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  1. Hey guys, just a quick question as to whether any of you know how to do this? I've managed to remove the light cover & undo the retaining spring clips that hold the combined Philips bulb & starter unit in place but I have no idea as to how to remove the small metal wiring connector from the starter at the rear of the bulb itself. It looks as though it should just pull off however it feels solid & as I'm doing it in situ it's hard to see whether there is a little clip that needs depressing to release. Don't want to force it. It's the bulb with the metal starter box on the back, Philips Xenstart D1S I believe. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my beloved modified S3 as I'm looking to move house & would be good to save some money. Also I drive into London everyday for my work & the Audi is costing quite a lot. Any advice on what I should be doing & what I could expect in terms of price would be greatly appreciated. It's a late 57', Silver with black optics pack, has every option except sunroof, bucket seats, nav with digital tv, phone prep, etc. Has had all the work done by APS Brackley, Milltek with cats, fuel pump, air filter, short-shift, sachs clutch, re-map, recent brake replacement and Sportec mono wheels. 45,000 on the clock and has recently requested a service which I will get done before selling unless it goes to a dealership. Thanks for your help! Oh, I'm probably going to end up in a Smart car...
  3. Quick Question...

    Nice-one! Cheers for the reply!
  4. Quick Question...

    ...Does anyone know if the 8P S3 wheels will fit onto an 8L S3? Cheers guys!
  5. I have a set of original 2007-2008 18" Audi S3 wheels for sale. They came off my 57' car when I upgraded to a set of Sportecs. They are all dirty, have light curbing and could do with a refurb but apart from that they are very nice wheels. If interested feel free to make me a fair offer as they are just taking up space & I'm clearing out the garage for when my project is back from restoration. Pick-up would be required from Hertfordshire.
  6. Car Thief - North London!

    Thought this looked like Barnet, not far from me at all! Will keep an eye out for the the scum! I heard from my Audi dealer that apparently a convicted leader of an organised car theft circle has recently been released in the Finchley area and has his minions out on the job for him already, maybe related?
  7. It has been a long wait, but....

    Absolutely beautiful mate! I'll keep an eye out / ear open for you on my journeys into Shepherd's Bush in the mornings! Enjoy!
  8. Car Thief - North London!

    Where abouts in North London is this? I had someone break into my house last year for the keys, police caught them after they stole a new M3 from a fellow officer and crashed it while being persued. I know I've had a few scopings recently as my neighbour spotted two quite well built guys taking a photo of the numberplate region of the back of my car. House is now like a fortress with cctv. Such thieving little mother feckers!
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if any of you guys may be able to help me with a recent problem on my 8P S3. For some reason, quite sporadically, the alarm will go off, seems to be if it is raining in particular and when this happens the clock will reset in the car. It has done thsi a few times now over the past couple of months. Any ideas?
  10. Hi all, just a quickie to see if anybody may be interested in the above? They're in absolutely immaculate condition and were taken off my car in favour of some black mirrors to match the black optics grille. Don't really dig the matt silver effect on a silver car. Anyway, if anyone is interested feel free to make me an offer! Cheers peeps!
  11. Just a quickie...

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlights on an 8P S3? I've got a crack in one of the lenses. Cheers guys!
  12. S3 TSN registration plate...

    Not as far as I know. I bought it about 2 years ago from the dvla website, however is there a possibility it could be sold back to them and then relisted for someone else to buy?
  13. Thinking of letting the S3 go in a couple of months and am going to remove the plate now before sale. Thought it would be sensible to offer it on here first to keep it within the 'TSN' community so if anyone is interested pm me with an offer nd I'll consider it! Cheers people!
  14. Steering Problem

    I had the same problem on my first 57' S3, at very low speeds and when stationary the steering became quite heavy and felt like it was passing through a series of notches or lumps when turned from lock to lock. I never did find out what it was as I had the car replaced for other factors, however it developed after only 2000 miles of driving from new. I've heard of a few others with the same problem and they have had the steering rack replaced however I'm not sure if this has been the correct solution. I'm sure someone will be along shortly who has had the same problem rectified.
  15. Driving in a bus lane...

    Hey guys, Just a quick question to ask whether or not driving in a bus lane is an endorsable offence? I was forced into one this evening (by a bus!) on the way home from work in Central London. It's a dedicated lane specifically for buses that goes against the flow of the opposing traffic. I did a u-turn pretty quickly but definitely drove past some cameras in the lane beforehand, what do you think?