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  1. Police S3

    Thanks for that, I've been off here for a long time and missed that tragic news.
  2. Police S3

    I don't live in Lincolnshire anymore, but as Chris B (if he's still on here?) will confirm, Lincs Police seem to have a history of all sorts of unmarked traffic weapons, I well remember them having a black M5 at one point and they've had numerous Imprezza's etc. Dark Grey Skoda Octavia VRS's seem popular with most forces these days. And for anyone who regularly uses the M6 Toll, be very wary of an 08 plate dark blue 5 series - think it's a 530d SE - I've seen it several times hauling people in - though drivers do seem to treat the Toll road as some kind of racetrack!!!
  3. A4 or A5?

    Sorry, should have mentioned as some of the older members on here may recall I ran a 320d MSport for 18 months and almost 64K miles. It never put a foot wrong (other than eating the outside edges of it's front tyres) and was well ahead of the 5 in just about every area, but IMO it wasn't as good a package as the A4 Quattro - certainly didn't handle as well round bends (though the steering was peerless) & the engine was much rougher & noisier than the Audi 170. It is also smaller in the back and has a small boot, so I don't want another and there are just too many on the road these days. We are limited to a CO2 of 160 & it must be diesel, - hence other than (I know!) the BMW 3.0 litre diesels, the higher output 2 litre engines are the weapon of choice.
  4. A4 or A5?

    Changed jobs so had to give my 09 A4 2.0 170 Quattro S-Line (pauses for breath) back. My first experience of the new A4 and Audi's new rear biased Quattro - liked both, big improvement over the B6/B7 models (even the S4 that I used to own), even thought the 170 diesel engine was quiet & quick - though mpg was poor compared to the 49 I get in the 520d. So the temporary 5 series should be able to be palmed off early next year - do I A: Go back to another A4? - same as above - could have the S-Line special edition with 19" alloys and the B&O sounds. B: Go for the A5 sportback? in 2.0TDI Quattro S-Line guise? Trouble is if you look into the A5 spec a bit you find that it's really poor compared to the A4, some really naff omissions like digital climate, auto dip r/view mirror & bluetooth and several other things that are standard on the (cheaper) A4. or, do I wait for the new A6 in January? - but I bet the S-Line versions will be some months behind the launch. Or go for an alternative such as the Merc C or E in Sport guise with the 250 engine - 200bhp and 50mpg - apparently..... There's also the new 5 series in 520d M Sport guise, which is well specc'd and cost effective in BIK terms - but it's so damn big - my better half will never drive it! Your opinions would be very interesting :-) Cheers Chris
  5. B8 Niggles

    Well, don't break your front armrests! they didn't have the parts and will "come back to me"...........This was Derby Audi, who cleaned the car, but managed to move the seats, the steering wheel, interior and exterior mirrors ......... grr.
  6. B8 Niggles

    My company A4 S-Line is going back to Audi on Thursday for a few niggles to be sorted, just done 10K miles, 2009 59 (so yes I have the LED lights!) - front armrest ratchet broken and won't stay raised. - Brakes sqealing on slow stops - Reversing sensors don't cut in every time, presume microswitch on the gear-shift is making bad contact. - Rear subwoofer vibrates Minor niggles I know, but a little annoying nonetheless, you find that you rely on parking sensors and don't always look behind you - bad habit!
  7. Thinking of this

