster for about £10k for the weekend and hooning. All cars are bad for the environment but it is not what you drive but how you drive it.
  6. golf gt tdi

    I have a 140 GT TDi 4 Motion. On a return trip to Birmingham this week, 150 miles each way, I got 51mpg keeping pace with the traffic on the M1 at 70-85 mph and then tanked it home and saw 44 mpg. I never see below 40 mpg no matter how I drive and have seen 60 mpg driving like Miss Daisy. An amazing engine, plenty of pace, economy and relatively smooth once on the go.
  7. I'll have an A8 W12 with 'Sponge' please!

    Looks like the ATMOS device to me ( If you have seen Dr Who you will understand )
  8. Range Rover vogue

    Vagabond, you are very brave coming on to a pro 2 wheel drive, Audi/VW centric forum ! I am with you on this though, having owned a Merc ML for over 5 and a half years and with 2 boys into skiing, surfing, moutainbiking etc the car is part of the family. A swiss army knife of a car. Estates might be faster but you don't drive fast with the kids in the car. These large 4x4 cars allow you to waft along while very other driver competes in the daily rat race. Buy one and you will live longer I am sure. I get 40 mpg on a run and that is fully loaded with bikes etc. Kids and I sit high up in air conditioned leather comfort. Might need something bigger soon so like you have been looking at Range Rovers. Will be intersting to see what will happen to prices over the next few months. You can get a lot of metal for your money.
  9. Have GTI sales dropped?

    4 motion was only ever available with the 140bhp diesel ( and R32 obviously ) I have one in GT spec MY06. I have only ever seem 2 others in 3 years. Very rare cars and with a remap to 185bhp for £500 will still do 55mpg and 0-60 in 7 secs. Guess that model clashes with Tiguan now which is why it was dropped.
  10. Golf GT TDi 170BHP - Mileage

    My MkV Golf GT TDi 140bhp 4 motion will quite happily achive 55 mpg on a run at 70-75 mph. That equates to 550-600 miles. Around town I see 40mpg plus, have to try really hard to get below 40mpg. Looking at remaps at the moment, around £500 for another 45 bhp, would make it quite a Q car. If you can find a 4 Motion TDi try it out. You will still have the traction and torque that you currently have.
  11. Fifth Gear

    Tom Ford - keep your opinions to yourself please. Chemmy ( ski woman ) - what a waste of airtime, clearly a very spoilt rich kid, needs punch on the nose. VBH - yummy
  12. Why does TSN seem so anti Mercedes?

    I love Mercs too. I was converted when I was given an old C Class as a company car when my V6 Calibra was condemned by the garage for the 3rd time. It was base spec but that comfortble rear wheel drive was so refreshing after years of fwd vauxhalls. I now have an 03 ML270. Had it 5 years now from new, 70k miles and has never gone wrong. 40 mpg on a run and it will carry the whole family and more. Will keep it for another 5 years probably it is that good and reliable. Still looks new inside and out. Not many cars could manage that with the lifestyle I have. As said before, these were built in Austria for the european market and not by Dan and Chaz in Kentucky. Would love new ML 320Cdi Sport but waiting for the ML63 AMG models to be more available.
  13. vw 2.4 4motion

    Haldex needs an oil change every 2 years
  14. Flat battery (again!) replace or recharge?

    Why not try a solar charger that feeds the battery with a trickle charge. About £20.00 I have one stuck to the boot side window behind the privacy glass as I have 2 x DVD, car phone and Road Angel.
  15. Extended warranty - Any recommends ?

    They are a bunch of crooks who will find any way of not paying out. I have had warranties with AA, RAC, Warranty Direct ( who have a vey slick web site and tele sales outfit ). All the same. Mechanic once told me to stick £300 under my mattress instead. If I need any repairs I shop around, and use the web to buy parts. The savings of doing this is amazing and I end up with a much better knowledge of my car.