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  1. iPad mini.

    Carphone warehouse were selling the original nexus 7's for £119...
  2. Stupid Question re Blu-Ray & DVDs

    35mm is good for 8K. Don't worry your pretty little head about this stuff
  3. I tend to agree, but this would require an hours drive simply to get to a 3 laned road where I live, which technically isn't a motorway but an 'A' road.
  4. What Plasma Telly?

    I concur with my learned friends above. No screen burn, I believe this is a thing of the past when bows and arrows were the main weapon of choice for a marksman.
  5. One for the Geeks

    I have no idea what I just watched.
  6. The Elephant in the room...

    My 4s is up for contract renewal in February so I'll probably just switch to a SIM only contract deal until the 6 comes out and then see if that is any good or not.
  7. Ordered these so enjoy a mild winter

    Tell her to put her knickers on and get back in the kitchen. That will warm her up!
  8. CarTube

    How many people are actually 'phoning up their dealer and asking if this is an actual option right now!?
  9. Dead dash/flat battery - Bora 2002 2.0SE

    Its always worth trying to charge the battery, it must have been ok recently at some point? The only other things to look for are parasitic drains on the battery such as after market alarms, radios etc which might be drawing current even though they are supopsedly switched off/
  10. Meanwhile In Suffolk

    To be fair anyone from Kings Lynn is actually from Norfolk and very close to the fens and Wisbech for my liking. The best thing about Suffolk is we don't have a lot of petty crimes, just the occasional serial killer so the police have a lot of time on their hands
  11. ABS Light not coming on - 2000 Bora TDi.

    I'm no expert but I would have thought the light would at least come on to start with regardless of the fault condition? How long have you had the car? I assume you've seen the light on before at some point?
  12. Doh!! Bank Robbery

    The police cars don't move until they come out of the bank :/ They could at least make an effort to get it right!
  13. Anti perforation warranty

    I've looked at my warranty and it doesn't go into that much detail so I can argue the point I know its not caused by stone damage as its under a cover so nothing can get to it, I believe it to be a fault that up to a couple of weeks ago had been hidden by the said cover. I'm taking it in next week so I'll let you know what they say; thanks for the pointers
  14. Anti perforation warranty

    Hello chaps, I have just purchased some official VW roofbars for my Mk4 golf as I can't get everything into it now the kids have arrived when we go on holiday. Anyway, this is besides the point. When I fitted them the other day I noticed that in one of the roof gulleys (it's a 3 door) underneath the long plastic covers is some rust. I popped into my local VW garage to ask if this was covered by the 12 year anti perforation warranty (mine is just over 10yrs old now) and all I got back was some mumbling about "ooh, water collects there so it probably won't be covered". Now, I've had this car since new, FSH etc and they're telling me they won't cover the repair? Is this right? Has anyone else had any experience about how difficult it is to get VW to repair paintwork under warranty? Many thanks
  15. Set top recorders

    Thanks for that! If it was something I was after I would go for it, but I don't think my sister would be willing to stump up to buying something from someone she doesn't know if that makes sense?