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  1. Thanks DaveP looks a good unit but was hoping to get sat nav too as was thinking if I am going to replace the head unit then I want to try and get everything in one, Thanks Shao_khan. I would love to retro fit the steering wheel and other stuff but the budget won't stretch that far, the stereo will be a stretch anyway and would like cruise control if I can too. Sod's law after collecting the car I have been told I can have a lease car through the company I work for, now I am undecided as to whether it is best to keep the Golf and do the stereo etc or get a lease car? Any thoughts? I think I would get approx £300 per month if I kept the golf.
  2. Hi, Wonder if some experts can answer two hopefully quick questions...? Just bought a used Golf MK6 1.6TDi S 4 years old with 19k on it to replace previous car as I am doing nearly 30k miles a year and needed cheaper fuel etc. Bought from a VW dealer. 1) Are these generally reliable? anything to watch out for? 2) Being S spec it has barely anything in it which isn't a general problem but am probably going to need bluetooth for my phone and would like DAB and Sat Nav if possible. I thought about the VW unit RNS-510 but dealer said they were £2k! Then saw the Kenwood DNX521DAB and this looks to have everything I want and more, would this work as I don't have the steering controls etc is there any as good under £1K or is that a stupid question? Any other thoughts on the car or possible upgrade are very welcome! Many thanks
  3. Advice please

    Thanks, just posted there. Is the convert to manual really an option? could it be cheaper and still work well? Cheers
  4. Hi, does anyone know of a recommended and reliable DSG automatic gearbox specialist in the Medway area of Kent? I have a Golf GT TDI that the gear box needs a new mechatronic unit and the price we have had so far is around £2.5k!! Cheers for any help or advice!
  5. Advice please

    Thanks for all of the advice and comments / thoughts..... We have really liked the car and fear it would be difficult to find something the same.... but..... Spoke to a garage who said it was probably only worth £3.5k fully working so probably on £1k like it is :-( but even so if it is £3.5k is it worth spending nearly £3k on it to repair!!? I fear we would have to answer that like you have said above what is it worth to us!! A gearbox specialist I spoke with today suggested that even if we got a second hand gearbox we would still have to buy the mechatronic unit as it is setup for the car and cannot be purchased second hand! Saab, as you have said I wish it was running as I would have traded it in! Sadly not so feel in a rubbish position :-( Where is the best place to post for a VW Specialist in this area type question? thanks again
  6. Advice please

    Hi, not been on here for a while but needed some expert advice.... We have a 2005 Golf 5 door GT TDI DSG done about 98k. Couple of weeks ago, wife driving home from work stops at traffic lights, when they change she puts her foot on the accelerator and the revs go up and the car goes no where! Turn off and on again and it sometimes worked, but then after a couple of attempts it now doesn't move at all. Got it taken to a mechanic who has run diags and says it is the mechatronic unit. He sent it away for repair where they said they could do 100% repair but lied as they then admitted to only be able to do 40% but that it passed that. He said a new one would be £1460 + VAT then oil, labour and coding it into the car would take the total to around £2200!! Additional info.... the dual mass fly wheel has been knocking for around the last year aswell and have been told that is about £1k for the part too! But mechanic who has the car said it wasn't that bad so leave it for the time being. What are the views of what we could/should do? How much do people spend on repairs before enough is enough and the car gets scrapped/sold on? All advice and thoughts welcome. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the answers.. I think I will pass on the wiring into the speakers option..... not had the car long and I love it so don't want to risk damaging it! Would rather go without the IPOD!! VW IPOD kit sounds better although have considered replacement headunit to get sat nav but money not good at the mo so maybe VW IPOD the way to go! mb - when you say simple to fit is it just a head unit out and attach type job or is there more? Thanks
  8. Not sure if this should be in 2 separate posts but.... I have a company Ford Focus 08 reg (1.6 TDCI arrrgghhh hate it!!!) and would like to have an IPOD cable in it obviously so I can use my ipod but obviously don't want it to cost the earth and need easy installation and removal for when the car goes back! is this possible? Also... My girlfriend has a 54 reg Golf GT TDI DSG (love it :) :) ) and would like an IPOD adaptor in there too any easy options? Would also like to get a car kit / bluetooth kit fitted to Golf so if there is a not too expensive option that might cover both for her then would be interested..? Many thanks
  9. Just bought a second hand Golf GT TDI! While looking we looked at one in North London that had more options and lower mileage and we really liked it but..... It was on a 54 plate with 5 owners and 39,000 miles and this seemed strange. The guy who bought it (but apparently wasn't sales) told us that it was new in Ireland to Motability and then went into the private sector but had had may diffent plates on it (presume he meat private number plates) and that in Ireland when a new place went on it increased the number of owners on the car..... is this true? I haven't been able to confirm it anywhere else! We bought a different on that had higher milesage and one owner as it was in general better condition and drove a lot lot smoother!!! Just wondering really!!
  10. Girlfriends has just replaced her Mini Cooper with a 54 Golf 2.0 GT TDI DSG.. 69,000 miles It was the best of all we looked at and in fantastic condition and drove the smoothest and to be honest compared to the Mini I think it is fantastic to drive!! We have noticed that a couple of time since owning ( only about 2 - 3 weeks) that when idling it sort of shakes a bit. Not badly you get the idling and occasionaly extra shake back and forwards, any clues what it could be? I wondered about engine mounts? I looked in engine bay only time I noticed it and the engine did rock when it occured! Anyone any clues?? have a warranty that the garage gave us that we bought it from second hand, so thinking of taking it back but would like to go back to them with thoughts!! Thanks
  11. It is for a mate and I could have sworn he said he had tried there! I will ask him again. Thanks
  12. I am looking for a fuse for a car stereo. On the fuse it says F1AL 250v. I have looked on google and it has come up with some results but none that tell me where I can buy one, can anyone help?
  13. Car leasing thoughts....?

    Thanks PilotDan. Although I asked a company for a quote on a series of different cars and have got them with maintenance and they have said and I quote from their email : "Maintenance (If included) covers all routine servicing and necessary repair costs, tyres, batteries & exhausts, (excluding accident damage)" which I was surprised about...
  14. Car leasing thoughts....?

    What are peoples thoughts on leasing a car privately for work use (have a car allowance)?? I vaguely remember someone on here advising against it but cannot remember the reasons..
  15. Schoolfriend killed today - be careful out there

    Ben, sorry to hear this. Sympathies to his friends and family. As said about strange how it puts ones own life into perspective