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  1. Cars that look better than they drive ?

    Can believe nobody has mentioned TVRs yet. Chimaera/Griffth - handle more like a boaty GT than a sports car (as standard) Tuscan MK1 - twitchy is an understatement (Mk2 solves this and is T350/Sagaris-like)
  2. clutch pedal/footrest

    After selling my TVR an R8 is a possible replacement if 2009 treats me well. It would have to be a manual and not silver/grey/black (why do BMW and Audi offer such boring colours?). Anyway, two questions: - Does anyone have problems with the proximity of the footrest to the clutch pedal? I found I was touching the footrest each time I pressed the clutch down. Easy to adjust to, or a PITA that would have me reaching for a hacksaw? - Luggage space. I've been spoiled with a TVR Chimaera followed by a T350 - both pretty good for luggage. We enjoy trips down to Italy/the Alps and this would be done many times if I bought an R8. How much can you cram into the front boot and on that tiny shelf? The other half made an interesting observation - I couldn't pick her up from the airport in an R8 ... One reason for looking at an R8 and not a Gallardo is the slightly better practicality (oh, and reliability/repair costs ... I suspect the Lambo would be worse than TVRs). - What can be done to extract a little more go-go from the engine? Does an exhaust change really make a difference (vs manufacturers claims). I don't fancy paying for a V10 but know I'll be wanting a bit more 'scarey power' now and then (coming from a TVR they do scarey power well - not always non-scarey power though...). - Has anyone had a full respray in a Lambo or other bright colour yet? Thanks.
  3. Looking at purchase of TVR. Seeking advice.

    If you're in the US you won't be able to import a TVR from the 90s/00s and use it on the road.
  4. Front Seat dilemma

    6ft 5 here and no problems at all. Done some very long drives with no aches or pains. Hope you get it sorted - no point in suffering, its only a car. Try another model if it doesn't get sorted. Your health is more important.
  5. First Service query

    Thanks - 9,700 miles or 248 days.
  6. First Service query

    Our GTi is now just 1 year old. Nothing has come up on the computer about it needing a service. We had initially told the dealer we wanted time-based servicing - i.e. every year, but since we've only done 7k we've since decided to change to the long-life option (since picking the car up). Since every car comes from the factory with the same oil 'n stuff, is there any reason we can't just wait for the car to tell us? I am assuming it will tell us when it needs a service?? Thanks.
  7. Also lookin for a Tuscan, Help Needed!

    Biggest thing to look for is an owner who treats the car getly when cold. Only buy if you're sure the car has been cosseted. Don't buy a neglected TVR. Engine faults are usually related to the valve train (cam followers etc.), but other things do happen. You can buy a warranty to cover the cost of this.
  8. i need an help please!!!

    Take a look at the forums on - lots of advice and information available there.
  9. The seat base side bolsters (i.e. the ones next to your bottom) are looking a bit tired after 8 months and 6000 miles on our 56 plated GTi. Is this common? The cloth material itself is fine, just a few creases appearing already. I know this kind of thing happens to leather, but I've not had it on clotch before? If it gets much worse I'd like the seats retrimmed under warranty - anyone know if this is claimable?
  10. Courtisy cars

    You're all a bunch of car snobs. I don't mind as long as the car is clean and doesn't break down. I had a Ssanyong Rexton the past 2 days (annual TVR service/MOT - the dealer is a Subaru/Ssangyong importer). It was interesting to see how much of a prat I felt driving a big SUV (and a Rexton at that). Kept up with everyone in the outside lane OK too.
  11. Stupid me managed to mess up several bits of plastic trim on my Panda 100HP with white waxy stains (think Mk1 Golf GTi stylee wheel arch extensions). What is the best thing to get the stains off? I've tried various back to black type things that I had lying around, white spirit and generally scrubbing it hard. Thanks.
  12. Need door mirror glass and bits

    Thank you for the link - looks simple. I just bought the parts from Wycombe VW and will fit them this weekend. £45 all in.
  13. Other half managed to wack the passenger door mirror on our 56 plate GTi. Glass is gone and the indicator lens is damaged. The painted plastic area looks OK and the mirror seems to fold/behave OK otherwise. Can someone explain if and how I can take the mirror apart and just replace the indicator lens. I also assume the glass can be ordered and slotted in quite easily? Is a VW dealer the best place, or one of the VAG suppliers (I don't want to wait too long). Thanks for any advice. T/.
  14. driving in france

    A26 coming North towards Calais. About 30kms before Calais you reach the last peage. Everyone flying along here - not much traffic, smooth, fast road. About 2km before the peage the Gendarmes sit in a small estate car with blacked out rear windows and take a photo. They then radio ahead to the toll booth and they spot you arrive and tug you. This is a very efficient cash machine for the French - most brits are speeding. Years ago they used to do the average speed thing, but I've not heard of it been used in years. Maybe certain Scumballers were picked for other reasons. If anyone thinks this system is still in operation then simply stop to refuel between peages. The Gendarmes also like to use mobile radar on a tripod, usually positioned under a bridge on the Autoroute, with them hiding nearby. Again they radio ahead to have you stopped. This can be very hard to spot. Best way to avoid is to limit 140k + blasts to short, obviously clear stretches and cruise at 1340-140. Remember the limit is lowered in bad weather. Another thing to watch is entering French villages. The village name sign with a thin red line around it is also a 50kph speed sign. I only found this out recently. The Gendarmes are cracking down on speeding and often radar you entering the village (either in a car parked on the roadside or just standing there) and radio their mates at the other end of the village to relieve you of some money. Locals usually warn you of this.
  15. Tyre pressures

    Yes, I'm using the VW values as per the fuel flap. That pic of the rubber blocks looks suspiciously familiar. I took it. Our car did have these in place, took it back to the dealer after 2 weeks once I found them. So its not this :-)