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  1. or .. if u really think thats the problem ... put some color into the washer ... then u will see
  2. sorry to hear that.... as i will be sooner finish my 2 yr warrenty period here in Hong kong too ... which i am concerning extend it with un reasonable amount .... how many km / miles have u done with it ,, may i ask ... where is you GTI made ?? .. SA or "W" ??
  3. OEM LED Tail Lights

    pls .... dont get those ... get a proper R32 look light
  4. Painted Skirts

    right ... they dont looks good obvious ..
  5. Cleaning alloys and found.......

    is it the anti rust paint .... show us picture of it !
  6. GTI broken into

    sorry to hear that .. but make sure u get the blue color type window for u GTI
  7. Running GTI on 99/100 RON...

    [ QUOTE ] ....Exactly, petsy. Also, depending on the mixture proportion of V-Power and otherwise in your first tank. MK5001 > How much was your V-Power per litre? [/ QUOTE ] just read this ... sorry Red .... i am driving it in HK ... and its work out to be ONE pound / lit.
  8. Running GTI on 99/100 RON...

    i just had the V power for my baby last nite 99 RON .... nothing special ..
  9. rubber at the door

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] is it a Mk5 model? [/ QUOTE ] I guess so as his TSN name is MK5001 [/ QUOTE ] sorry, thanks for answering my question .... yes is a MK5 ... i once had a new rubber replace at my very first service, which i thought was the rubber problem .. but then the problem still coming up .... annoying
  10. rubber at the door

    for some reasons ... the rubber of my (2drs) left hand side door sometimes comes of ... usually in a hot sunny day ..... i think there is a problem with the angle of the door fit into the body of the car ... does anyone have the same problem ??
  11. Model GTI

    wowo .... see this very clear ... what about the air vent in front ?? can anyone tell ?? 05 / 06 spec ??
  12. Gti Alloys

    sorry .. but i think its looks like a Focus ST alloy
  13. its looks really nice but hard to keep them shine and clean
  14. Paddles or Gear Stick for DSG

    i only use gear stick when i go up hill ... and i dont want it BACK TO auto . just hold on the gear i wanna use ...
  15. Parcel Shelf

    just swap it back