    Seems rather a lot of money for a B6 S4? Guess it cannot be newer than 54 plate. Looks nice but there are B7 S4's around now and they IMO look better as they have 4 pipes, sound better and the B6 is starting to date now, as it doesn't have the new Audi corporate face that came in from the B7 onwards. Again just my opinion, but when I was looking at B6 S4's (and subsequently bought one) I looked long and hard at a Noggy Blue one very like this, but was told that the very bright blue interior can put a lot of people off come resale time - have to admit it did put me off as well, but that's very much personal choice. Also check that the aux rad's have been done as they are a major weakness on the B6 - that I believe wasn't a problem on the B7.
  8. Fantastic that one works a treat - many thanks!
  9. Thanks for responses. I've no idea what DRM or PITA means, but I can tell you that on my version of I Tunes, there's no right click option to convert to mp3. I've managed to find a couple of downloadable utilities from the net which convert mpeg.4 to mp3, but they only let you do 3-5 files for free and then demand that you pay!! Anyone know of any free downloads that allow more than a few free conversions? Cheers Chris
  10. Anyone able to tell me how to convert I tunes downloads that are mpeg4 to mp3's - I have done a search but come up with nothing definitive! Cheers Chris
  11. Further question (and this is probably me being dumb!) - although I used SD cards just fine on my S4's RNSe, I've put some MP3's on a 2GB SD card and the Concert system is only picking up about 10 of the songs! I've moved them around and made two play-lists which are recognised, but still only about 10 songs. Never had this problem on the RNSe, so wondering what it is I'm doing wrong? Also anyone know how I-Tunes files can be translated into mp3's to go onto SD? Thanks Chris
  12. The wait begins.......

    Can certainly confirm that my just delivered A4 S-Line has chrome exhaust pipes. Quite interesting about the size of the car. Many who've had a look at it so far have all commented that they hadn't realised I'd opted for an A6!! The car certainly looks a lot larger than the previous B6/7 A4's.
  13. My new company A4 was delivered on Friday, done about 160 miles so far, but on a mixture of roads so have some thoughts. Spec is: 2.0TDi 170 Quattro, Meteor Grey, S-Line, with Heated Seats, Parking sensors, interior light pack, bluetooth phone and B&O sounds. Intial thoughts, may be different to some already posted: - Build quality is a little better than the B6 S4 I owned, and Much, Much better than the BMW 320d M Sport that I just stepped out of. - Meteor gray looks good when clean and in the sun - rather darker than I was expecting but no bad thing. I ordered the silver stitching for the seats, s/wheel and gear gaiter - worth doing IMO as it lifts the interior a little. - Engine is obviously tight yet, so can't comment much on performance, though seems to have plenty of go. Biggest thing I noticed from the BMW and previous B7 A4 diesels, is how quiet it is. Small rattle from cold start, but absolutely no diesel noise on acceleration (much more refined than the BMW in this respect) all you hear is a petrol like growl and a turbo whistle. - Seats very good, on a par with the BMW M Sport seats, which are similarly excellent. - Really feel the rear bias quattro - drive is nothing like a front wheel drive A4 and much more like the BMW - i.e. feels like it's RWD most of the time. - B&O Sounds amazing - get this! - Interior light pack also good, the footwell lights (front and rear are blueish LED's giving quite a neat effect. - MY10 LED rear lights are similar pattern to those on the refreshed A6 and look very good. Questions: - Anyone have experience of the BT phone with a BlackBerry 8100? Mine paired just fine, but I can't get the phone book to translate over. - The AMI was missed off (I knew this) - Audi want £399 to retrofit, but having had previous very positive experience of Craigy B's services fitting RNSe to my S4, I think I'll go there (just need a receipt this time mate!). Before I do, can anyone who's got this please confirm that it does display tracks, playlists etc on the sat-nav screen? Cheers Chris
  14. So my new company A4 S-Line Quattro (well at least we hope this one will be - hopefully they can't make that mistake again........) has finally been ordered and the delivery date...................September 4th - yes you did read that correctly!! Is this normal for B8 A4's? (admittedly it does have a few options) - wonder if Audi are closing the factory for the summer or something. At least it should be on a 59 plate, but knowing my luck it will arrive just in time to be the last ever 09 reg!!!!
  15. Going to be spending a couple of nights in NYC in mid August as we transit through en-route to the annual sailing jaunt to the BVI's. Have been to NY before but that was in about '99 on business and we stayed in the Sheraton Manhattan Towers - which looks rather expensive now espc if you're not on a corporate rate! Do have priority club points with Intercotinental Group, ideally we're looking for somewhere in central Manhattan and we'll be needing two rooms. Seen the comments in the other thread re. The Hudson, but any more suggestions would be most welcome. Cheers Chris