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  1. Moss

    My dear friend, Im not sure its the car, I think it has to do with the weather...have you considered moving to more southern latitudes?
  2. 270 BHP

    [ QUOTE ] I agree entirely... apart from the bit where you say the GTI looks good in white! [/ QUOTE ] ok ok, what about "a white GTi is the only white car I would dare to buy"?
  3. 270 BHP

    No no no no, white is not making a comeback. It is a dreadful colour IMO, but I admit the GTi looks good in it
  4. Bumpy bumpy!!

    Thanks for your PM Red. I will consider it. I need to spend a little more time with thte car though, and decide what else I would like done to it.
  5. Bumpy bumpy!!

    was it expensive? you can PM me if you don't want to disclose how much on forum. Danny
  6. Bumpy bumpy!!

    That makes sense, RE 16s. im not using the mini as a comparison, since I sold mine a while ago and it is a complete different car. I guess I compare with my A4, which was my daily driver for the last 4 years.
  7. Bumpy bumpy!!

    Nope. Just track numbers as in a CD. Still don't understand why, since the stereo has RDS and can display written text, but I can do without. The stereo display reads CD1, CD2, CD3 etc. Pressing each selects the playlists on your iPod. All in all, nothing fancy, but a nice thing to have. RE the "bumpyness". No need suggesting anything else. There is nothing wrong with the car, suspension or tyres. The car is just bumpy sometimes. Of course there can be worse, but IMO this is not great.
  8. Bumpy bumpy!!

    Im now on winter tyres, 16s, which should make for a less rough ride. Otherwise 17s. Maybe Im not used to it yet. And yes, it is specially when going fast. Its not that bad, just gets a bit on my nerves sometimes... Oh, another complaint about the car, since im at it...the foot rest is too far to the left IMO, or not wide enough. (LHD) But I love this car!!!
  9. Bumpy bumpy!!

    Is it me or has anyone else noticed the bumpy ride on the GTi. To be honest with you, it gets on my fecking nerves. It feels like and old Mini. Otherwise, great car. Love it. Except the bumpy ride... DB
  10. this is the kind of which is driving Germany and the rest of Europe on the rocks.
  11. Don't try this at home...

    Geoff, I think 205 16 is what would suit the car best for winter tyres. Have a look at the all weather tyres too. Best compromise between cold and warm weather. It will save you from changing wheels every year. Bulls_eye, who told you I did not run her in? The instruction handbook states somwhere, (im in the airport, otherwise I would quote page number and exact phrase) that for the first 1000kms the engine should only be reved to 3/4 and fast accelerations should be avoided. If you have a look at the pic, you will see I'm doing about 4750rpm and that is after 880kms. I call that running in. Otherwise It would read 6000+rpm
  12. Don't try this at home...

    Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 in 205/55 R16 H. TCS (Touring Club Suisse, AA or RAC equivalent) winter tyres test strongly recomended these in 205/55 R16 H: (2004 tests) Bridgestone Blizzack LM55 Conti WinterContact TS810 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 Pirelli W 210 Sottozero Uniroyal MS-Plus 55 I got a good deal with the Contis and alu wheels for the winter, thats why I chose them above the others. AutoMotor un Sport mag did a test for the same tyre size with this years tyre models, and I remeber Dunlop was the highest ranked.
  13. Don't try this at home...

    Fair enough Petsy. Next time, when I have my 17's back on and I try to reach the top speed of the car, I will not take a pic to share with you all. However, if you ever feel like picking your nose or scratching your ear, or anything else which involves you to let go of the steering wheel with one hand, think twice By the way, the GTi is actually a very nice car to drive slowly too. Very relaxing. It is not a nervous car at all. High gears and low speed. Fantastic.
  14. Don't try this at home...

    Just got back from Germany with the GTi. If I would not have had my winter tyres on I would have pushed harder. Its amazing how much torque this engine has. I was on 6th gear and it just kept going! Sorry about the quality. Phone picture. (I did set a warning at 140kmh to avoid heavy fines when the Autobahn is limited to 120kmh. Its quite easy to go over the limit in this car!)
  15. Alpine report

    Indeed Red, Lake Geneva region. I think there is something different on where the rear seat belts rest. Will have a look tomorrow. Do any of you have the additional coat hangers behind the front door pillars? (not sure thats how its called...) Drawers are a nice extra. Still empty, but I have a whole bag full of junk which I had in my previous car. Im forcing myself to throw it away and accumulate new junk. Will have a look at the VIN code and let you know on sunday. Tomorrow Im off to Germany, so will give her a good going over