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  1. Won't start after timing belt change

    Fixed. The timing was out but not my fault. Apparently VW made a few faulty crank shaft pulleys with the arrow in the wrong place. It turns out tdc is in a different place as explained in this vid Thought I would post up the solution to help others who may be browsing the forums.
  2. Won't start after timing belt change

    I thought that too. I would have thought that if a valve was bent it would have bent out of the way not making it stop dead. Could there be a something under the cam cover jamming it like a stuck/damaged lifter etc?
  3. Won't start after timing belt change

    I'm assuming that a valve has got bent during the initial test? Could that stop the engine turning by hand?
  4. Won't start after timing belt change

    I've refitted it and the lock pin is in the centre of the groove on the cam and the crank lock is firmly in place with the crank arrow at tdc. Yet when I turn the crank by hand it stops hard. If I take the tb off again, both with turn ok. Where am I going wrong? I've done a few tb changes and never encountered this problem.
  5. Won't start after timing belt change

    I've tried again this morning and the crank is definitely aligned and the cam locking pin is in the correct location. However, when I try to manually turn the engine it stops after a small clockwise turn like it is hitting the valve. Without the timing belt on both crank and cam will turn. Any ideas??
  6. Won't start after timing belt change

    Cheers. I'll give it another go in the morning.
  7. Won't start after timing belt change

    I'm after some help on my wife's 2006 golf plus 1.9 tdi. I changed the timing belt and since then it won't start. The engine turns over but won't start. I locked the cam and crank for changing but everytime I turn the engine over the timing marks are out. The cam is lined up but the crank is about an inch clockwise. Would this stop it starting? It got dark so I couldn't carry on but is it likely that I just need to do the timing again? I would have thought it would start even if running rough. I've ruled out an air lock in the fuel lines.
  8. Has anyone got a front bumper for sale for a 2000 Audi A3? I need one with the colour code LY7W which is the bright metallic silver. Can arrange a courier. If you have one or know where I can get one, PM me. Cheers.
  9. audi a3 overheating

    The thermostat is an independent unit that basically opens up when the engine coolant is hot enough. It isnt controlled by the ecu. Is it definitely overheating? Or are you just going off what it says in the dash? I had an A3 that showed 12 degrees, but had reached 70 degrees. It turned out to be the dash that was faulty. Also, the temp sender unit may be faulty and gives an inaccurate reading in the dash.
  10. A4 B7 temp issue

    Maybe if you get an Audi one, but still only £30. Plenty none-OEM parts that are under £10. Fitted plenty without any problem.
  11. A4 B7 temp issue

    I had the same thing a few weeks ago. Turned out to be a faulty thermostat, but it can also be the Coolant Temp Sensor or the actual gauge in the dash. Its unlikely to be the gauge, but it is not unknown for them to go. I had one go on my old A3 a few years back. The CTS is less than £10 and the thermostat is also about £12, but you will need to replace the coolant at a cost of around £20 unless you can manage to save the old stuff and it is ok. I would try the CTS first, then change the thermostat if that doesnt work. Cheapest first I think!!
  12. Aerial location

    I found it. Its in the rear, left side panel in the boot area. However, the stealers want £75 for a new one. Anyone know where a cheaper (ie none Audi part) could be obtained from?
  13. Could someone tell me the exact location of the aerial on a 2002 A4 Avant?? I am having problems with the radio reception when the rear demister is turned on. I know the aerial is in one of the windows, but which one? Also, where exactly is the signal booster/amplifier/filter? I want to check them all over but dont want to be checking the wrong areas.
  14. Audi A4 gearbox fault

    Had the car in to the specialist who took the gearbox off and checked it over. NO faults were found, although they have changed the 2nd synchro ring. They said there wasnt much wrong with it, but as it was out, changed it for a new one. I had them put in Redline MT-90, but nothing has made any difference. The DMF and Clutch were like new and are not faulty. Once the car warms up, the gearbox is smooth, but second gear is really notchy until then. I had a similar problem with a 2002 Audi A6 Tdi and from what I have read on these forums, it is a common issue with Audis. Can anyone suggest an oil that is fantastic in cold weather and does not baulk up as the temperature drops? (previously tried Fuchs Sintopoid with no joy). Any advice will be greatly received.
  15. Audi A4 gearbox fault

    The car is a 2002 A4 Tdi Avant 100 with 112k on the clock. The car is immaculate throughout and has been serviced throughout its life (before I owned it). I have noticed that the 2nd gear (and sometimes 3rd to a lesser degree) has started to be less smooth. There is no typical crunching and it always selects the gears and I cant hear anything, but I can feel a kind of knocking through the gear stick. It is only for a split second and it is never hard to engage gear, just feels 'not right'. All gears, including reverse select fine. It does get better when the car is warmed up properly, but not perfect. Shifting gears slowly doesnt make too much difference. I cant see anywhere in its history that says its transmission fluid has been changed so was wondering if it is worth changing the fluid or is it likely to be a synchro that needs changing?